15 Best Ways To Lose Stomach Fat

Belly fat becomes a sort of much discomfort when one wants to flaunt their body in a revealing dress while going clubbing or when wanting to wear a nice diamanté studded bikini while beating the summer heat near the sea. But there’s much more to stomach fat than this! A severe health problem emerges when white fat seems to inflate in the abdomen. Consequently, this affects the insulin level of the body which further results to a risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular issues. However, you probably wouldn’t know but at times overweight people don’t have health issues whilst the normal weight one’s do. Furthermore, this is all because of the much frowned upon fat i.e. stomach fat and one should work to lose belly fat soon enough.

So dear ladies, if you’re facing an issue related to belly fat and don’t know how to lose stomach fat then you don’t need to worry anymore or search any further because below are listed quite a number of the best ways to get rid of stomach fat.

“Worried about your increasing belly fat? Not anymore.”

15. You Should Like To Move It!

KEEP THE EXERCISE FOR EARLY MORNINGLadies, if you want to lose belly fat fast then keep repeating this mantra i.e. ‘keep moving’ over and over again. Moreover, learning how to get rid of stomach fat and losing belly fat is easy and pretty sufficient because all you religiously need to do is exercise. One of the ways to lose belly fat is by getting your heart rate up through any sort of exercise that you’re comfortable to do. Furthermore, it can even turn out to be better than resistance training in relevance to losing weight. Exercises that you can do for this purpose are,

14. Water To The Rescue

drink water...The best way to lose weight is by drinking loads of water. Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether it is to lose stomach fat, arm fat or just tone down the body in general; water is one of the best remedy. If you want to know as to how to lose belly fat fast then make sure that you always keep yourself hydrated. Another benefit of adopting this habit of drinking lots and lots of water is that it will keep you at a distance from confectionary drinks such as packed juices, sodas etcetera which are sweet to taste but bitter for health. You should,

  • Fill a water bottle early in the morning.
  • Keep it with you throughout the day.
  • Drink water from it time and again and at intervals along the course of the day.

13. Sugar? No Please!

SugarAvoiding sugar is the answer of the question “how to lose belly fat”. Next time, whenever someone asks you whether you’d want sugar in your tea or coffee just politely say no. This gesture of yours will help you a great deal in getting rid of that unwanted belly fat. You wanted to know how to get rid of belly fat, right? Just say no to any type of sugar, be it in drinks, ice-creams or deserts. Furthermore, belly fat is mostly stored up because of the diet and one should work towards reducing calories. You can even get rid of belly fat by replacing sugar products with dietary one’s or the ones with much less amount of sugar. Start to intake,

  • Vegetables.
  • Foods those are rich in protein.
  • Whole grains.
  • And don’t snack every time your stomach is bored but hungry.

12. Eating Potatoes? Bad Idea

Potato...The fastest way to lose belly fat is by completely eradicating potatoes from your diet. Ever heard anyone saying this about fat women, ‘she eats too many potatoes that are why she has become one.’ But you don’t deserve such negativity in life and should certainly stay at a safer distance from potatoes, be it in any shape or form. Potatoes are malicious for you because they lead towards an increased insulin level which makes to quit burning fat but storing them. No potato is good,

  • Be it, French fries,
  • Normal crisps.
  • Mashed potatoes.
  • Potato curry.
  • Baked potatoes.

11. Become A Sleeping Beauty

Sleep Environment..If you want to know how to burn belly fat then begin by sleeping for at least 7 hours a night. From now onwards if you want to stay up till late night either to complete those last bits of your assignment or to watch your favorite movie, you might want to think twice. This is important because as a consequence of staying up late you would want to eat more and it will lead to a bad craving for sugar and other confectionary items. Moreover, eating late night is a great cause in storing wide amount of fats in the body.

10. Greens, Reds And Oranges!

DietLearn how to lose stomach fat by eating greens, reds and oranges. No I’m certainly not talking about a particular color that you should wear but you should include vegetables of such colors in your plate and as a part of your regular diet. One way on how to lose stomach fat is by being a veggie person and making vegetable salad as a main course of your lunch. Consequently, this is the best way to lose belly fat because it will keep you healthy and your body toned down by not letting any fats or calories being stored in your body. Moreover, you can even roast them to add flavor to your salad. Some colorful which deserve to be a part of your meal are,

  • Carrots.
  • Spinach.
  • Onions.
  • Radish.
  • Lettuce leaves.
  • You can use baby corns too.

9. Lemon Grass Tea

Lemon Grass TeaEver wondered how to lose belly fat just by drinking tea?Another best way to lose belly fat is by religiously drinking lemon grass tea. Are you a selfie queen or a makeup queen? In order to burn belly fat you have to become a lemon grass tea queen. This tea is a great escape to excess fat on your body and helps tone down your body within no time. All you’re supposed to do is initially drink two cups of it per day, half an hour before having lunch and dinner. Then gradually as you begin to notice evident weight loss then make it one cup per day before any meal whatsoever. Steps to make a lemon grass tea are,

  • Boil 2 tbsp. of lemon grass in 1.5 cup of water.
  • Let it boil on the stove.
  • Once it’s boiled take it out in a jug and drink it.
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: Woman with heavy menstrual bleeding should avoid this as it’s very warm and can lead to a much heavier flow.

