30 Easy Updo Hairstyles For Long Hair

Long hair can be molded into any look. That is why they are so popular and the most frequent hair length anywhere in the world. But given all the variety, choice can become really bothersome for you since you are choosing from a number of styles and you don’t know which one will work for you. Consider yourself lucky, for this repertoire of easy updo hairstyles for long hair will bring you the best styles in the business for all face shapes, hair colors and textures. More than enough of these will fit your character and your choice.

30. Simple Braid For Long Hair

Simple Braid for Long HairIt is one of the most favorite hairstyle and never goes out of fashion. It is very easy to make a simple braid; divide your hair into three sections. Now put right section on middle, and left strand on it. Tighten them by pulling them with fingers. Repeat it and secure it with elastic at the end. Simple braids are quite popular with ladies for their undeniably glam impression. Hence it is one of the lasting hairstyle for long hair.

29. Fishtail Braid For Long Hair

Fishtail Braid for Long HairOne of the adorable and easy updo hairstyles for long hair! To wear this alluring updo you need not any special expertise. Start by dividing your hair in two sections and now take a thin strand of your hair from the outer section. Now put it into the other section by adding it to the second section. Repeat the same step with third one. It can be prepared as per your desired style and will give you a great a stylish and unique appearance.

28. French Braid

French BraidA mesmerizing braid that takes a lead in season’s best easy updo hairstyles! Detangle your hair by brushing them. Start from the hairline by gathering sufficient hair from the top and start making normal braid. Divide them in three sections. Keep right section in right hand, left strand in left and middle section should be kept in thumb of a hand and finger of other hand. Shape it in form of braid and secure it with elastic band. It is one of the simple and easy hairstyles that are admired due to their convenience and modernism.

27. Waterfall Braid

Waterfall BraidAn easy updo for those who don’t have time to go for complex hairstyle! Pull a small strand from the upper part of the head and start preparing the braid like the French braid for three steps. If you are starting with left strand, then leave open the right strands and let them down along the side of the head. Now continue the method by repeating the same steps. Take the braid to the back of your head and it will take the shape of a waterfall and finish it by fixing with elastic band. It is an amazing and the most fabulous hairstyle that gives a flattering appearance.

26. Perky Side Pony Updo For Long Hair

Perky Side Pony Updo for Long HairEnhance the glow of your look with perky side pony. Little perfection in making this hairstyle will provide you an incredible glow. Sweep your hair to the desired side neatly and then fix it with the elastic. This perky side pony is for all stylish women, hence takes a prominent place in easy updo hairstyles for long hair repertoire! For further enhancement of your trendy look, wear beautiful long earrings with this updo.

“The advent new season is the best time for you to try a cool updo which will allow you to bring your look to date. Pick the style that looks good on your face and that suits your persona and you are ready to rock your prom night.”

25. Boho Braid For Long Hair

Boho Braid for Long HairAn electrifying hairstyle yet takes only a few minutes to get it ready! Begin by pulling a small strand of your hair from the temple, and give it a shape of neat braid and flip it, now securing with bobby pins. Repeat it for two or three times. Enjoy and feel yourself as a doll in the party and win applause for your elegant and sweet look. The classy braid adds movement and dimension of style to your gesture and is perfect for any formal event.

24. Flirty Ponytail Updo For Long Hair

Flirty Ponytail Updo for Long HairOne of the classy and easy updo hairstyles that accentuates your beautiful facial features for an ultra-feminine look! Just take a teasing comb and straighten your hair from roots to crown of the head. Lift up your hair and give a flirt by spraying them. Make a fluff in hair and secure it with elastic band. Get a modern appearance with high heels and statement jewelry to create an eye-grabbing smart look.

23. Messy Bun For Long Hair

Messy Bun for Long HairStart with making pony at the crown. Secure the end of pony into the same elastic band. You can get a glamorous look by pinning up your hair in the form of pouf at the crown neatly. The addition of a chic hairpiece to the bun can enhance the beauty of the hairstyle. The beautiful fluffy bun will improve the quality of your identity and you will get an extraordinary hot look. The chic hairstyle for long hair will make you the queen of the event tonight.

22. Sleek Knot Easy Updo For Long Hair

Sleek Knot Easy Updo for Long HairTry this amazing but simple hairstyle for long hair, if you want to make a dramatic entrance at the party tonight, then, this captivating hairstyle is perfect for you. Begin with parting your hair from the center of the head and secure the back section in the form of a pony tail. Now wrap it a knot and secure it with bobby pins. This updo with the combination of a strapless dress provides a perfectly adorable look.

