12 Chemicals That Are Screwing Up Your Hormones

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Our topic for today is on the chemicals that can screw your hormones badly. Yes, we are living in an era where modernization has reached to its peak but, along with that it has brought a lot of negative aspects too that we must look into.

Our cosmetics to our raincoats, our shower curtains to our cooking pans everything is having an element of unhealthiness attached to it. You have been using these things ever since you can recall, but today we will tell you how adversely it could have had affected your health.
Read here and look for the details about these chemicals and most importantly there adverse effects that are being discussed here.

12. Dioxin


This chemical is a part of persistent environmental pollutants. As they are present in the environment hence they are apparently found to be in the animal body tissues, such as the fatty tissues are of the animal body.

If we see the negative aspects and the adverse effects of Dioxin on the body we find that it is highly harmful to our reproductive system. Hence it is highly recommended to take care for this chemical. Besides being a threat to the reproductive system of the body dioxin is also a havoc to the immune system and it even works to alter the hormones secreted in the system.
About dioxin it is said that these are actually a by-product of the industrial waste material while it is also a release from natural process like forest fires or volcano eruptions.

  • It is quoted for this chemical that once they enter the human body they are actually able to stay there for a long period of time. This is due to the stability and a long half life of the chemical within the body.
  • Dioxin can very well disturb our stress hormones and increase their level in the body.
  • Besides their ability to increase the stress hormones, dioxins can also cause skin lesions and liver damage.

11. BPA


BPA or Bisphenol A is a chemical compound that is found to act very close to the hormone estrogen found naturally secreted in the human body. BPA is actually found in the coatings of cans and food and is also a part of hard plastics. A number of products like baby bottles, water bottles are having this chemical compound. Not just this if we move towards the world of dentistry this one is used in the filings, fissure sealants and dental devices as well. Medical devices, CDs, DVDs etc are also supposed to carry this chemical compound.

  • This chemical is a culprit to the endocrine glands as it is said to disrupt its functions.
  • This interferes with the secretion, transport and action of the endocrine hormones.
  • It can cause reproductive disorders unfortunately and most particularly impotency in males.
  • Heart diseases in individuals along with diabetes mellitus 2.
  • Brain dysfucntioning along with difficulties with memories could also occur due to this chemical.
  • It is even found that there is an increase in asthma rates that links to a particular threshold of BPA.
  • BPA can interfere with nitrogen fixation at the roots of different plants.

10. Arsenic


This chemical compound is found in the environment naturally and as well as due to man related activities. This one is found in two forms; one being an organic form and the other one being an inorganic form. And out of the two organic are the ones that hold more toxicity.
Human body is exposed to this chemical by water and food. Food is particularly the largest source out of the two unless where the water used for drinking is already chemically contaminated with this. It also enters the body through inhalation but that even is of high risk in the industrial areas. The ones who are smokers are at a higher risk of inhaling this chemical rather than the ones who are non-smokers, as it is released from the cigarette smoke.

  • This one is said to harm the immune system of the body.
  • Besides this, it can have an adverse effect on the urinary, reproductive and the nervous system of the body.
  • A long tern exposure to arsenic can also result in the skin pigmentation and too much inhalation can even lead to lung cancer in individuals.

9. Atrazine


More commonly known as a pesticide, is largely an endocrine disrupter. A study carried on frogs concluded that even an exposure of 0.1 parts of this chemical can lead to very serious health anomalies. With this study there was also a surprising result found on frogs i.e. atleast 10 % of the frogs who were exposed to this chemical had changed their gender! Yes, according to this study male frogs in water containing atrazine were completely converted to Female frogs. Well, this study shows a great effect of this chemical on the human reproductive system.

  • As discussed right above about the effects of atrazine on the reproductive system are quite intense. It is further stated that atrazine can lead to a high risk of miscarriages in individuals.
  • A reduced fertility in males and low birth weights of the new borns along with different birth defects.
  • Other than this Atrazine can highly be carcinogenic and lead to cancers of the breast and that of prostrates in males.

8. Phthalates


Phthalates are chemical compounds that are found in plastics and vinyl’s. It is used to soften the hardness with these materials with its properties. There are numerous items available in the market that is using phthalates. This includes hair sprays, cosmetics, nail polish, shampoos and skin moisturizers. Other than these they are also used in flexible plastic products like shower curtains, wall papers, plastic wraps etc. Even teethers for toddlers and their rattlers use these products. Hence there is a danger of kid’s exposure to this chemical very easily.

