8 Simple But Effective Ways To Relieve Stress

Submitted By Alissa Ward  

We all face stress at some point in life, whether it is due to work related issues, family, financial or relationship problems. It is very hard to control stress and people often seek out solutions about how to relieve stress but these simple techniques can reduce the damage it can cause you. You can use these simple ways to relieve stress and make your day better.

Relieve Stress

Deep Breathing


“Deep breathing” is a very simple and effective technique to relieve stress. You only need to take a three to five minutes break to relax yourself. Just sit up straight in a chair or on floor and place a hand on your belly. Start slowly inhaling through your nose, feel the breath in your belly and then slowly exhale through your mouth. Deep breathing helps you clear your mind and lowering stress levels by slowing down your heart rate and blood pressure.

Music Therapy


Music therapy is another simple and good method to relieve stress. According to experts, listening to slow paced tunes instantly starts relieving you from stress and lowers your blood pressure and heart rate. Make a playlist of your favorite and soothing tracks and play them when you need to make your mood and day better.

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Share Your Problems With Your Friends


If you’re having a bad day, visit or call your best friend and share your problems. Spending time with your friends and loved ones produce endorphins that help to change your mood and make you happy. Try this simple and efficient way to relieve stress and balance your bad mood.

Laughter is The Best Medicine


It is true that laughter is the best medicine and laughing is a simple and effective way to relieve stress. It may seem difficult and ridiculous when you’re stressed but laughter from heart is an instant stress reliever. Laughter increase bold pressure and heart rate in the beginning but after a good laughter you will start feeling relaxed gradually. When you laugh, your brain produces feel-good hormones that relieve stress and make you feel better. So try to watch your favorite comedy programs or sitcoms or browse some funny videos on Youtube.

Help Others


When you’re feeling down and stressed, helping others is a good way to relieve stress and make you feel good about yourself. You don’t need to do any extra effort for this, just try little things like making a cup of tea for your roommate, calling your parents, helping some poor or homeless persons, or bringing groceries for your neighbors. These little things will help you feel good about yourself.

Divert Your Attention


When you are stressed about something, try to change your environment even for five minutes and find a quiet place. Try to breathe deeply and try to divert your attention to some of your favorite things. You can also play games or watch your favorite program to relieve stress.

Wear Comfortable Clothes


Clothes can also increase or decrease stress levels. If you’re having a stressful day, don’t wear too tight clothe as they will make you tenser. According to studies, Wearing comfortable clothes decreases the levels of stress hormones in body. According to experts, chewing some sugar free gum can also help you to relieve stress.

Don’t Lose Your Sleep


It is often observed that when people are suffering from stress, it causes them to lose their sleep. A good night’s sleep lowers stress hormone (cortisol) levels and relieve stress. Lack of sleep is another cause of stress so try to get 8 hours sleep every night. Sleep is very important for the health of your body and mind. You’ll feel relaxed and fresh after taking a good 7 to 8 hour sleep.

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