25 Best Home Remedies For Enlarged Prostate

Are you facing any difficulty in sleeping? Or are you experiencing the state of restlessness during your sleep? Then these are the symptoms you should not ignore because they could be the sign of some problem that you could be going through.

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The issue of enlarged prostate is getting common in men day by day. Usually, this problem starts at the age of 50-60 years and if ignored it could become a real issue. Almost 90% of the men who are above the age of 80 years are expected to have this issue. In medical term, this problem is referred as Benign Prostate Hyperplasia or BPH. Although this disease is getting real common and the number of men facing the issue is rising day-by-day but still the reasons behind the issues are unidentified and because of this no proper precautionary measures could be suggested. Few pieces of research have shown that in most men it actually starts appearing at puberty and even at the age of 25 some men could stick with the disease for the lifetime. But generally the symptoms of the disease are found common among the men of 40 years or above. There are certain home remedies that are found to be useful for enlarged prostate treatment but before going for any of it be sure of the enlarged prostate symptoms and causes. You should only follow the remedies after knowing the complete details about the disease.


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The first and foremost thing to know before getting information about the cure and precautions is to know the basics of the disease. The basic thing that is the reason of the whole issue is the prostate. The below-mentioned diagram would surely help you to better understand the whole process and the function of this gland in particular.

  • It is a walnut-shaped gland that is present in the reproductive system of men. The reproduction system of the man starts with the bladder and then moves to the prostate. After prostate, the next part is urethra which collects all the body waste and finally the penis through which the whole waste of the body gets excreted.
  • The prostate gland, that is present at the end of the bladder and at the start of urethra, carries all the fluids.
  • Prostate collect the fluid from the bladder and then pass the fluids to the urethra which in turn passes that fluid out through the penis.
  • This is the whole working system of the prostate.
  • Few researches that have been done in the domain have shown that if the testicles producing sperm in men are removed than the enlargement of the prostate could be prevented.
  • In the light of scientific research, it could be said that through their life men not only produce male hormones but also the female hormones.
  • As the time passes, the amount of male hormone in the body starts decreasing whereas the female hormones start increasing.
  • Scientists believe that because of the increased amount of female hormones in the body, the prostate starts becoming enlarge.
  • It is considered to be one of the many reasons of prostate enlargement.

The chances of occurrence of the disease are higher among those above the age of 40. It could be hereditary or because of the lack of taking exercise daily. Sometimes the symptoms cannot be recognized by men and starts confusing it with other diseases and, therefore, the disease spread.

  • The bladder generally opens only when men urinate. But those who are unaware of the fact start taking medicine for this situation that greatly affects the functionality of the bladder.
  • Because of the enlarged prostate the bladder gets contracted and prevents the urine to take the waste out of the body.

Enlarged Prostate Symptoms

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To get the treatment at the early stage, it is very important that one should be aware of the enlarged prostate symptoms and he should immediately get alert as they appear. Some of the common symptoms of the disease are as follows:

  • Pain during or after urination
  • Frequent urination at least 10 or more times a day
  • Unable to control urination
  • Bad odor of urine
  • Change in the color of urine

These are some common enlarged prostate symptoms that could be found in the men with enlarged prostate. But at the early stage sometimes no signs of the disease appear at all. One should not only wait until the blockage starts appearing. In some cases, even the minor enlargement could result into the extreme blockage. Similarly, there are possibilities that even after the enlargement of prostate no symptoms appear at all. So just relying on the appearance of intense symptoms or blockage could not be considered as a base for getting yourself checked by a doctor.

Enlarged Prostate Treatment

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  • Although this disease is getting more and more common but it is curable as well. So, if you develop the disease, instead of getting worried consult with a doctor immediately.
  • The time of the treatment is not fixed. Also, the procedure is not the same for all patients as it all depends on the extent of damage caused by the disease.
  • If you are facing any issues or any unusual symptoms appear immediately consult the doctor and get yourself checked before the condition get any more serious. If any of the above-mentioned signs appear and you face any issues while sleeping then it surely is a matter of concern and should not be ignored.
  • If specifically you face any kind of blockage during urination, then you should seek some doctor’s advice as this is not usual. If not for prostate enlargement it could be the sign for any other disease. So, in any case a thorough check is certainly required. And in case it is a symbol that you are facing prostate enlargement then immediate action should be taken and the medication should be started. The sooner the identification, the better it is for quick treatment.
  • If timely diagnosed, the treatment for this disease would be really easy as few medicines and a slight change in everyday routine would be required but in some cases your doctor could recommend a surgery but the procedure of treatment solely depends upon the extent of damage caused by the disease and the time passed. At times, the medication and surgery are not affordable by everyone. Everyone is not capable to pay for the medical expenses in which he can contact the doctor for any kind of concession etc.
  • The other best way to cure the Enlarged prostate disease is by applying some homemade remedies. It is not only affordable but is also efficient in curing the disease. Home remedies are also advised by doctors in most cases as in this case these are better than the allopathic way of treatment and are also free from any side effects.
  • The ingredients used in these remedies are easy to find and affordable and yet could be used for longer period of time without any side effect thus curing the disease by removing the root cause of it as well as the symptoms. So here are some wonderful tips that could be used at home and would surely prove very effective for the cure of disease.

