22 Best Low Sodium Foods

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The use of best low sodium foods is essential for your body because in increased amounts, sodihum salt poses great threats to health. It can cause serious complication for heart and the kidneys.

Sodium is a part rather an important or main component of the salt we use. It is commonly known as the rock salt. But it is not rock salt alone that contains sodium; there are many food items that also have it. Many people erroneously think that the common salt pose no harm to our health or has no side or harmful effects when taken more than recommended.

As a matter of fact, excessive salt intake raises your blood pressure hence leading to so many other problems related to heart. It damages your inside of arteries making them fragile and weak. It also causes undesired clotting of blood resulting in blocked blood vessels. However, it is not easy for most of the people to abandon the use of salt in food they take.

Without it, the taste will be totally ruined so here some of the best low sodium foods are listed so that your taste buds don’t get bored while you cut down on your sodium or salt intake.

“Sodium is the basic need of our daily life and is the main ingredient of our daily food. Despite of all this even a little bit of excess of it can be injurious for health. Its use is common; according to recent surveys, it is simply the double than that recommended. It puts human body to many health risks.”

22. Banana Nut Oatmeal


This meal comprises of nuts, bananas, oatmeal and cinnamon, all are low sodium foods. The potassium in bananas will also help you reduce your high blood pressure. This protein packed nourishing breakfast will take you to your lunch easily. The fiber in the breakfast ensures proper functioning of your digestive tract and good digestion. To further enhance the taste you can add milk or butter to your dish as well as both of these not just add to the taste of the dish but also to its nutritional value. Make sure to include these amazing foods in your low sodium diet to live a healthy life.

21. Easy To Make Granola


Granola is a great meal to start a new day and nutritious enough to keep you going till your lunch time. This amalgam of nuts is not only healthy but tasty as well and has low sodium at the same time and the milk makes it even better. This is probably one of the simplest of the low sodium recipes. The right way would be preparing a batch that will last you the whole week on a weekend and it also won’t take any longer than an hour. You should consider the delight that you will have every day in return of an hour you spent on a weekend, not a bad deal. On the other hand this meal is also low cholesterol as well. You can take it with low fat milk to further benefit you.

20. Sunrise Smoothie Parfait


Just imagine what a delicious and nutritious and especially fresh fruit drink you will be getting after a few pulses of the blender. This fruit drink has the goodness of mango, pineapple, coconut, blueberries, acai and agave in it. This nutrient filled drink provides you with fiber, iron, protein and at the same time can be counted among the best low sodium foods.

19. Crispy Potato Hash Browns


A very famous side dish in your usual breakfast! It is one of those low sodium recipes that are little unconventional in cooking.  in This one is cooked in a unique way making it good for your health instead of frying it in the oil. You will use the cooking spray to cook it and you will be doing so on high heat. You need not worry as there will be no change in its taste once you master this new way of cooking. 3 to 4 tries would be enough to make you adept in cooking this best low sodium food. This new and improvised method of cooking not just cuts down on the sodium but on the fats as well as you no longer cook it in the oil.

18. Organic Light Sodium Roasted Pepper And Tomato Soup


A very clever way to substitute the taste of salt by using pepper! Although not the same taste but it sure is very good and is liked by almost everyone. Hide the box after cooking and your guests will be big fans of your cooking skills. Furthermore, you can also experiment with this dish adding one or two ingredients of your liking like spinach or peas or anything that matches with the taste of the soup and you also like it.

17. Pecan And Apple Salad


The fresh fruits and nuts give a very delicious taste and a mouth watering smell when combined together. They not just taste good but are also beneficial and hold so many nutrients in them. Make sure to include them in your regular low sodium diet. Not just that they are also among the best low sodium foods. You get such a diet with such a taste this combination is very unique and rare as well. Once you taste it you will be craving for more.