21. Sock Bun Curls For Long Hair

Sock Bun Curls for Long HairThis entry in easy updo hairstyles for long hair gallery is enormously simple to wear. It is definitely amazing that your pair of socks can be used to make this hairstyle. Take a bunch of socks and wet your hair slightly. Now wrap a small section of your hair around the socks, and tie a knot. Repeat the same step with all your hair. Now you can go to bed and leave the hair like that. In the morning you will have perfect curls. The curls will add super feminine and sultry touch to your image.

20. Cinnamon Bun Updo For Long Hair

Cinnamon Bun Updo for Long HairAnother sensational and simple choice for your beautiful long hair! The cinnamon bun is the splendor of your identity. Use hair spray to set the style. Make a simple ponytail at the back of your head. Now wrap your hair around your hand and give a curve by securing them with the help of bobby pins. Tie your hair around the elastic band and secure it with bobby pins.

19. Knotted Ponytail Hairstyle For Long Hair

Knotted Ponytail Hairstyle for Long HairTo carry the hairstyle, apply light mousse from roots to ends. Distribute your hair into two sections over your shoulders. Now tie them in a simple knot and join the both ends with the help of elastic. The knotted ponytail is excellent choice hairstyles for long hair for women who want to look unique in any event. It is the perfect source to provide you a straight and sleek look, raising the glamour of your persona.

18. Side Bun For Long Hair

Side Bun for Long HairIt will take two minutes to make this side bun. Just pull all your hair to your desired side and give them a shape of a ponytail at low side. Now start twisting the tail and give it the shape of a bun. Secure the bun and leave some strands on the downside. The hairstyle is perfectly ready! This gorgeous and cute updo suits to the all types of faces, hence popular with many celebrities.

17. Braided Ponytail Updo For Long Hair

Braided Ponytail Updo for Long HairTo wear this easy updo hairstyle for long hair, first make two sections of your hair from the back of the head. Start creating fishtail braid first and then repeat the same steps from left to right. Tie your hair in the form of ponytail and leave them open. It will be a memorable moment for you when all eyes at you in the party. The hairstyle is alluring and extraordinarily appealing and can impart you an iconic pretty impression.

16. Sleek High Ponytail For Long Hair

Sleek High Ponytail for Long HairMake a ponytail and secure it with a clip or rubber band. The high ponytail is the focal point of the hairstyle. It is this much easy and doesn’t take more than a few moments to get it ready. The hairstyle is perfect to give a super feminine and surprisingly attractive look to you. The hairstyle is perfect for straight hair and will be suitable at all facial outlines.

15. Beaches Waves Easy Updo Hairstyle For Long Hair

Beaches Waves Easy Updo Hairstyle for Long HairAn ultra-mod hairstyle for any special occasion! Grab your hair and divide it into two sections. Twist them in the form of a bun and secure them with rubber bands. The waves updo provides you an ultra-mod look. The glamorous hairstyle is prepared in the way to make you an extraordinary glamorous. It is a gorgeous and simple hence take a lead in easy updo hairstyles for long hair. It is very suitable for the wavy hair structure.

14. Princess Jasmine Braid Hairstyle For Long Hair

Princess Jasmine Braid Hairstyle for Long HairSecure your hair in low ponytail and tie a band about 2-3 inches from the first band. Tie the fourth one in the same way and the hairstyle is prepared. It is known also as bubble braid. The hairstyle is extremely stylish and ideal for any special event.

13. Braided Head Band Hairstyle For Long Hair

Braided Head Band Hairstyle for Long HairSimple yet stunning! Start by dividing hair in three sections and take right strand in right hand, left in left hand and be careful with middle one by holding in the thumb and finger. Make it a shape of French knot and secure it with pins. This striking hairstyle for long hair is suitable for all facial structures and hair types.

12. Voluminous Curls Updo Hairstyle

Voluminous Curls Updo HairstyleWith this option in easy updo hairstyles for long hair, you can easily and instantly manage your bad hair day. Apply a mousse to set the perfect waves. Now give curls with curling iron. Enhance the volume of the hair by blow drying and lifting them. It is the extremely suitable hairstyle for round face. The layers help to give you a flattering look while touching your face.

