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30 Best Inexpensive Gift For Women

Staying in a budget is really an art. Because with the inflation occurring in our daily life one has to cut down on a lot of items in order to have some savings behind. With this limited budget it is surely difficult to buy some gifts for your lady. But now as we are providing you with a few ideas, you can find it easier and more convenient to buy some inexpensive yet beautiful gifts.

30. Get Her A Pendant

Get her a pendantThere is a lot in market these days in the pendant section. You just need to grab the one of her type. If she likes the real small pendants, then you might get two them for her. But if she likes the big chunky ones then it’s better to just stick to just one.

  • Give her a pendant with the initials of your name engraved on it one side where as hers on the other. She can wear it either ways!
  • Give her a pendant which can open up like a book and you can attach your picture and hers as well inside. She would love it!
  • Or a simple pendant of little sparkling diamantes would also look good.

29. Cell Phone Covers

Cell phone coversWith the advent of new cell phones, there is always different variety of cell phone covers which look amazing in them. Buying a new cell phone is surely very expensive but getting a cover for it is actually very cheap. But it does make the cell phone change its look. So you can buy her these for now if you’re going low on you budget.

  • Buy her a cell phone cover of her favorite cartoon character.
  • Or get her the one studded with the diamantes of her favorite colour.

It’s a sweet gift which is not even expensive and would be useful for her.

28. Key Chains

Key chainsYour girl might not be a big fan of key chains but if you gift her she would never say no to them. It’s not just the keys that holds chain with them, but now key chains are also being hooked up to the zips of the handbags to give a better look.

  • Buying a branded handbag is surely expensive but buying a keychain to hook on to the zip is surely not. So buy her the most beautiful keychain so that she can hook on to her old hand bag to give it a changed look.
  • Or get her a key chain which has little torch attached to it so that it’s always easier for her to turn it on when she’s going down the dark stairs to find her way.

27. A Set Of Bangles/ Bands

A set of bangles bandsYou can always find some cool coloured bangles for her beautiful wrist and gift her.

  • Girls who like bracelets more could also be gifted with a variety of bracelets, some with delicate chains whereas others with thick bands.
  • If your girl likes to wear those gothic themed bands then gift her rather than giving her a set of colorful bangles.

“You should definitely read the list of given inexpensive gift items, if you’re looking for some cheap birthday gifts for her.”

26. Necklace

NecklaceBuy her a beautiful necklace within your budget and put it on her neck when you go out on a dinner. She would feel amazed by this surprise.

  • You can get a long chained necklace for her.
  • Or buy a doubled layered chain.
  • Or a fine short chain for her.

Any of the above will be good enough to make her night special.

25. Nail Art

Nail artIf she likes to paint her nails differently each time then you can surely gift her with this beautiful set.

  • Buy her a kit of nail art for her beautiful nails.
  • If you find that this might get a little expensive, so you can buy her different set of stickers of nail art which would be cheaper yet the same.

24. Novels

NovelsReading her favorite writer could be the best activity for her during her leisure time. So grab on to the latest book by her favorite writer and gift her this weekend, so that she can sit back and relax on a Sunday morning and enjoy it thoroughly.

23. Her Favorite Baking Trays

Her favorite baking traysDoes she love to bake? If she loves then gift her latest set of trays which she wanted to buy for her baking items. Especially when she is doing her home based business of baked food items.

  • If she is tired of her old metallic trays, gift her the glass ones.
  • You can also gift her trays of single serving, if she doesn’t have those.
  • Or stuff for her cup cakes

This would be helpful for her.

22. Her Favorite Flowers

Her favorite flowersThis time if you’re low on your budget on her birthday then go for a nice bunch of flowers, accompanied with a romantic card.

  • If you want the bouquet to be huge then play smart and plug some flowers from your garden while you buy a few from the shop and assemble them together.
  • You can also buy her a red rose with her favorite stuff toy and gift her. This would be a cute yet a cheap birthday gift.

21. A Photo Frame

A photo framePhoto frames are beautiful and so memorable. You can find so many different types and sizes of photo frames and gift her those.

  • You can buy her a photo frame which has a portion of two pictures to insert. And you people can put your pictures together in it.
  • You can even gift her a collage frame, on a special occasion with a print of both of your pictures already framed in it.

The ideas given above could also be used on her birthday.

20. Her Favorite Vocalist

Her favorite vocalistGet your girl the CDs of the latest volume of her favorite vocalist, which she has been waiting for a long time. She will surely feel surprised and have a feeling that she is being cared about her likes and dislikes. So gifting what she loves to listen to is the best thing to give.

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19. A Pair Of Earrings

A pair of earringsIf you are planning to take her out on dinner tonight, then grab a pair of beautiful earrings for her and gift her tonight.

  • If she like the small studs than get her a pair of those.
  • But if she likes to wear the long ones then buy her a pair of those in her favorite color.
  • If you’re very low on a budget than you can also get her the ear cuff, which is worn only on one ear.

18. Get Her The Tickets

Get her the ticketsWell, if you come to know her favorite band is about to perform live then keep yourself updated about that. And surprise her with the tickets of that show. I’m sure it would be one of her greatest nights!

17. Her Favorite Chocolates

Her Favorite ChocolatesShe loves chocolates, doesn’t she? So why not gift her favorite chocolate and let her enjoy them all. Chocolates are a sweet gesture to show care for your loved one.

  • Give her a huge bar of her favorite dark chocolate on a cold winter night.
  • Or gift her small basket of mini bars, so that she can munch them during her office hours.

