20 Fantastic DIY Ways To Make A Modern Hairstyle In Just A Few Minutes

Letting your hair loose or tying it up into a bun can be really boring. Sometimes you feel like going out of your routine and trying a new hairstyle that will make you look fresh and different. Below are some cute hairstyles which will need some practice but after some time you will be able to make these within a few minutes like a pro. The best part about these hairstyles is that you can make them on a casual sunny day, while going to visit a peer or on a formal evening.

“Some simply yet trendy hairstyles to try at home within just a few minutes”

20. Crown Braid

Crown BraidTo make this hairstyle you first need to part your hair into sections. Then you need to curl every section. Once you are done curling, you shall open your curls with a tail comb with light hands. This will give you some nice and fluffy loose curls. Secondly you will do some teasing at the top of your head to create some volume. Thirdly, pick a thick chunk from behind your right ear, part it into three sections and start a three stranded braid. Take that braid and pin it behind your left ear. Spray all over with a hair spray to set it.

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19. Longer Ponytail

Longer PonytailBy making two different ponytails you can achieve a longer ponytail at the end, not compromising with your hair length. Let’s start! First you will tease some hair at the top of your head to give some volume and then make a nice and smooth high ponytail at the crown of your head. Secondly you will collect the rest of your ombre hair into another ponytail which will rest below our higher ponytail. Cover the lower ponytail with the higher one and spray over fly away.

18. Side Braid Bun

Side Braid BunFirstly, you will curl your hair from below the crown of your head. Open those curls with a tail comb. Make a loose side braid and twist it into a bun. Secure it with hair pins. To finish, spray some hairspray to make it last longer. You can see the hairstyle has been worn for a formal evening with a formal dress and with minimal makeup. However, these braided hairstyles can be made on a sunny day when you can’t afford to let your hair loose.

17. Feminine Curls

Feminine CurlsThis hairstyle can be done on all lengths of hair. If you have short hair, however, you will have to curl your hair starting as close as you can from the roots. You will start with sectioning your hair. Then you will take small chunks from every section and curl it OUTWARDS. You will do the same with every section until all the hair is curled. Secondly you will spray a generous amount of firm hold hairspray, let it dry. Then you will open the curls with a tail comb and gather them all at one side. To complete the look add a sparkly hair band.

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16. Loose Curls for Short Hair

Loose Curls for Short HairThis hairstyle makes your short hair look very graceful and feminine. Again, you will start with sectioning you hair. You will curl every section one by one, from below the crown of your head or if you want a more volumized look, you will start curling as close as you can from your roots. Later you will loosen up the curls with a rat tail comb and spray with a hairspray to add that shine. She has a layered bob cut, if you don’t, it might look different on you. This is ideal for formal evenings as well as for a casual day with friends.

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15. Simply Straight

Simply StraightThis hairstyle is, again, for short hair cut into layered long bob haircuts. A good haircut means you can simply straighten your hair and achieve a very glamorous look within a few minutes. You will start with making a side part. Then you will add some volume on top of your head by spraying some hairspray and teasing them. Smoothen all the fly away and straighten your hair with a ceramic hair straightener. Ceramic hair straighteners add that shine to your hair.

14. Accessorized Side Braid

Accessorised Side BraidThis is an everyday side braid made more chic by the addition of a garland. You will start off with centrally parting your hair (you can opt for a side part too) and grabbing them all at a side. Make a three stranded braid out of it till the very end of it. To complete the look, add a garland at the crown of your head. You can also add little flower in between the braid locks to further enhance it.

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13. Bride Bun

Bride BunThis Bride Bun also known as curl bun or prom bun requires you to have some patience.  The first step is to curl your hair in different sections. Make sure to make small curls. Add some hair spray to the curls. Open the curls with a rat tail comb or fingers, whatever you prefer. Later you will pick every curl separately and tuck it with a hairpin. You will pick another curl and wrap it around the first one. You will do the same with another curl, wrapping it securely around the first and second curl. Repeat the steps with all the curls until all the curls, except the ones framing your face, are well secured into a bun. At last add a flower that goes with your dress. Spray a generous amount of hairspray to secure the bun and YOU ARE DONE!

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12. Additional Volume

Additional VolumeThe Hairdo is ideal for a prom night or any other formal evening. You will start off with parting your hair at one side and adding hairspray at the top of your head, tease it and smoothen it. Add a hair band to complete the look. I will not recommend this hairstyle for a casual day since there is a lot of volume on the crown which means a lot of teasing done. That much amount of teasing requires a generous amount of hairspray which means misaligning the protein in our hair strands. You can check out more detailed prom-hairstyles here as well.

11. Cute Side French Braid

Cute Side French BraidThis is one of the ideal updos for medium hair and long length hair. You can wear it casually as well as formally. Part your hair from one side. Start a side French braid from the side with more hair and continue it till your ear while leaving the hair above to later hide the braid. Once you are done with the braid, tie it with an elastic band. Hide it with the hair left above.

