15 Effective And Easiest Weight Loss Tricks

Excessive weight could drive people crazy, not only the girls but also the boys these days. But girls, in particular, are concerned about being overweight as this condition could affect their beauty. Besides affecting beauty, there are many issues that could be the result of overweight.

As time passes this excessive weight could cause many issues related to joints and bones and could cause severe diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis etc. But the weight should not be reduced to the extent that it makes you underweight. Some girls and women get indulged into a severe type of dieting without consulting any doctor or nutritionist which results in extreme weight loss. Such type of dieting makes you feel and look sick and in the long run would make you look aged as well.


Putting on too much weight can cause many harmful effects on the human body.

  • This disease has been becoming very common in the whole world and is making many people prone to various other diseases that are the result of this issue.
  • Heart attack, cancer, and even diabetes are some diseases that are the result of excessive weight gain.

Some of the major causes of weight gain as per the researchers are as follows:


  • Genetics plays an important role in weight gain. If you have obese parents than it is possible that you will also have this issue as it is considered as one of the major hereditary diseases. Even if we do not wish we can have diseases that we carry in our genes and so is the case with obesity.
  • Precautionary measures could be taken but in case you have the obesity issue in your family then you should take extra care. There are certain measures that could be taken at early stages that would prevent the condition from getting worst. There are certain weight loss tips that should be followed on the regular basis.
  • Start with few simple and easy steps but on the regular basis. Only in this way can you deal with the obesity issue. This tip is particularly important in case you have it in your genes. Once you stop doing the exercises or make it irregular, it became difficult to not only control the weight but it could also result in gaining double weight than lost.

Junk Food

  • If you ever come to know about the danger that this type of food can cause and the way it is prepared, you will not think of eating it again. We have heard a lot about junk food, but we never thought of the fact that why this name was given to it and what are the diseases that are caused by this food. Although we read about the dangerous issues that are raised because of eating the junk food but we do not pay any notice to them.
  • Burgers, fries and fizzy drinks etc. all are categorized as junk food. These food items contain a high level of sugar, carbohydrates, and fats. Every day we hear and ignore the news of the hygiene issues that are present in fast food restaurants and cafes.
  • The type of ingredients and the spices that are used in these foods make them increase the weight of those who consume it.

Food Addiction

  • Among many causes, this is one of the most common and important causes of an increase in weight. Of course, there would be a certain food that you would like to eat every day from the same place. The reason behind it is the use of such ingredients in those foods that make you addictive to it thus, making you consume a large amount of it every day just to satisfy your taste buds.
  • With its increase popularity and high rate of consumption, junk food market is growing day by day. The junk food chains make their marketing strategies so persuasive that the people of all the ages especially the young generation get attracted towards them easily. That’s why, one of the primary weight loss principles is avoiding junk food.


  • If you want to know how to lose weight fast than the best thing is to consult some expert nutritionist that would make a complete diet plan for you and would help you guide about the balanced diet. In other case, you would be facing some serious weight loss or severe sickness.
  • If you’re looking for how to lose weight effectively, the best case is to follow some simple homemade remedies that are proved to be very successful in this case. These are some simple techniques that are not only effective but are also risk-free. These could be followed by anyone without any fear of side effects. The ingredients that are used for these remedies are easy to find and are the most convenient way of reducing weight.
  • Even the doctors themselves recommend homemade treatments to be the best cure in case of excessive weight gain issues. These remedies are better than taking the medicines that have many side effects and could damage stomach and kidneys etc.

Home remedies are better than other remedies because of many reasons some of which are as follow

  • These are risk-free and do not have any kind of side effect.
  • The ingredients used are easily accessible
  • Although it is a time taking process but the results last lifetime
  • It is the easiest and simplest way to reduce weight for everyone.

There are certain tips and techniques that could be utilized and are proved to be very successful in reducing the extra weight. These are not only effective but once you get used to of them you will enjoy practicing these tricks. Among many these 15 tricks are surprisingly the most effective and efficient in losing weight:

“These simple weight loss tips are not some strange or ineffective tips and reducing your weight is also not an impossible task that could not be accomplished. If proper diet plan is followed and these simple home remedies are followed, it would become a lot easier to get the perfect body of your desire.”

15. Sit At The Right Place

Sit At The Right PlaceSitting at the right place while eating is probably the simplest weight loss trick. While sitting choosing the right place to sit is really very important. Usually, the food is placed in the center of the table, so drag your chair close to the end of the table so that you do not eat too much. It is a general practice that you eat more if the food is placed just in front of you. This could result in overeating. Hence keep your distance from the food.

  • This is a simple trick to control your diet and the food you eat and it would really have an effect.

14. Turn Off The Lights

Turn Off The LightsIf you’re looking for the answer of “how to lose weight fast”, sleeping in dark is the simple solution. The researches have shown that sleeping in the dark room will help in reducing the weight that is not possible in case you sleep in dim light or are exposed to the bright light.

  • There is evidence available to prove that sleeping at night helps in lowering the weight.

13. Avoid Sitting In Front Of Television For Longer Period

Avoid Sitting In Front Of Television For Longer PeriodLearning about “how to lose weight” is all about adopting healthy lifestyle and habits. The habit of spending too much time sitting in front of your television screen will surely result in an increase in the weight and doing otherwise can help in reducing the weight greatly. So, the choice is clear and is yours.

  • Avoid sitting in front of the TV for hours and hours as by sitting your body will be in the state of complete rest and no physical activity means an increase in the weight. So, the next time you sit in front of your TV, remember this thing so that you do not end up in gaining extra weight.

