7 Bland Diet Foods For Toddlers

Submitted By Jenny Smith  

Providing toddlers with a balanced and nutritious diet especially when they are sick becomes challenging due to the limited information on the bland diet foods for toddlers. BRAT diet comprising of bananas, rice, applesauce and toast was once the commonly recommended diet but that failed to provide complete nutrition that lead to weaknesses and slow recovery process. This article is really going to help every concerned mother, who wants to feed her little one with all the required nutrients even when he is not feeling well.

7. Softened Fruits

Citrus fruit..Fruits can be given in the cooked form that is soft enough to digest easily for toddlers. The ideal fruits that can be included ideally in the bland diet foods for toddlers are; applesauce, mashed ripe bananas, peeled peaches, apricot and pears, which are steamed and mashed.

6. Low Fiber Vegetables

VegetableLow fiber vegetables that can be given to toddlers on bland diet include green beans, carrots, potatoes without skin and celery but remember that these vegetables should be given in cooked form, which are easily digestible for your little toddler and will furnish them with the essential vitamins needed by their body. Just like machines need fuel or power to function properly the body needs essential nutrients to work flawlessly.

5. Milk

milk....Milk is one of the basic bland diet foods for toddlers. It is the only complete diet that provides balanced nutrition for toddlers along with lots of calcium and is essentially required for proper growth and development of your little angel at this stage.

4. Low Fiber Grains

Low fiber grainsGrains are another unforgettable component of a balanced diet that is of immense importance. But the form of grains that is soft enough to be included in bland diet are little limited for toddlers. You can feed them with boiled white rice, muffins without nuts made from plain flour, egg noodles, white bread slices, pasta made from the plain flour etc.

3. Protein Sources

protein_sourcesThe protein sources that can be suitable to include in the bland diet foods for toddlers are; very tender steamed or boiled fish or chicken and poached eggs. You can make use of these sources in the form of soup to balance the diet of your toddler and to keep them hydrated especially if they are suffering from diarrhea.

2. Yogurt

YOGURT...Yogurt is a calcium rich dairy product that is effective to be given in stomach problems especially diarrhea. It is soft, easily digestible and nutritious. You can try on different combinations like serving yogurt with different fruits of your toddler’s choice (be sure to use the fruits allowed in bland diet) to make it more nutritious and fun for your child.

1. Sweet Treats

MarshmallowToddlers with sweet tooth can be served with plain pudding, jelly, plain cakes and marshmallows but avoid giving them chocolates, hard candies and jam.

The above listed bland diet foods for toddlers will help you plan your little joy’s diet and help them recover fast without losing considerable health. You just need to include the perfect serving balance that will deliver them with perfect nutrition and will help them recover fast from the illness.

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