30 Easy Medium Hairstyles for Women

Medium styled haircuts are great for versatile looks. They are both long and short just enough to be styled in lots of different way. What’s more is that they are easy to handle and take care of. The easy medium hairstyles for women are simple to learn and easy to execute in very short times. You can mix them and match them to your facial features as well as your personality and overall appearance.

30. A-lined Layers for Medium Hair

A-lined Layers for Medium Hair

This layered haircut is styled to give an absolutely adorable framing to your face. The haircut features slightly shorter hair in the back due to which the hair fall forwards and frame the face in a very cute way. For the best styling, curl strands of hair from the face with a barrel iron. It is as simple as a hairstyle gets. You could do it in less than a few minutes to finish a funky yet elegant look which is functional as well as casual. Equally suitable for lovers of short hairstyles and medium hairstyles with fair or dark complexions.

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29. Stacked A-line Bob for Medium Hair

Stacked A-line Bob for Medium Hair

Stacked A-line bob is a unique retro option in easy medium hairstyles that will give you the modern look you will absolutely adore. A deep side part with long side swept bangs on one side make it extra voguish. It is demand no hair sprays and additives, only that you get your hair straight for the best stacked A-line haircut. The forward falling hair frame the face well. It is one of the most frequently appearing medium length hairstyles on the fashion fronts.

28. Voluminous Medium Length Bob

Voluminous Medium Length Bob

This bob is excellent for women with elongated face. It features a uniform bob of straight hair. The trick is to keep the layers longer near the face. This eliminates the impression of frailty and of elongated face. The framing is just picture perfect. This retro hairstyle has gained immense popularity in the fashion industry this year. It is also ideal choice in the easy medium hairstyles for women and you should try it. This hairstyle is also recommended for those women with rare and fine hair. All these simple qualities make this style one of the best choice in these elegant and easy hairstyles.

27. Short and Long Even Layers

Short and Long Even Layers

With even length of layers all around, it would definitely be a superlative option for you in medium hairstyles. This even length makes a layer at approximately the base of the length. This formal hairstyle is perfect for work and it can be personalized with a side part. Of course, it is essential for you to have absolutely straight hair for this hairstyle to work.

26. Tapered Frame Hairstyle for Women

An A-line bob is particularly good at framing your face flawlessly. With a bit of personalization, you can make your hair a successful improvisation. The layers that frame your face originate from the forehead. With a tapered cut in those parts, you can get yourself a beautiful hairstyle. It is great for a casual touch to the otherwise dry and formal bob.

Medium hairstyles are perfect because at one hand they maintain the perfect shape for you. On the other hand you can try almost any style short of braids with them. This is the reason that most of the celebrities prefer medium bangs.

25. Triangular Layers for Medium Hair

Triangular Layers for Medium Hair

The angle in this particular hairstyle has a very vivid impression to it and it is hardly to miss for an ordinary hairstyle. This extraordinary retro hairstyle has made numerous appearances on red carpets and that makes it one of the most popular choices in easy medium hairstyles for women. The texture and the weight on the front all depend upon the haircut. With the correct cut, hair will naturally fall to the side with the triangular side swept bangs.

24. Medium Disconnected Bob Hairstyle

Medium Disconnected Bob Hairstyle

This trendy hairstyle in medium hairstyle has all the virtues of a modern hairstyle. The disconnection definitely makes a normal bob look infinitely more beautiful. You must remember that the result will depend upon your hair texture and face shape. With oval faces, it will go best. With irregular layers, this easy look is absolutely to die for. It has also made multiple appearances in the fashion industry this year. This one is also perfect choice if you’re looking for short haircuts for round faces.

23. Straight Across Fringe for Medium Hair

Straight across Fringe for Medium Hair

The fringe is a gorgeous hairstyle that went out of vogue half a decade ago but is making a comeback in the fashion industry with a new line if hairstyles featuring fringes with front bangs and light wavy curls. Fringes add character to your hairstyle and they bring all the attention to the eyes and they frame the face as good as any other hairstyle. Fringes are pretty easy to prepare and with a touch of shine spray, you can get winning hairstyle easily and in no more than 5 minutes. After all, it is one of the easy medium hairstyles for women.

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22. Sculpted Bob

Sculpted Bob

This hairstyle is unique and funky. It is great for any social gathering. With a bit of shine serum and a perfect styling, you can become the show stopper with this hairstyle. It also has the virtues of casual voluminous bob for medium hair. The framing may not be the best, but it certainly looks fabulous on round faces. With gentle wavy hair, you can wear this style to almost anywhere. It is versatile and it suits all kinds of occasions.