12. Take Right Kinds Of Snacks

Say No to Late Night SnacksChoosing the right diet plan is also the key to weight loss. You should keep a check on your own diet plan and should eat the right kind of snacks that would help you in reducing the weight rather than increasing it. You can replace those items from your daily routines that cause the weight gain. For example instead of sweet and sugary juices use the fresh fruits instead, white bread and rice could be replaced with brown bread. Similarly, fried fries could be replaced with a healthy and nutritious salad etc.

  • People often start taking junk food that disturbs their diet plan and they could not get their desired results of slim and healthy body.
  • If you are following the diet plan, follow it regularly and strictly and if not watch out for what you are eating.

11. Increase Intake of Spices

Avoid Spicy FoodEating spicy food increases the heat in the body that burns the calories and ends up in lowering the weight. So add a lot of chilies especially the green and red chilies in your everyday food. Green chilies are also proved to have many other great advantages. Generally the food we eat, i.e. the traditional Asian food is expected to have a lot of spices in it that would most certainly make your body heat up and helps in burning the excessive calories. So if someone asks you how to lose weight fast, just suggest some delicious and spicy foods.

“The first and most important thing is to keep yourself motivated. Without motivation and determination, you can never achieve the goal of reducing your weight. These simple techniques if followed regularly are surely going to bring drastic changes in your body shape and would help you to get fit and healthy body.”

10. Sweat Out

Avoid Hard work and sweatingIf you want to know about how to lose weight without doing any exercise, you probably don’t want to lose weight at all. Taking regular exercise is no doubt a very healthy way of living and is the solution for various diseases including weight gain and obesity. Doing small and regular exercise burns lot of calories and, therefore, causes the body to sweat. Doing exercise will keep you fit and healthy.

  • Start with easy and simple exercises and then go for the aggressive ones. This would help in reducing the weight rather than making you feel uncomfortable and tired.

9. Drink Plenty Of Water

Drinking water early in the morningWater is the best natural thing and a cure from various diseases. It can also be used as a simple weight loss treatment. It is generally advised that you should drink at least 8-10 glass of water every day. It will keep you fresh and healthy.

  • Drinking water in the morning with empty stomach would help to increase your metabolism. Making it a regular habit would not only prevent you from getting fat but would also help in reducing the weight.

8. Hot Cocoa

Hot CocoaChocolate is proved to bring positive results for reducing the weight. The best technique to follow is:

  • Get some cocoa powder that is sugar-free
  • Then mix it in some nonfat milk and then add unsweetened sugar or vanilla in it
  • Now heat it and cook it over the stove.
  • In the end, you will get a fat free chocolate that would help in burning the fats and reducing your weight.

7. Drink Coffee

coffeThe best thing to do before taking exercise is to drink a cup of coffee. Caffeine will help in reducing the fats and would also help you in taking the exercise for a longer period of time without getting tired.

6. Drink Green Tea

Green tea...Learning how to lose weight fast is the first step and maintaining your weight will be the second. Green tea is very effective in reducing fat and avoiding weight gain.   For years, green tea has proved to be very effective in reducing the weight. There are certain ingredients that could be added in green tea that would double its health benefits.

  • Squeeze some lemon juice in your green tea. Citrus present in the lemon will make the weight reducing process faster and easier.
  • You can also use green tea with honey. This would also be helpful.
  • Using green tea regularly for one month will produce great results.

“But it is always said that prevention is better than cure. So, try to follow a healthy lifestyle so that you would not need any remedies to reduce your weight. Do not let yourself get overweight in the first place. Take regular exercises and adopt healthy eating habits. If you lead a balanced life there is no way that you will ever have to worry about your weight or about following a strict diet plan or about taking some tough exercises.”

5. Wine Can Also Reduce Weight

WineDry red wine and beer have proved to produce some great results.

  • The processed wine has a lot of sugar in it that would not be beneficial. Instead drink the dry wine that has a comparatively lesser amount of sugar in it. At the same time, one beer per day would be enough to reduce your weight.
  • But this thing should be kept it minds that late night drinking should be avoided. It would cause an increase in your weight instead of reducing it.

4. Eat In Front Of Your Mirror

Eat In Front of Your MirrorThere were many pieces of research that were done to prevent the weight gain and to learn the answer of “how to lose weight”. One such study has shown that people who eat in front of the mirror eat less food as compared to the people who eat otherwise.

  • The reason behind it is that eating in front of the mirror makes you more conscious and aware of what you eating. This would help in keeping the check on the amount of food and the type of food you are consuming.

3. The Picture Taking Technique

The Picture Taking TechniqueThose who love to take the pictures of their food before eating; it is not only a hobby for you. It can prove to be a great weight-reducing technique. Such people keep a close look on the type of food and the amount of food they are eating as compared to the people who do not take the pictures of their food. So why not try taking the picture of your food that would also be a fun and a trick to control your food.

2. Park Your Car At A Distance

Park Your Car At A DistanceEven if you go for shopping, try avoiding the parking of your car just in front of the gate of the shopping mall.

  • This would make you walk some extra minutes and would prove helpful. Although it is a simple trick, yet it is very effective.

1. Never Skip Breakfast And Take Enough Sleep

Take a breakMorning breakfast is the key meal of the day. So, never skip it. Skipping your breakfast will increase your weight rather than decreasing it. People who go for extreme weight loss do this mistake and often suffer from health problems.

  • Similarly, the researchers have shown that those who take a good 8 hours of sleep at night are less likely to get obese. Improper or less sleep is also a key factor in increasing your weight.


  • Take daily exercise.
  • Strictly follow a healthy and nutritious diet plan
  • Drink plenty of water daily
  • Eat fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Keep a check on the food that you eat
  • Keep yourself motivated and always keep on trying


  • Avoid junk food
  • Avoid eating food full of fats and sugar
  • Avoid taking medications for such issues
  • Do not skip the exercise.
  • Do not eat too much

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