16. Caldo Tlalpeno


This is a great Mexican dish. In it the chilies replace salt and are provide the reason for its awesome taste hence making it a best low sodium food. This dish is a complete diet. You have got meat with the so important veggies. Such a balanced diet it is. It consists of brown rice, radishes, avocado, cilantro and chicken. This dish is a whole meal in itself. It has got the carbohydrates, fibers, proteins and what not. Along with all this it’s so tasty.

15. Chicken And Fruit Salad


A great summer dish! The fresh fruits juicy chicken breast and the green veggies mingle together to give such an exquisite and fresh taste. Vinegar plays an important role in making this taste. The sweet sour taste is really awesome and the best thing is you can add your favorite fruits to this dish hence taking it to an altogether new level. The best thing is that it would not be taking you any longer than 10 minutes to make this dish. It is one of the simplest but the most delicious low sodium recipes you can find.

14. Chicken In Garlic Vinegar Sauce


Indeed a very good Mediterranean dish low in sodium contents. The secret in its taste is the vinegar and cream that prevents the drying of the chicken while cooking and even after being overcooked it as juicy and soft as before. You can also serve steamed vegetables especially broccoli with it. The best thing about it is that you can either serve it with bread or with rice. A low sodium food dish with an elegant and royal taste!

13. Grilled Sirloin Salads


In the best low sodium foods, it is the main course dish having not just the taste but looks as well. It is a very healthy addition in low sodium diet. Anyone can fall in love with it just by having a look of it, tasting it is another story altogether. This exciting dish has a steak pepper crusted one, grilled vegetables and the dressing of sesame and garlic. This is not just a low sodium food but is also beneficial for people with diabetes, high cholesterol and is high in potassium helping to lower your blood pressure and is also gluten free.

12. Hungarian Beef Goulash


The beef pieces coated in a spicy crust just melt in your mouth releasing such a taste that you are left craving for more and more of it. This spicy and saucy dish is a must taste for everyone out there. Whether served with the egg noodles or with the potato gnocchi it tastes so good that it cannot be described. Along with all this it is heart healthy, low calorie, low cholesterol and what not.

“There is a dire need of cutting down your daily salt intake and save yourself from a number of serious diseases.  The concentration on the best low sodium foods would be the best way to ensure good health and the taste as well which you are used to in your daily food intake.”

11. Maple Chili Glazed Pork Medallions


Simple healthy delicious and quickly made this is a highly recommended recipe for everyone. Even if you are not adept in the culinary arts no need to panic as anyone can easily handle this recipe. This recipe is great for many reasons and can easily be listed with the best low sodium foods. It is really fast, easy, and all of the ingredients are available in your pantry! The flavors are excellent. You can also use chicken instead of pork and then serve with rice pilaf.

10. Okra And Chickpea Tagine


An easy to make yet tasty stew that is low in sodium is filled with the Moroccan flavors and some real strong but nice aroma. You can experiment with this dish according to your own taste. Instead of the bell peppers use it instead and behold an Indian version of this delicacy will be created. It’s a great vegetarian side dish. After boiling the okra, rinse it a few times to get rid of most of the slime. And instead of using kitchen string to tie the cilantro stalks together, just use two of the stalks to tie the rest together. Make sure to learn more low sodium recipes like this to live a healthy life.

9. Peanut Ginger Noodles


This dish is so tasty that you will be left licking your fingers and craving for more. This is super simple and can be substituted with whatever veggies, proteins, and noodles you have lying around. You can also add chicken breast to the dish. You will be finding out that the sauce really compliments the chicken and keeps it juicy as well. Peanut and ginger are really healthy and must be included in your regular low sodium diet.

8. Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken


This dish is made with just few of the main ingredients of your pantry like rice chicken and any sort of fresh veggies and in the last and the most important is the pineapple. You can either take canned or a fresh one. Snow peas taste great with this dish but you can add your favorite one to it if you wish too. Instead of putting rings in the marinade, use crushed pineapples or chunks. Then use Fresh pineapple rings to grill. Marinade for a few hours or overnight for very juicy and tasty chicken. If you don’t have a grill no problem you can use your oven as well. 45 minutes are enough at 375 degrees to cook your meat.

