20 Spectacular DIY Hairstyle Ideas For A Busy Morning Made For Less Than 5 Minutes

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Hair is the vital object of attraction. Women in routine work faces many problems regarding their hair do’s. Today we do not have much time to spare on one task. Yet it is the desire of every individual to have a classy look whether at home or at job. Women are always in search of simple, easy, elegant and cute hairstyles that they can try quickly and with less effort.

Here are some of the easiest hairstyles and some DIY tips to grow hair faster that can glow your charm within a couple of minutes. To manage and fix your hair in busy mornings is the toughest thing before going out to work. These ideas are impeccably smart-creating a perfect hair style which is easy-and looks quite orderly and perfect.


While fixing your hair, you will need some of the hair accessories that surely can help you in securing your hairstyle.

• A comb
• Rubber bands
• Bobby pins
• Hair iron
• Blow dryer
• Hair spray or styling gel
• Fancy hair stuff

Creating even easy hairstyles is a play of twists, buns, ponytails, braids and puffs. The intermingling and arrangement of these basic tricks can give you a new and stylish look.


HIGH PONYHigh pony is equally popular among school-going teenage girls as well as young ladies. It gives an innocent look and a youthful touch and at the same time it is a quick hair do. First comb your hair and bend your head to the front. Then bring all the hair from back to front and grab it in your hand. Tie it into a ponytail and come to your original position, leaving the ponytail hanging free at the back. Slightly comb the hair and take small strand of hair, wrap it around the elastic band to cover it and give it a neat finishing.

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DOUBLE PONYIf you wish for a long ponytail then this trick must be your first priority. All you need is to divide your hair in two parts; the front and back. Now take the back part of hair and tie it into a pony tail. Then grab the front hair and tie the second pony, securing it with an elastic band. Make sure that both the ponytails are in a proper line. This trick will give your hair a look of a long ponytail.
You can always have fun with ponytails in different manners, tying them high and low, at one side or in the mid. They look all cute no matter what style you choose.

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STYLISH BRAIDAre you wondering that this hairstyle might be complicated or tedious? If so, then you are all wrong! Because this style is pretty cool and simple to make…I just love it! You can go out with it anywhere and it looks fabulous.
You just have to make a simple braid of your hair to the end. Then tie it with an elastic rubber band. Now at each knot slightly pull a small portion of hair from both sides. Repeat the process till the very end and you will be amazed to see your beautiful heart shape braid as if beaded in a row.

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BRAID WITH A TWISTDivide your hair in two parts at the front. The division can be either in the mid or to the side. Make a twist from both or one of the sides depending upon your choice. Secure it at the back of your head with a bobby pin and make a braid. It seems great with any type of braid.

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“Creating hairstyles is a play of twists, buns, ponytails, braids and puffs. The intermingling and arrangement of these basic tricks can give you a new and stylish look hair.”


FISHTAIL BRAIDProperly comb your hair and take two strands of hair. Bring the right strand over the left strand; now take a new chunk of hair and cross it over the right combining it with the left strand beneath. Continue the process of adding new strands of hair from the sides in the same manner. At the end tie it with a securing band. Lightly pull the braid till the end to give a voluminous look.

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FRENCH BRAIDFrench braid is the amalgamation of a simple and a fishtail braid. It starts from the front of head. Take a small portion of hair, divide it into three strands. Now like a simple braid take its first step by bringing the right strand over the mid strand and moving under the left strand. Then as in the fishtail braid, add strands of hair from both the sides to the left and right strand simultaneously. Continue in the same manner till the end.

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FRENCH BANDFrom the front side of the head, grab a small chunk of hair. Split it in three parts and start forming your French braid by moving sidewise and adding hair from the front till reaches the ear. Tuck it at the back of your ear with the help of some pins, and you are done with your gorgeous French band!

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WATER-FALL BANDComb your hair to ensure no knot remains. Split your hair in the middle. Section-off the hair and start making the French braid towards the back. When you are at the last part of the knot, drop the last fragment and continue with a new fragment. This will create a water fall texture. Secure it with a bobby pin.