21. One Length Hairstyle for Women

One Length Hairstyle for Women

This entry in medium hairstyle is for the hair at a level slightly below the shoulders. This one length haircut is devoid of layers, but with its trademark side part, it is absolutely stylish and it will look good with round and oval faces. An essential tip is to always cut your hair either above or below the shoulders. An exact shoulder length is always troubled by the shoulders themselves while above or below, you are safe from a fizzy look. All these qualities make it one of the most attractive medium layered haircuts you can choose for your hair.

20. Free Curls for Medium Hair

Free Curls for Medium Hair

Curly hair look particularly fabulous with medium lengths and a deep side part. This hairstyle is though casual in appearance yet gorgeous in its appeal. You can be elegant at its extreme with a bit of curls added to shoulder length hair. It will help manage the weight of the hair. This helps the curls rest freely and not to be weighed down by the weight of the curls above. You can also try curly bob hairstyles if you want to add uniqueness in you hairstyle.

19. Concave Layers for Medium Hair

Concave Layers for Medium Hair

This hairstyle has uniform bangs that frame the face in very thematic and personalized way. The layers are uniform from top to bottom, thus accentuating the roundness of the head itself. This is one of the medium hairstyles that have perfect modern and feminine look. For the best product, begin with smoothing your hair and then polishing after you have had the haircut. Once the haircut has been performed, there is really no difficulty in wearing this hairstyle.

18. Face Framing Long Bob

Face Framing Long Bob

To suit the face shape, sometimes a bob hairstyle needs to be personalized and to be tempered with. That is especially true if your hair are on the longer limit of medium length, and the slightest variation alters your persona. To keep your hairstyle in line with a relatively elongated face, straighten it to make your hair sleek and to accentuate your face immaculately. With a few finishing touches you have one of the easy medium hairstyles for women. In long bob hairstyles this one is really cute and attractive.

17. Long Layers for Medium Hair

Long Layers for Medium Hair

This immaculate option in medium hairstyles is simple yet fascinating. It is best if you have wavy hair because waves accentuate the length well, and they give the hairstyle balance instead of awkward volume at the back of your neck and head. Obviously, to make the hair more manageable and to give your face a good framing, it is best for you to give your hair a side apart with side swept locks of shorter length. It’s a must try hairstyles especially if you like to have attractive layered haircuts for your hair.

16. Front Connected Fringe for Medium Hair

Front Connected Fringe for Medium Hair

This fringe is a retro hairstyle that features fringes from the side continuous with the similar bangs. The whole combination is chic and it is totally in the now with appearances on the red carpets in many parts of the world. With a straightener, you are well off with a great hairstyle that offers a picture perfect framing to the face. The overall glamour of this hairstyle makes it one of the best and easy medium hairstyles for women.

15. Side Swept Fringe for Medium Hair

Side Swept Fringe for Medium Hair

This is another one of the most popular hairstyles in the category of medium length hairdos. With straight hair in regulated layers, fringes actually improve the look greatly. The layers are at the same level behind the neck, with greater length over the ears for a retro look and feel. This hairstyle will impart you a girlish look perfect for parties and other social gatherings.

14. Tousled Waves and Bangs

Tousled Waves and Bangs

Tousled waves are always welcome because of their casual look and the fact that they are everywhere on the red carpet more than other medium hairstyles. Soon enough, you will find it to be the most common hairstyle among celebrities. You can always add to it a touch of individuality with side swept bangs and with a side part that is irregularly mingled in the curls. Add a touch of shine serum and your hairstyle is ready!

13. Layers and Angled Bangs

Layers and Angled Bangs

This is another retro addition to the easy medium hairstyles for women. It has a contemporary aura and you will stay on the fashion front with this hairstyle. This entry looks great with round faces as it covers up the roundness and it also frames the fashion with unusual beauty. The layers combine well and they keep your hair balanced. It is very similar to long bob with bangs hairstyle so you can add a little variety in this style.

Adding bangs or frizzes is a creative way to make your mid length hair look super awesome. A touch of personalization and a good haircut can instantly transform you into a character from fairy tales.