7. Pork Chops With Orange And Fennel Salad


Among the best low sodium foods and with added advantages to it as well like it is  appropriate for people with diabetes or for those who want a low fat and low cholesterol diet and is heart healthy as well. All these above mentioned things heavily depend on how you cook the dish so always beware and keep your health in your mind at all times. This is a wonderful recipe…great flavor combination. The citrus juice makes a tasty sauce for the rice.

6. Salmon With Pepita Lime Butter


It is one of those low sodium recipes that is so delicious. It is so simple to make and the flavors will turn out to be divine! Spoon the Pepita on top of the fish after the sauce so they stay crunchy. You can pair yours with black rice and mixed vegetables. It’s a unique way of cooking the salmon but the results are so yummy. Give it a try and be confident and be sure that everyone would be falling for this dish and the folks will be asking for more of it.

5. Seared Steaks With Caramelized Onions & Gorgonzola


Slicing 2 onions seem excessive, but they cook down a lot and you will end up using almost all of them. The balsamic with the sugar makes such a yummy sauce. Cook the onions in the brown sugar until almost all of the liquid is gone. You can make the steaks in another pan while the onions are cooking to save time. The Gorgonzola cheese is a must and that is also responsible for that heavenly taste yet it still among the best low sodium foods. In the end you will be questioning whether it’s a healthy meal or not but it surely is but does not look so. You will be enjoying a restaurant level dinner and that’s more than enough return for all your hard work and the compliments you will be getting from your family.

4. Spinach Soup With Rosemary Croutons


A healthy tasting soup that has low sodium! Potatoes make it very filling. It is a perfect dish for all the vegetarians out there. You can miss out on the butter if you want to but a little won’t hurt. Rosemary is known to have a very strong flavor but in this dish its flavor does not dominate the dish but you get a distinct taste of every ingredient that you added and always be sure to go for the fresh ingredients not the processed or frozen ones. All these healthy ingredients make it a worthy candidate for low sodium diet.

3. Thai Bouillabaisses


A wonderful seafood soup; it is tasty and altogether safe for your health. This is awesomeness in a bowl and is simple, elegant, and fairly easy to make. The broth is so yummy with all of that ginger and it is also a little spicy. It is a very elegant Thai delicacy and feast for those who love to take foods outside their own culture. Always serve with baguette that is crusty and whole grain as well since health is most important. So make sure to make this seafood dish an important part of your low sodium diet.

2. Butternut & Barley Pilaf


The flavors in this dish are spot on. It is sweet, acidic, and salty. It is one of the simplest low sodium recipes that you can easily make at home. Cook the onion, garlic in oil, add the barley, broth, cover and cook for 20/25 minutes. Then add the squash and recover to finish cooking till barely and squash are soft. Add toasted pine nuts to it and top with soft goat cheese, which really makes the dish better. The most remarkable feature is that it have moderate amount of salt and can be added to your collection of best low sodium foods.

1. Bean & Tomato Salad With Honey Vinaigrette


This is delicious! The flavors and textures are right on. Mix it up a little bit and add some yellow peppers to give it an extra crunch. If you make it one day ahead of time and let the flavors really marinate, it tastes even better. You can also add mozzarella cheese balls to it further enhance the taste of this exquisite salad. Your low sodium diet is incomplete without this healthy and delightful recipe.


On your every trip to the supermarket, make it your habit to read the labels of the food items you buy. With this, you can substitute one food item with one that has low sodium content. Also try to get things fresh instead of the processed ones. As they have preservatives added to them in great quantities and salt is a main ingredient of the preservatives. Try to eat more fruits and vegetables and they should be fresh ones; they are the best low sodium foods. All these things can ensure a healthy and long life for you. A few pains have way too many gains if you think about them.

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