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TEASE AND TIEMake a French band and bring it around the back of your head. Pin it with a bobby pin to give it support. Pull the hair from above to give it a thick and rough volume.
You can always explore new styles by mixing these different techniques that add glamour to your style.

Braids and buns are widely favored in hot summer days. These hairstyles are trendy, sophisticated and yet comfortable in the scorching sun. You can add elegance to your life by wrapping your hair into a stylistic bun.

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BRAIDED BUNThis is the simplest of all buns and easily formed within a few minutes. For this hairstyle, make a simple braid and twist it at the back. Secure the bun by using bun pins. You can add fancy hair accessories to it so that it gives a prettier touch to the bun.

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DOUBLE BRAIDED BUNFor this you need to section-off the hair into two portions, each part is then braided and tied at the end. Now knot and twist both the braids. At the end pin them with bun pins and your double braided bun is ready.

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CURLY BUNSeparate the forelocks from the back hair. Now take some of the portion and back-comb the hair. Then bring the front hair over it and pin it in the mid. Spray the back-combing with a good hair spray. After back-combing split the hair into as many strands as possible, roll it with your finger from tip to root and pin it with two pins in opposite direction. Repeat the process for all the strands and spray it in the end, so the style remains intact. With this style you are ready to leave home with a confident and glamorous look!


TWIST A BUNLike all the above hairstyles it also is a very interesting hairdo and you can easily form it within a few minutes. Simply twist your hair from the side, to the back till the tips of hair. Then twist it at the back in a circular motion and hold it with good quality bobby pins. You can also use pins with pearls and bead to make it an eye catching hairstyle.


MESSY BUNAre you ready for a messy hair bun in the morning? This surely is a quick and effortless style for lazy-bones and snoozers. Although it is messy but I must say that at the same time it is fashionable and chic. Comb your hair and tie a side pony. Then back comb the pony making it messy and rough. Make a bun and pin it. This is the best option for you when in hurry. You can also form this bun without combing your hair with a proper brush or you can quickly brush your hair by running your fingers through it and tie it into a bun.


SIDE BUNBring your hair to one side then split them in two parts. Tie both the parts into a knot, and twist at the back side. It looks nice with some of the forelocks floating freely.


FLOWER BUNDivide the hair in three parts and make a heart braid. Take the right strand of the hair over the mid strand. Then the same strand down the left fragment till the end of the braid. Slightly loosen the chunk of hair at the sides of each knot, and some in the mid of each knot too. Now it’s time to twist it around and it hold with the pins in its place. At the end hair spray the whole bun. This hairstyle looks like a flower tucked at the back.


ONE SIDED TWISTTwists are always adored by females of every age. On one hand if it is a cute hairstyle for kids, on the other hand it is preferred and recommended for ladies too. These look graceful when tucked properly. One sided twist is formed by grabbing a small fragment of hair and twisting it, adding hair to it step by step at each twist. Then take a bobby pin and hold the twist with it, take another and tighten the other pin in the opposite direction. One feels Royal in such perfect hairstyles.


TWIST AND TIEIn this hairstyle make twists at both the sides of your head and take the twists to the back, where it is tied in a cross and finally supported with bobby pins.


TIE A BOWTo remove any tangled hair, comb your hair neatly. Then make a half ponytail at the desired place and tuck the loose hair into the rubber band to hold it in place-later on this end becomes the centerpiece of the bow. The loop created should not be too loose to manage and must be precise. Divide the loop into two fragments and insert a bobby pin going from top to bottom to the end of the loop and another pin in the opposite direction to form a bow. Now pull back the strand over the front of the bow and through the middle of the bow secure it and you are done with your bow.


STRAIGHT STRANDS KNOTIf you are blessed with straight hair then you can make it look more adorable by creating a knot style. First of all brush the hair straight, and then take one strand of hair from both sides. Loosely knot with a crisscross and hold it in place with the help of a pin. You can also add one or two more knots in the same way, leaving the rest of the hair free.

“To manage and fix your hair in your busy mornings is the toughest thing before going out to work. But these lovely hairstyles can easily glow your charm in a couple of minutes.”

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