12. Baby Bangs Hairstyle for Women

Baby Bangs Hairstyle for Women

Baby bangs are absolutely fabulous. They are a smart idea if you are going for an edgy look with a medium length bob. This style is made to impress at parties and workplace, it will turn heads and earn you admiration. Baby bangs are much more manageable than the other bangs and you don’t need any accessory to hold them in place. Create a parting with your fingers and arrange the baby bangs on the front with a comb or with your hands.

11. Piecey Layers for Medium Hair

10. Soft Waves with Side PartPiecey Layers for Medium Hair

This hairstyle opens another cool look you don’t want to miss for your black hair. It is angular and it has a vintage look, but a welcoming one and you will find the end result elegant as ever. If you are looking for easy medium hairstyles for women fit to be worn to a prom or formal event, even a wedding, this style just might be the ticket for you.

Soft Waves with Side PartSoft waves with good shine give your hair the look of freshness and thy give you a youthful look. The framing is picture perfect and you can wear it to your prom with great appreciation. This option in medium hairstyles goes well with oval faces and brings out the cheek bones. This style only demands careful arrangement of the waves, and the side part has to be neatly drawn. With only a few minutes of effort, the result can be more than satisfying.

9. Side Swept Shoulder Length Curls

Side Swept Shoulder Length Curls

Side swept curls are absolutely stunning and they will surprise you the first time you get this hairdo. It is great for the frenzy mornings when all you need to do is to shift your hair to one shoulder and pin them at the back to keep it stable. It is great for work and parties alike and it is one of the elegant entries on the list. Perfect for proms, homecomings and parties especially if you like curly hairstyles before going out.

8. Golden Stack Hairstyle for Women

Golden Stack Hairstyle for Women

This is a bob like medium hairstyle that has no side swept bangs but it is quite pretty. Women with blonde and straight hair should probably give this style a try. It suits women with oval and round faces the best. The ease of preparation makes it one of the best easy medium hairstyles for women.

7. Natural Curls for Medium Hair

Natural Curls for Medium Hair

It may seem unlikely but you can wear your natural curls in a medium length haircut for a great result. Just iron the hair near the roots and the head. As it cascades into curls, the look is mesmerizing and you will love it!

6. Wavy Shoulder Length Hair with Side Part

Wavy Shoulder Length Hair with Side Part

It is a voguish entry in the medium hairstyles with subtle and natural looking waves. The length is approximately even from front to back, but the layers are longer on the front. This gives character to the waves and the medium-short hairstyles looks immensely great.

5. Asymmetric Bob

Asymmetric Bob

Adopt this edgy and contemporary look and you will certainly be unique at your work place. Just remember to add a lot of shine serum before styling and getting a cut with uniformity on the back between the two sides. If you want more bold and unique hairstyles, you can always try these scene hair to look more attractive.

4. Wind Swept Hairstyle for Women

Wind Swept Hairstyle for Women

This casual look is another great entry to the easy medium hairstyles for women that you won’t mind wearing to work or at home. It is very comfortable and you can look and feel like your normal self. That is a facility that most hairstyles don’t provide you with. It is designed for shoulder-length hair or longer hair.

3. Symmetrical Dense Curls for Medium Hair

Symmetrical Dense Curls for Medium Hair

Call them the glam curls because of the gorgeous look you get. By making the curls symmetrical, you won’t make the hair voluminous, but the curls will give you a great look that will make you proud all the time. It’s essential for you to use holding spray with it for good measure.  You can also try these attractive and unique black hairstyles for women with dark complexion.

2. Flipped Out Fringes for Medium Hair

Flipped out Fringes for Medium Hair

This is a vintage look that will give you a jazzy air and feel. It is absolutely essential if you are looking for something daring but elegant for a wedding or dinner. This is what makes it a important entry in the list of easy medium hairstyles for women. A little bit of shining spray, straightening and inverted curling with a medium sized curling iron and you are ready to rock your party!

1. Tresses for Medium Length Hair

Tresses for Medium Length Hair

Tresses are good in medium hairstyles particularly at packing away hair at the back in the form of a beautiful knot and you still get a clear face with no framing. It is great if your work demands active movement and strenuous physical activity. It is also one of the popular hairstyles you simply don’t want to miss. With an accessory, you can finish this hairstyle in just a few minutes. It is also a great remedy for bad hair days.


This list of easy medium hairstyles for women features some of the most popular hairstyles that you can learn to do in a few minutes and after a few tries. With this list, you are sure to stay on the fashion front. Choose the hairstyle that suits your face and your persona. It also has lots to do with the environment in which you work.

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