  • Phthalates are used to cause endocrine disruptions in the human body.
  • It can affect the immune system of the body.
  • Besides this it is also said to affect the kidneys as well.

7. Fire Retardants

Fire Retardants

Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers is are flame retardant and bioaccumulaitve industrial materials. This is basically an air pollutant that gets exposed to the environment when it is released for the purpose of fire extinguishing or else when it is released as by-product. This chemical has effects on the health of a human body like:

  • An exposure to it can neurotoxicity in individuals.
  • But, its nature of toxicity depends on the compound and also the amount as well.
  • It can even lead to memory loss in individuals and some behaverioul disturbances as well.
  • Pregnant mother can easily transmit its toxicity to the baby in their womb.
  • Similarly a breast feeding mother can also transmit the toxicity to the suckling infant.

6. Mercury


Hg or mercury is found in the atomic chart with an atomic no. 80. It has poor heat conducting properties but its electrical conductivity is fair. It doesn’t have properties to react with all the chemicals like sulphuric acid whereas; it can react with hydrogen sulphide present in the air. It can also form crystals when it reacts with concentrated sulphuric and nitric acid. Because of its properties it is used in barometers and thermometers. Besides this a dental material that is used for filling the cavities, dental amalgam is composed of mercury.

  • Mercury has an effect on the system of humans.
  • It is highly volatile and if spilled anywhere could be inhaled, eaten accidently by the humans and can cause a great deal of toxicity to the nervous system.

5. Lead


Lead is malleable element that is found in the carbon. On the atomic chart it is counted under the radioactive elements and has the highest atomic no. there. This is used in lead acid batteries, building constructions. Lead is one the most toxic element for the organs and systems of the body.

  • Lead can cause neurotoxicity in both, adults and children. A long term exposure to this chemical can lead to colic like pain in the abdomen and certain neuropathies as well.
  • As it is highly absorbable in the blood stream it can lead to kidney disorders along with cardiovascular disorders and immune system issues.

4. Organophosphates Pesticides

Organophosphates Pesticides

Organophosphates pesticides are having some direct effects on the nervous system. Organophosphates have an effect on acetyl cholinesterase. This one is a neurotransmitter and works when certain channels are opened for its release. Organophosphates can actually irreversibly inactivate acetyl cholinesterase. Commonly used organophosphates include malation, parathion, diazinon etc.

These organophosphates have been found to give an adverse effect on the human body

  • This can give a neurotoxin effect on the children.
  • A continuous exposure of this one could lead to, depression, sleep walking, disorientation, confusion etc.

3. PFCs


Preflourinated Compound or PFCs contains a carbon-fluoride bond. This bond is bio-accumulative and can be accumulated inside bodies of the animal and humans. They have the ability to repel oil and hence are used in non-stick cooking pans and pots. Besides this it can also repel water and therefore used in the rain coats. It is also used in paints and varnishes, makeup items like nail colours, fast food container and microwave popcorn bags.

  • This one has a tendency to affect the kidneys of the human body.
  • Can also affect the thyroid gland.
  • And can liver diseases, cancer, heart attacks and strokes.

2. Percholate


Percholate are basically salts that are that are derived form perchloric acid. Most of the times percholate are colourless and are very much water soluable. Because these are soluable in non-aqueous or aqueous solutions hence it releases gases when they are solvated. The gaseous products released can lead to the contamination of soil as well as water.

  • Percholate has been found hazerdeuos to human health.
  • This is said to cause thyroid disorders which subsequently acts adversely on the body.
  • This leads to the metabolic disorders of the body as well.

1. Glycol Ethers

Glycol Ethers

This one is a liquid solvent i.e. it can dissolve other substances in it. Because of this property it can be used to make paints and other materials as well. Usually they are supposed to have a high boiling point when combined with solvents that are favorable and of low molecular weight. They are used to freeze thaw the objects and besides this it is also used as a Fuel Sys Icing Inhibitor.

  • They are considered to give toxic effects on the system
  • They are also said to lead to a low motility of the sperm in male.

Tips And Facts

  • The half life of dioxin is 7-11 years estimated.
  • To avoid BPA always read on the canned foods and drinks that say BPA free.
  • Drinking water contaminated with arsenic has caused a disease known as ‘black foot disease’ in people.
  • The highest level of atrazine is found in the Midwest because it is largely utilized as a pest control chemical in the corn fields.
  • In 1970s PBDEs were largely used as flame retardants in the industries.
  • Dental amalgam with mercury is disposed off in a separate container due to the hazardous nature of mercury.
  • One should remove stainless steel pots and replace them with the steel ones to avoid any PFCs adverse affects.

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