16. Lovely Cushions

Lovely cushionsNow a days, a different variety of cushions are available. They are even customized. If you do not feel like gifting her the plain ones than you can definitely go for the customized ones. They are available not only in amazing variety of colours but also in different variety of shapes and sizes.

  • A simple heart shaped cushion with a one liner written on it could be sweet to gift her.
  • You can also gift her a customized cushion which can ca have a picture of hers printed on it.
  • You can also gift her a cushion on which you can stick some beads yourself and make it special for her.

15. A Shawl

A shawlWhen winter are just round the corner and you wish to gift her something good. So, keeping yourself in a budget while planning to gift her good stuff is no big deal. As you can

  • Gift her a shawl of a solid colour.
  • Or pick a shawl for her and do some art work on it and make it special for her.

14. Customized Mugs

Customized mugsThe market is full of amazing variety of different mugs. Be it coffee mugs or tea cups, a variety is found for both. But nowadays, it has become even easier to have what you exactly like, because of the customization trend,

  • You get her name printed on it.
  • Or you can have a memorable picture printed.
  • You can also go for a very lovely quote that you want to say it to her.

13. A Wrist Watch

A wrist watchGift her a wrist watch this time. She might not be a wrist watch type of person but if you think she would love to wear it always on her something gifted by you, then surely you must go for it.

  • It might become more special for her if you gift her a wrist watch with a lovely card attached to it written with a touchy quote.
  • She might even love it even if you don’t attach a card and say it yourself, anything emotional like ‘every time you look at this to check time just remember with each second passing I’ll love you more’.

This idea would be actually very special for her.

12. A Beautiful Vase

A beautiful vaseYou might have been gifting her so many different flowers. But this time keep those flowers in a little vase on her work station before she comes in. And this will make her smile this morning even more.

  • You could even get her a bigger and a fancy vase for her drawing rom.
  • Or a pair of medium sized vase for her side tables in her room.

This could be even gifted to her on her birthday as well.

11. Lip Colours For Her

Lip colours for her‘A girl should be happy in her own skin, that, or a red lip colour.’ This is a very famous quote for girls. So now, you know what to buy. If you’re confused amongst various different colours than just go for a hot red! This is what she would love to have!

“Find what she loves and you have been missing on that one to gift her. Read to know the exciting and inexpensive gift for her here.”

10. A Diary

a diaryGirls often love to like diaries. They like to capture the moments in their own words and with their own imaginations. So, your girl could be needing one as well. Get this as a present for and make her smile.

9. If She Loves To Paint

If she loves to paintYou know it what to gift her if she is an artsy person. Like a book lover likes to be gifted with books, similarly the one who loves to paint likes to be gifted with their relative stuff.

  • Get her the latest set of paint brushes, which she is wanting to buy since a long while.
  • Or get her the canvas material on which she loves to paint.
  • Or may be her favorite brand of paints would be god enough to cheer her up.

Gifting her something that she loves to do, would make her realize the extent of care you have for her.

8. An Appointment With Her Favorite Hairstylist

An appointment with her favorite hairstylistHelp her have a changed look for summers. Book an appointment with her favorite hairstylist and pay for her cut. She would feel joyful and glad with this little and thoughtful effort of yours.

7. Head Phones Of Her Favorite Brand

Head phones of her favorite brandIs your lady a music lover and loves to hear clear and loud music? So, here is an option for you to gift her something of her likeness. Get her the headphones of the finest quality. Might as well you would have to search the market for the coolest ones but it would be worth giving it to her.

6. A Trip To Spa

A trip to spaNo girl would say no to a relaxing spa moment. She would love to go and get herself pampered. So why not treat her with this and let her enjoy the Sunday this weekend.

  • Pay for hot stone massage
  • Or maybe a soothing foot massage
  • Or nice aromatherapy.

5. A Scrap Book

A scrap bookWrite for her, create for her and she would love you more in return. Make a lovely little scrap book containing emotions and memories. Nothing more could be special and important than cherishing the memories and expressing the feelings to your loved one. So, start working on a scrap book from now only and make a beautiful one for her.

4. A Perfume

A perfumeI think perfumes are a formal gift so they could be gifted on a birthday, or on your wedding anniversary.

  • She surely must be having one of her favorite perfumes, so why not get it for her
  • You can also gift her a new arrival this time, just for a lovely little change.

3. Wind Chimes

Wind chimesWind chimes sound beautiful when they produce their sweet little rhyme as the wind blows.

  • You can just go and hand them, and when they will make a sound she would turn around to see what is it. This might be a sweet little surprise for her.
  • Or you can just gift them wrapped in a beautiful gift paper.

2. Cup Cakes

cup cakesGirls love cup cakes! They just do. So maybe if you know that she is upset you can make her smile with her favorite red velvet cupcakes or maybe some yumilicious dark chocolate cup cakes.

  • Surprise her on long day with smiley little cup cake
  • Or get them made on an order for her birthday

They are sure to be loved by her.

1. A Cook Book

A cook bookIf she loves to try new recipes than gift her cook book to cook some yummy food. You might as well give her a baking book too if she is one of those persons who loves baking and cooking simultaneously.

Helpful Tips

Some helpful tips that might be useful to you are as follows

  • Giving a gift that she needs rather than that of just a material value would be more meaningful to her.
  • If she is going through a depressed state gift her bright colours.
  • Or pleasant smelling flowers or perfumes.

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