16 Extremely Fun Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday

Remember as a child you would start dreaming about your birthday party from at least a week before. There would be a list of things you would want from magazines or commercials, ice-cream, cakes, balloons and smiles. Yes we know you are too old for musical chairs and passing the pillow, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun anymore. There are still a lot of fun things to do for your birthday.

Some years you might just want to play it low key, whereas on some others you might want to let the whole world know you are turning 30! Whatever tickles your fancy we have got you covered. If your birthday is just around the corner it is time that you might start giving hints to your friends or sweetheart as well.

16. Celebrate Your Birthday In The Sky

Celebrate your Birthday in the SkyYes, this is something a little different. How about going for a private plane or chopper ride? It doesn’t have to be long, especially if you are short on time this is something ideal. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could watch the sunset over the skyline from high above? Any guys looking for ideas to surprise that special someone, take a hint. As her face will glow from the setting sun hitting your face, you will know you’ve made the day unforgettable.

A few things you could do

  • You might want to grab a bottle of wine and some snacks.
  • You could take a one way chopper ride and maybe have a picnic at the end.
  • You should carry a small blanket or something in which you and your sweetheart can snuggle if the temperature gets low.

15. Get A Hotel Room For The Night

Get a Hotel Room for the NightGo stay at your favorite hotel for one night. This would be a very refreshing change if you are not one of those who like throwing parties and your idea of fun is plain relaxation. The pros:

  • You can sleep as late as you want to, no need to worry about making the bed
  • Enjoy a nice breakfast in your room, my favorite part about staying in a hotel
  • If the room has a view, it is another plus
  • Complete your day of relaxation by visiting the hotel’s spa or just go be more lazy in the Jacuzzi.

14. Do An Act Of Kindness

Do an Act of KindnessA random act of kindness goes a long way and is never wasted. It is your special day, why don’t you go and make someone else’s day beautiful. When you go out to spread smiles, trust us by the end of the day it would be you who will be smiling the brightest. Here are some things you can do:

  • If you are turning 20, how about you make a list of 20 random acts of kindness
  • You could share a coffee or lunch with homeless person on the street
  • Visit an old age home or shelter and just listen to their stories
  • If you know people around you need some pick me up, why don’t you go and share your joy with them
  • If you don’t have the time or are unsure about how to go about this, you could simply donate to one of the causes or charities you care about.

13. Have A Day Out

Have a Day OutRemember how excited you would get at the mention of the word picnic as a kid. How about you gather your husband and kids, or boyfriend or even your BFFs and go for a picnic. This can be one of the different kinds of fun things to do on your birthday. You could go to quiet park, catch some sun at the beach or even go sit by a lake, whatever it is that you prefer. This is an excellent way to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Boyfriends and husbands if you are looking for birthday celebration ideas for your lady love, surprise her with this. When she sees all the effort you’ve put in, she is sure to be impressed. Some things you could do:

  • You could do a bar-b-queue
  • You could grab simple sandwiches or snacks to keep it simple
  • You could take along Frisbee or a ball
  • Make this day about bonding and doing fun activities together.

“A random act of kindness goes a long way and is never wasted. It is your special day, why don’t you go and make someone else’s day beautiful. When you go out to spread smiles, trust us by the end of the day it would be you who will be smiling the brightest.”

12. Be A Grown Up Kid

Be a Grown up KidThere were always things you wanted to do as a kid, but couldn’t or something you absolutely miss from those golden years. How about you gather a bunch of friends and do them on your birthday. We are sure when growing up every year you would ask yourself “what should I do for my birthday”, well how about you do just that thing this year? Common, set yourself lose and frolic in some careless fun with your gang and be a kid for a day. We are giving you ideas about some of the things you could do.

  • Have a laser tag party
  • Spend the day at the carnival riding the roller coaster and stuffing your mouth with cotton candy
  • How about a character theme party, with your favorite character showing up the door?
  • How about calling a magician, though you know all the secrets behind his tricks now, we are sure it’ll be a blast.

11. Go Camping

Go CampingIf you’re an outdoorsy kind of a girl, this is for you. If you have ever been part of a boot camp or girls scout, relive those memories. This is your chance to just leave behind your facebook and Instagram and enjoy the marvels of nature. You could ask some friends to come along or go just with your significant other. Why do we say this?

  • You will get a chance to be close to nature, seeing the color green releases endorphins, which is a stress busting hormone
  • You can just unplug from the busy world and completely relax
  • It can give you a chance to spend undivided time with your boyfriend or hubby dearest, which you get very rarely otherwise
  • Your chance to be intimate under the night sky.

10. Have A Game Night

Have a Game NightThings have really changed in the past couple of years. Families or friends rarely sit together for a game night; it has been replaced by social games and activities which keep you engrossed. How about this birthday you gather your friends or family do it old fashioned style! Trust us; this would turn out to be one of the most fun things to do on your birthday. Some things to remember:

  • Make sure there is food and drinks for fuel. No need to arrange something fancy, you could even order pizza
  • There is a plethora of board games to choose from, such as Monopoly, Life, Scrabble, Pay Day, Backgammon or Chess
  • You could also play Dumb Charades, Twister or Cluedo
  • If you prefer you can get a deck of cards and play any of the games that you enjoy.

9. Date Night In

Date Night InIf you are really tired, or cannot take out time from your schedule, how about a date night at home! If you have kids you could ask a friend or your parents to watch them, and if not then just you and your sweetheart enjoy relaxing and being lazy by yourselves. Sometimes it is good to just unwind and linger around in your pajamas.

  • You don’t have to worry about dressing up or being late
  • You could just rent one of your favorite movies and watch one as a blast from the past
  • Order food or get take away, keep this night hassle free
  • You could even get some vine and massage oils and just be intimate without a worry in the world.


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1 Comment

  1. Morgan

    Jun 24, 2016 at 2:33 pm

    My birthday is in 2 months. I am Turning 13 and I have no idea what to do. Ideas??

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