Cute Bob Hairstyles For Women: 32 Amazing Choices

Cute bob hairstyles for women will impress you the best for their chic and gorgeous look and easy to wear styling. The best thing for bob hairstyles is that there is no specification with them for round or elongated faces. They suit amazingly to most of you.

The first thing which people usually notice in you, is your hair. Beautiful hair make your impression indelible; their beauty also hide your age. If you succeed in selecting a hairstyle that matches well your personality, it simply makes you gorgeous. However, there are a few hairstyles that remain in fashion due their evergreen appeal. We can name cute bob hairstyles for women among them.

They are very easy to style and look extremely stylish as well. In this article, you can find an exhaustive range of cute bob hairstyles and some hair growth tips for women to keep you aware of the latest trends. So get inspired and make your hairstyle unique.

32. Curly Bob Hairstyle


The best thing about this hairstyle is that you can attain volume which gives life to your hair. This curly bob hairstyle looks equally good for formal and casual events.

31. Stacked Bob Hairstyle


This is one of those cute hairstyles which require less time to get ready. The neatly cut hair can be set along with the sides of face, giving it a defined look. You can straight your hair by straightener as well for this style. Do not forget to use a shining serum for a final look.

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30. Blond Bob Style


This hairstyle is all about beauty. It is perfect both for short as well as long length. Many layers in this style and the blond color creates a bumpy look creating an extreme loveliness.

29. Many Layers Bob Hairstyle


This type is one of the most fantastic and cute bob hairstyles for women. Layers all over the hair give this style very edgy and fabulous appearance. Layers can be made prominent by highlights and low lights. This style is mostly parted in sideways and gives life to the normal bob. It is suitable for medium to fine textured hair.

28. Straight Bob Hairstyle with Blunt Bangs


Same length layers and blunt bangs enhance your face shape. This cute bob hairstyle for women makes you look younger than your age. This style looks best on every type of face shape.

27. Messy Bob Hairstyle


This messy hairstyle gives a quite cool look. The bangs in this style are cut as flat. The sides of the hair are levelled by using razor to make the hairline soft. Messiness can be maintained by fingertips. You can style it within seconds. Just keep a good quality hairspray along with you to create a messy and funky look.

If you want that you pose a good impression on every one, then you need to choose a style that perfectly appeals on your feature and overall demeanor. Cute bob hairstyles for women fulfill this need in the best manner.

26. Side Parted Bob Hairstyle


This style is created by layers around the sides including it in the list of cute hairstyles. These layers can be further enhanced by a perfect blow dry. You can also go for a pony and a braid with side front bangs over the face.

25. Blue Colored Bob Hairstyle


Blue is such an eye catching color and when you add this color on your beautiful bob, it will look more fashionable and cool. You can also go for same blue shade all over the hair or can combine two blue shades together. Just go with this style and you will see how color makes a difference.

24. Red And Bob Style


Nothing can be more attractive than red. This hairstyle has rounded and edgy layers which makes it very unique. This style goes well with straight sleek locks. Addition of red in bob is like creating vividness in it. Do go for shining serum, it will enhance your bob hairstyle.

23. Creamy Bob Hairstyle


This is such a modern and chic cute bob hairstyles for women. The prominent feature in this style is its shape. The back layers fall beautifully on shoulders and the longer bangs accentuate the face. Creamy color addition afterwards is like putting a drama in it. Square and round faces are perfect for such style. To get ready with this style, smoothly comb your hair then blow dry them to attain volume. After that replace the waviness of your hair with sleek one by a flat straightening is also suitable for thick Hair.

22. Short Whispers Hairstyle


This is one of the most popular cute bob hairstyles for women. To create short whispers, go for two or three colors to be added as highlights. The length of this style is normally till chin. Let the deep parted bangs to fall over the face, this will give you a very light effect. To style this, just comb your hair gently, then blow dry your hair. And you are ready to go. For styles with lighter effect, don’t go for heavy products like it is not good to go with mousse with this style. Instead using foam would be enough. Curly and wavy hair are not very well suitable for this style.

Healthy and beautiful hair speak of your person loud that makeup and your embellishment hardly replace.  It is, therefore, very important to visit your stylist for haircuts and hair treatment. There is no fixed time for haircut; it depends on the growth of hair and your own choice of look different. Try cute bob hairstyles for women and remain classy always.

21. Short Wavy Bob Hairstyle


This style is maintained above the chin having many choppy layers in it. You can highlight the waves by bold colors like red or brown. You can by your choice and face shape can get it styled by center parting or side parting. Some people do not like front cut like bangs etc., this is perfect for them. If you naturally have wavy hair, simply comb, spray and diffuse. If you have straight hair, and you want to go for this style then use curling iron to create curls. As your hair is short so the curls would look more like waves. The people with thicker hair can enjoy this style.

20. Sleek And Smooth Hairstyle


This style is characterized by thick bangs falling over the eyes creating a fresh look. The sides of the hair are allowed to slope towards the face till chin or little below than chin. To create this style within no time, simply comb your hair, separate the bangs and the rest of the hair. You can give a blow dry to your bangs without using a brush, otherwise you will end up with bouncy look on the bangs which does not look very nice. The more sleek hair you have, the easier it is to achieve this style.

19. Trendy Neck Length Bob Style


Among other hot hairstyles, this trendy neck length is included in most cute bob hairstyles for women. Front layers very beautifully fall on the face or along the sides. This style has wonderful shape with the neatly cut hairline.

18. Flirty Flip Bob Hairstyle


What a dramatic cute bob hairstyle this is. Featured by short layers at the crown which gives a very light feelings and room to the hair. The deep side parted hair are curled and settled away from the face to create a flip. You can add color to that flip to increase the drama.