11. Hair Bow Updo Hairstyle For Long Hair

Hair Bow Updo Hairstyle for Long HairBegin with making pony at the crown of your head. Tuck the loose end by making loop with elastic band. Give this loop a shape of tie from both sides. Secure it with bobby pins. It is the most flattering hairstyle that is introduced by the Lady Gaga. This bow gives you an outclass look by setting on your head.

“Browsing down this list, you can find yourself a hairstyle from a massive array of buns, knots and other fancy hairstyles that will spice up for you and give you the perfect outdoors look that the summer season demands.”

10. Turban Trend Updo Hairstyle

Turban Trend Updo HairstyleThe trendy turban headband is an ideal hairstyle for all facial structures. It easily manageable within no time and the result is an elegant look. It is the source to attain the charming look that makes you more attractive and compel people look towards you while you are walking in the crowd.

9. Finger Waves Hairstyle For Long Hair

Finger Waves Hairstyle for Long HairIf you are a vintage hairstyle lover then you must have this hairstyle for long hair. Apply a rich amount of mousse in your hair. Give curls with rollers and curling iron from top to tips. Finger waves are an excellent hairstyle for ladies who have diamond shape face.

8. Hot Red Bangs For Long Hair

Hot Red Bangs for Long HairA superb entry in the season’s best and easy updo hairstyles for long hair! Apply mousse to create perfect bangs. Make curls in short strands of your hair with barrel iron. Brush further to give neat loose bangs to your hair. If you are the lady having round face, then your best friend is angled bangs. This updo will change your look altogether.

7. Tucked Away Hairstyle For Long Hair

Tucked Away Hairstyle for Long HairAnother instantly prepared among the flattering easy updo hairstyles! Give volume to your hair, making bangs and curls with the help of barrel iron. Use now hair spray for setting the style long lasting. This updo is very helpful in giving you a great look, proving the concept wrong that heavy bangs are not good for a round face.

6. Twisted Bangs Updo Hairstyle

Twisted Bangs Updo HairstyleNow make your strands smooth with a flat iron and use round brush from roots to ends. Grip top half of the section on the back of your head by securing it by bobby pins. Let it be in the straightway. Set them with a hair spray. Twisted bang is a popular and trendy hairstyle for long hair.

5. Side Bangs Hairstyle For Long Hair

Side Bangs Hairstyle for Long HairA captivating and eye grabbing option in easy updo hairstyles for long hair! To wear this updo, follow a few simple steps. Wet your hair and apply a styling crème on them. Now blow out with a brush and make them completely dry. Shape them in straight bangs on both sides. The hairstyle is ready!!!

4. Angled Bangs Updo Hairstyle For Long Hair

Angled Bangs Updo Hairstyle for Long HairIt is an ideal hairstyle for round face women and look perfect for day as well as night functions. Start curling from the middle and back of the head after wetting them. Now put them on the side you want to. It needs to use the curler or an iron of ½ or 14 inches. Design Essential relaxer can be used to create the impact of soft texture.

3. Framed Choppy Bangs For Long Hair

Framed Choppy Bangs for Long HairIf you have naturally, smooth hair, then this easy updo hairstyle for long hair is perfect for you. The updo is suitable for oval, square and long heart facial structure. Divide your hair in two sections and straighten them. Use a curler and create ringlets from the bottom to wear a flattering look. Apply serum to enhance the shine and softness of hair. It will help you protect your hair from heat and de-tangling.

2. Long Like Kim Hairstyle For Long Hair

Long Like Kim Hairstyle for Long HairBegin with wetting and blow drying the hair from root to tip. Divide them into section from upward to nap of your neck. Use two inch curling iron to create curls. Now separate the curls with your fingers and create waves. Define the straight hair by using straightening mousse and use a shiner also to have an extra gloss. An ideal updo for women having round face!

1. The Island Tendrils Hairstyle For Long Hair

The Island Tendrils Hairstyle for Long HairBest suits to your look if you have already slight curls in your hair. You need not to take pain to wear it. There are only few enormously simple steps to go through. Begin from dividing your hair into small sections and fix them at the roots. Now start pinning the curls on another on sides and on the nape of your neck, leaving the crown with straight hair. The style is ready!


This season has brought a new line of hairstyles with it and it is time that you should bring your look up to date. You can accomplish that with ease. This list of easy updo hairstyles for long hair include all the chignons, knots and buns that you can wear to proms, parties and even formal functional gatherings. The many designs are elaborate to look at, but they are incredibly easy to do and you can do away with a fancy style in no more than five minutes. That is something you will be hard pressed to come by elsewhere.

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