The Do’s And Don’ts To Glowing Winter Skin


Ever feel like your otherwise healthy spotless skin turns into a mass of whiteheads, dry flakes and pimples every time winter comes around? Fret not, as we’ve broken the code and laid out the top 7 ways of ensuring that your skin stays in top form even when the winter blues arrive.

H2o to the rescue


We’ve all heard this one before; our bodies need at least 8-10 glasses of water per day. Most of us just shrug and drink whatever we can, however much we can, without paying attention to our dehydrating skin. Water not only hydrates dry skin, it also flushes out all the toxic, pimple- making stuff out of our body. No amount of chap stick will ever work on dry chapped lips if our bodies are dried up from the inside. So go on, drink up that water bottle!

A little sunscreen goes a long way


The benefits of a sunblock cannot be stressed enough; a girl’s got to invest in a good sunscreen if she wants that glowy sun kissed look. It’s a common misconception that sunscreens are only necessary in the summers. The glare of the winter sun is just as damaging and it can result in patchy, dull looking skin if exposed for long hours in the sun. Since we all know how much we love soaking up the sun in winters, make this one a definite must and always slap on some mild sunscreen before stepping out in that glorious sunshine.



Moisturize is essential for your skin health. When winters rolls around, your already parched skin tends to get more and more dry as the winter weeks drag on. How come? Whether it’s a good old fireplace you’ve been cozying up to, or a gas heater, or an electric heating device that’s got you hooked, all the moisture is being sucked right out of your skin. That’s right. The heat coming from these sources may seem heavenly and you can’t seem to tear yourself away, but your skin is taking a major hit and needs regular TLC in the form of a good old moisturizer. Opt for more nature-based ones, rather than the heavy-duty types like Shea butter. That’s just more grease, and less moisture so you dont need to wonder much now that how to get smooth skin.

Wash that face sleepyhead


You’ve been out all day, at work or at school, or maybe it was that beautiful picnic in the sun. All you can think about doing now at the end of the day is jumping into that warm cozy bed and falling asleep. Stop right there! All that accumulated grease and makeup that’s just sitting there on your skin needs to be washed away. Too often we let laziness get the better of us and tell ourselves one night of sleeping in makeup won’t hurt, but of course its never just ‘one’ night, and it’s not just makeup at the end of the day. It is not fun, but a quick use of a gentle face wash, the right exfoliator and cleanser is a giant leap towards gorgeous skin.

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A drop goes a long way


This is a tried and tested winter tip that a friend handed out to me. A friend with super healthy skin who just happened to be feeling generous with her secret beauty regime. Got a favorite moisturizer/lotion which perfectly suits your skin type but lately you feel you could use some extra help for those nasty dry flakes on your face? Invest in a wee sized bottle of pure glycerin. Yep that’s right. You’re only going to need about a couple of drops each day, so this one’s super cheap too! Just add a drop of it to your regular moisturizer and feel the difference instantly.

Be picky about skin products


What may have felt right in the summer might not work in an entirely different season. That lemony citrus facewash that kept your skin free of grease in the heat will have to be replaced by something more suitable for dry cold weather. Look for oil-based rather than water-based products, and avoid cleansers and scrubs with drying agents such as citrus, lime, or alcohol. Your dry winter skin needs to strike the right PH balance, and stripping it of its natural oils by using the wrong products will make way for over-productive oil glands which in turn give us our most dreaded enemy: pimples, whiteheads and blackheads! So girls, be kind to your skin and choose skin products wisely.

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The make-up break-up


Who can resist all those gorgeous and sultry make-up looks in the winter? Those smokey eyes, glossy peachy cheeks and those irresistible shades of red on our lips. The best part of winter is getting to do all the heavy duty make-up which the summer heat just didn’t let us get around to. For make-up geeks (myself guilty as charged), every day of winter is a day of exploration with our make-up that’s been stashed away all year. But when the excitement wears off, and so does our make-up, what do we get left with? Scaly irritated skin and chapped lips that seem too angry to even let us smile with ease! Quick fix? check out home remedies for chapped lips if you are looking for proper solution for it.

Always use moisturizer or a primer before laying on all that pretty make-up. Use a best foundation for oily skin that won’t clog or enhance pores, as nothing is more unsightly. Instead of using matte lippies, go for creamy lip stains and nourishing lip-glosses. Remember, make-up only looks good when it’s sitting on smooth skin, and no amount will hide the damage. Check out how to get smooth skin to make your skin ideal and make your friends bound to ask you about the hidden secrets of your smooth and glowing skin.
Last but not least, let this be the season when all of us girls rely on our inner beauty as well, stay happy, drug-free and bursting of confidence, because nothing is more beautiful than a self-assured girl with a bright smile. That alone can brighten up any cold winter day.

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