“Belly fat will no more be a problem for you as some of the best ways to help you get rid of it are gathered above.”

8. Eat Between Meals

Eat between MealsAs much as having breakfast is pretty vital, so is snacking between meals. This is another way as to how to lose stomach fat and keeps one healthy and in shape. Moreover, it will prevent you from overeating during lunch and dinner and will even serve your mid meal cravings. Furthermore, it even helps in keeping your metabolism stoked by processing food in your stomach throughout the day. You can eat between breakfast and lunch and then between lunch and dinner. You can eat,

  • Beans salad after breakfast.
  • An egg before lunch, but not the yolk.
  • Loads of fruits after lunch.
  • Anything lite like a brown bread before dinner.
  • You can make one day of the week as a cheat day when you don’t have to diet and can eat freely.

7. 20 Minutes Is The Trick

20 Minutes Is the TrickYou can definitely snack in between meals but 20 minutes later! A best way to lose weight fast is giving your stomach a 20 minute break or interval before eating again because it’s in those 20 minutes that it realizes that it’s full. This is one trick which will help you a great deal in order to burn-belly-fat pretty sufficiently and quickly because it won’t let you overeat and you can enjoy a small but healthy meal.

6. Proteins? Yes!

Reduce Animal ProteinHow to get rid of stomach fat? The answer is very simple, have proteins. Moreover, proteins tend to be a vital part of your diet while working towards losing stomach fat because aging brings more insulin production. Consequently, insulin leads to fat storage and results in a wide amount of belly fat which can be combated by foods rich in protein. Foods that are rich in proteins which can be used as a part of healthy diet are as follows,

  • Yoghurt.
  • Chicken Breast.
  • Salmon.
  • Lentils.
  • Beans
  • Pepperoni.
  • Green Peas.
  • Japanese Noodles.

5. Portion Your Meal Correctly

a good dietA simple and clear question is how to lose fat? And a simple and clear answer is by portioning your meal correctly. Moreover, people who have a toned down weight tend to eat in portions compared to those who are obese and either asks for a doggie bag or leave food on the plate. However, I’d suggest that take a small amount in your plate but don’t leave the food and even if you want to leave the food, give it to someone needy. This is one of the best ways to lose weight. You can even,

  • Measure the food against what is stated on a cereal box as one serving.
  • Eat as accurately as stated there.
  • Sometimes restaurants tend to serve one person as per two people.
  • So eat half and get the rest packed.

4. 1, 2, 3 Push Up

Push-upsA best way to burn fat is by getting a new pair of yoga pants, a tank top and hitting the gym! However, if not the gym you can even do it at home. But what you need to do is set a routine, work accordingly and don’t miss your pushup exercise just because you feel lazy. Moreover, consistency is the key to a fit body! So remain consistent and do your exercise pushups religiously and regularly. If someone asks you how to lose belly fat in a week just reply by asking them to do pushups.

3. I Say Vinegar, You Say Yes!

White Vinegar..How to lose fat fast? The answer to this is including vinegar in your meals while cooking. This is a great way to get rid of belly fat because vinegar contains acetic acid which leads to proteins that help in burning down fat that’s stored in the body. Moreover, one should include one or two tbsp. of vinegar as a part of their meals which will conclude in them having a much toned down weight than before.

2. Alcohol? No!

Avoid alcoholHow to lose lower belly fat? A simple answer to this is by not consuming alcohol. Munch all you want but don’t drink hardcore. This is one of the best ways to lose belly fat because alcohol affects the liver and consequently, slows down the body’s fat burning process. Moreover, alcohol even diminishes energy levels and makes the person lethargic, making them feel lazy and they end up not exercising. However,

  • Red wine can be drunk occasionally.
  • Sodas too but only occasionally.
  • But there’s a big no to hard drinks such as alcohol.

1. Don’t Give Up On Your Favorite Food

Chocolate..Something’s have a psychological effect on us, similar is the case with forbidden food. The more you’re asked to stay away from a particular food the more you’d want it. Just as the case with your man crush, if they begin to ignore you and not talk to you then you’ll have a natural urge to talk to them even more. So if you like white chocolates or strawberry smoothies then don’t treat them as they’re forbidden for you, but have a bit or a sip or two of them so that your cravings are happily met. So If you were thinking how to get rid of stomach fat while eating delicious foods, just do this.


  • Get more sleep than usual, at least 8 hours per day.
  • Slow down your breathing and relax your stomach.
  • Increase your Vitamin C intake.
  • Include foods which are rich in fiber in your diet, such as green peas and apples.
  • Drink green tea per day.
  • Cheat once a week.
  • Have a good amount of yoghurt.


  • Avoid salt intake much.
  • Don’t eat white bread.
  • Try not to skip your exercises.
  • Don’t stay up till late.
  • Never skip breakfast.
  • No to deserts.

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