Go for light hold sprays to maintain the movement and life in hair. Those girls who always want volume in their hair, this style is a best choice for them. All face shapes can carry this style well but round and oval faces are best enhanced by this style.

17. Ombre Bob Hairstyle


These types of red ombre hair cute hairstyles are perfect for people with heart shaped. It is perfect for parties. Layers cut along sides and back of head creates a bounce in the style.

16. Vampiress Bob Hairstyle


This style has so many good things together which overall gives a perfect package like evenness of layers, minimal pointiness with layers and center parting. The length of this style is normally between chin and shoulders. To have this style, simply comb your hair then go for blow dry in such a way that it drops your hair.

Keep dropping until you are completely done with it. To add variation in the style, you can simply pin the front hair away from the face or you can go for front twist as well.

15. Berry Bob Hairstyle


The berry bob is an ideal choice to create cute bob hairstyles for women. People who have very thick hair can opt this style, this will allow them to deal beautifully with the thickness and heaviness of the hair. Blunt bangs and A line shape is what this style is all about. You would have never experienced a color change at bangs part, try this time and you will be amazed by its funkiness. This style is very much for people with heart shaped faces.

14. Platinum Ice Hairstyle


Longer layers in the front and shorter layers at the back makes a perfect A shaped platinum style. Ginger and pale blond color are very much in fashion with this hairstyle.  Just make sure that your hair do not look frizzy otherwise, it will not look appealing and attractive. Round and square face shapes will look remarkable with this style.

13. Sassy Classic Style


Thick side bangs make this style one of cute bob hairstyles for women. Just apply a smoothening serum all over the damp hair and then use blow dryer to remove the moisture and to add volume. If you have shiny and smooth hair, then you are doing justice with the sassy style. Application of little bit of essential oils can also make a difference.

12. Elevated Ends Bob Style


To go for this style, just create a deep side parting. Then make sections of your hair, this will be easier for you to handle curling iron. After making sections, start creating curls section by section. Make sure you curl your whole hair. At the end spray them for a long lasting hold. Medium to thin or straight to wavy, anyone can wear this style. Addition of red color will add more magic and chic to the style. Heart and square shaped faces are most suitable for this style.

11. Rock Star Bob Hairstyle


This is among the rocking and cute hairstyles. This style is short length with many layers. To make yourself ready with this style, apply shampoo and conditioner to your hair first. Then apply texturizing mousse to your hair and use flat hair if there is some frizz in it. Flicks falling on the face will create a very lively and free feelings.

10. Angled Beauty Bob Hairstyle


This fantastic bob is cut with respect of the length of the chin. The layers at back are smaller than the front layers. Deep side part mostly goes very well with this style.

9. Romantic Waves Bob Hairstyle


In cute bob hairstyles for women includes also romantic waves style that is so much in fashion these days. This longer bob style has less layering but enhanced curls. This style can also look great on shorter hair. To create waves, deep part your hair and make sections of hair. Secure them with bobby pins. Then use curling iron to make curls. The curls should look like ringlets after you finish it up.

Use spray at the end for long lasting curls. Do not touch or play with ringlets, otherwise they will open up. Because of the longer length, this style can be carried by any type of face shape. This style is fine for any texture of hair.

8. Sophisticated Bob hairstyle


This style has its own uniqueness, that’s why it is judged as among the cute hairstyles. Combined with bangs and soft layers, it has all the ability to add much fun into the style. In order to have more volume into the style, you can back comb the hair from the crown portion. The greater benefit of this style is to people with thin hair, as it allows the hair to look thicker.

7. Banging Bob Hairstyle


This style is favorite of most women and in trend from couple of years. Soft side bangs and less layers creates a very settled and free look. This style is further enhanced by a blow dry. Do not apply more hair products with this style, as it will wipe out the movement and life of hair.

6. The Lob Hairstyle


Shoulder length longer bob is given the name of lob. It does not have much layers. You can by your choice and mood change your parting. After parting, apply a heat protection serum all over the hair. Then smooth the strands by using straightening iron. Round and square shaped faces are made for this style. People with oval and long faces do not choose this style as it will elongate their face more.

5. Shoulder Length Bob Hairstyles


The shoulder length includes in the list of cute bob hairstyles for women. The simple shoulder length bob is made magical by the addition of many layers at side and back. This style can be complimented by side sweep bangs over the forehead.

4. Shaggy Edges Bob Hairstyle


The shaggy layers around the face are increasing the magic of this style. Shaggy edges will be enhanced by perfect sleek strands. It is good to apply a good quality shine spray at the end. You can add more dramatic effects in it by different colors.

3. Gatsby Nights Bob Hairstyle


The loose waves in this style just give the appearance of sea waves. This look is so smooth and magical making this style one of cute bob hairstyles for women. There is a trick in creating such type of super loose waves. Leave the last two inch or an inch portion of tips. You can be more creative with the style with the addition of accessories.

2. Rounded Texture Bob Hairstyle


In the list of most fashionable hairstyles, rounded bob is considered. Uneven, stacked layers looks very unique, stylish, sophisticated and beautiful. This style is perfect for prom and any other formal evening. Matte texture wax can be applied to lower strands of hair to achieve a messy, free style.

1. Flipping Out Bob Hairstyle


This style is so much dramatic and includes in the list of cute bob hairstyles for women. To create a flip style, give them a blow dry to create a bounce and flip at the ends. A good quality styling mousse can also be added to ensure the lift and volume in hair.  Afterwards sweep your hair sideways. Complete the look by the mist of texturizing spray, it will separate the ends from each other. Honey, ginger and lighter shades gives a completely energetic and different look.

Hair, no doubt, is the most important part of your personality. Their fresh look imparts confidence to you. It is good to keep them styled all the time and with different haircuts. The cute bob hairstyles for women will definitely cater your need perfectly.

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