“20 DIY hairstyles which will let you stand out in the crowd and can be easily made at home with some practice beforehand.”

10. Volumized Half Up

Volumised Half UpSmoky & hooded eyes with cute hairstyles are lately trending. Start off with straightening all your hair. Add some volume to your crown by adding hairspray and teasing your hair (or adding a bump-it may be). Take some hair from the front and pin them at the crown of your head. Take some more hair and pin them at the back of your crown. Continue doing this until you achieve the look. Finish it with a extra glossy hairspray to add that oomph and shine.

9. Side Braid Bun with Curls Dangling

Side Braid Bun with Curls DanglingAs you can see the hairstyle looks amazing without any adornments added however you add some adornments if you further wish to enhance it. Starting off, you will need to curl all of your hair with a rod. Later you will have to open those curls with a tail comb and spray some hairspray. Gather all the curls at one side and tie them into a three stranded braid while losing some curls behind your ear to make it look more feminine. These left curls will be a plus in your pictures later on. Then twist the braid into a bun behind your ear and secure it with hairpins. The volume may or may not be added at the top of your head, depending on you.

8. Waterfall Braid

Waterfall BraidTo achieve this waterfall braid look, all you need to do is follow these four steps. First step, start with parting your hair centrally. Second step, curl your hair. Once done, loosen them with a tail comb. Now start with a two stranded braid from the left temporal hairline. You will have a strand A and a strand B. Your strand A should continue throughout your head, so pick a thicker chunk for it. Now as you go further with making the braid locks, with every new lock you will leave your strand B and take a new strand B every time. In case of strand A, if needed, you can add in more hair to it at the back if you can no longer continue it. Have patience and you will be able to master this braid in no time.

7. Waterfall Braid Bun

Waterfall Braid BunFor this bun, you will have to first side part your hair. After that you will have to make a waterfall braid and secure it with a flexible hair pin once done. Afterwards you will collect all your hair, twist them up into a bun and secure with as man hair bun pins as required. This is an amazing prom hairstyle, or you can wear it as a bridesmaid, at your official meeting or whenever you desire for it is formal as well as casual, more like semi-formal. So chic right?

6. Elsa Braid

Elsa BraidHave you seen Frozen? If so then you must be aware of Elsa’s braid which she wore at her crowning function. I totally drool over it. To start off you will need to sprinkle some teasing powder or hairspray at the top of your head, underneath your hair. You will then tease your hair and add as much volume as you can. At the crown of your head, you can add a bump-it and smooth some hair over it. Then you will tie half of your front hair at the crown and start a French braid. Do not be too tight with the braid. Once you reach the nape of your neck, make it more loosely. Braid it till the end. Pick a random strand from the end of your braid and pull it to add more volume to the braid. Now pull the strands separately at the nape of your neck and cut the elastic band we put before. Secure the braid and finish off with a hairspray.

5. Side Fishtail Bun

Side Fishtail BunThis hairstyle looks so desirable and chic to me. Side part your hair. From the side with more hair, you will start making a French fishtail. Don’t get confused, it is as easy as the French braid, in fact easier than it. It is just like a normal fishtail. You will continue the braid a little below the nape of your neck. Then you will collect all your hair into a messy bun. Secure every bit of it with hair bun pins and bobby pins. Smoothen it with a hairspray.

4. Crown Bun

Crown BunYou will start off with adding some volume at the top of your head by whichever way you prefer- the bump-it method or the tease-your-hair method. Then wear a head band leaving some bangs and flicks outside. Start from your ear, take some hair from below the band and tuck it inwards, the hair should come out from below. Continue this step till the other side of your head and you shall achieve a glamorous look in no time.

3. Crown Braid with Straight Hair

Crown Braid with Straight HairThis hairstyle is simple to make and yet it ends up so stylish and. You can opt for minimal makeup and achieve a cute look or you can opt for a well-contoured makeup and achieve a stylish look, whatever you prefer. To start, you will straighten all of your hair. Pick up a thick chunk from beneath your ear and make a braid while going up. Last, you will pin your braid behind the other ear.

2. Inside Out Fishtail

Inside Out FishtailAs elegant as it looks, it is very simple to make. You pick two different chunks of your hair from your front temporal hairline, parallel to each other. Grab them at the crown, tie them with an elastic band and pass the chunks inside out through the gap. Then start a fishtail, once you are done, secure it with an elastic band at the end. Cut the first band when you are done.

1. The Chic Ponytail

The Chic PonytailThis is a combination of a side braid and a half up hairdo. All you have to do is make two sections, collect half of your hair into a side pony tail while leaving some hair at the side. Then the hair we left loose before, we’ll make a braid out of it and wrap it around the ponytail. Once done, pin it with two hair pins from below and add a cute flower or accessory on top of the ponytail. Admire yourself and know that you are beautiful and wear your confidence throughout the day.

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