“Curing BPH is not difficult. Only proper treatment and home remedies could help to get the desired results. Men cannot avoid this disease, but precautionary measures could prolong the time before the disease appears. Take proper diet and eat fresh fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of fresh water. Take great care of personal hygiene as well.”

25. Limit Beverages In The Evening

Limit Beverages In The EveningToo much water or other drinks should be avoided before going to bed.

  • Drinking a lot of water before sleeping could disturb the sleep as would cause need to go to washroom repeatedly.

24. Limit Caffeine And Alcohol

Avoid alcoholThe urine production could be increased by taking a large amount of caffeine every day. This would not only cause the urinary issues but would also worsen the situation in case you have enlarged prostate.

23. Avoid Taking Drugs

AcetaminophenIn any case, drugs are very injurious to health. Consuming drugs especially in case you have the issue of the prostate would even make the treatment difficult.

  • Drugs have some ingredients in them that cause the tightening of bands around the muscle. Thus, making it difficult to urinate, increasing the chances of diseases.

22. Use The Washroom As Soon As The First Urge Rises

Use The Washroom As Soon As The First Urge RisesAvoid controlling the timings for urination. In other case, it would create problems besides the prostate issue.

  • Trying to extend the time for using the washroom should be avoided.

21. Schedule Bathroom Visits

Schedule Bathroom VisitsWashroom should be visited on regular basis e.g. after every four hours or as per your needs. This would keep the bladder relaxed and save it from over stretching.

  • In case you feel urgent need to visit the washroom, then do not hesitate and do not try to stop yourself from urination. It could cause many problems with the bladder.

20. Take Healthy Diet

Eat healthy fatsThe diet plan of yours really matter and defines your living style hence defining the extent of risk of catching the diseases. Eating healthy diet and avoiding unhealthy diet is one of the most important enlarged prostate treatment.

  • Watch your eating habits.
  • Do not eat too much that could cause obesity which is one of the major reasons of enlarge prostate.
  • Always eat moderate and fresh and healthy food.

19. Stay Active

Keeps You ActiveAlways keep yourself busy and active. The long periods of inactivity may cause a delay in the urine flow that in return could result in different kinds of problems. Regular exercise is an effective way of enlarged prostate treatment.

Taking the small regular exercise of about 15 to 20 minutes daily could save you from many diseases and also helps you to control the issue of enlarge prostate. Thus, taking exercise daily is one healthy way to cure the disease effectively and quickly.

18. Urinate

UrinateThe inflow of the urine can be increased by proper urination and the technique is known as double voiding.

17. Keep Yourself  Warm

Keep yourself warmCold temperature is a usual cause of increased urination so it is better to keep yourself warm and cozy.

16. Palm Tree

palm treeThe seed of palm tree has been proved to be helpful in curing the large prostate as it has some ingredients that according to researchers has proven to be useful. So make sure to use it as an effective enlarged prostate treatment.

15. Pygeum

PygeumAnother helpful remedy for curing enlarged prostate is Pygeum which is extracted from African palm tree.

  • There are not many pieces of evidence that could prove the role of Pygeum in treating the issue of the enlarged prostate but in some researches it has proven to be useful in controlling the flow of urine.
  • Being an herbal medication, it is expected to be safe and free from side effects but could cause stomach problems in some cases.

14. Rye Grass Pollen Extract

Rye Grass Pollen ExtractThis herb has been proved to be useful in controlling the amount of urine making it less frequent to use the washroom.

The smaller the amount of urine left in the bladder, the better it is to minimize the chances of prostate enlargement.

13. Foods That You Should Eat

EAT FRUITSThe best food to eat to not only avoid the enlarged prostate problem but to also cure it is by eating fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamin C and Zinc.

12. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar ...6Besides treating enlarge prostate, apple cider vinegar has many other advantages. So adding a small amount of it in your daily eating routine would save you from many troubles. Just try these simple DIY solutions and see the amazing results.

  • Mix a tablespoon of vinegar in water and drink it early morning with empty stomach. You will certainly feel the difference within three hours.
  • Drinking a teaspoon of honey mixed in fresh water would also keep the bladder clean by increasing urination that would take wastes out of your body.

11. Qi Gong

Qi GongIt is considered to be an effective muscle relaxing exercise that involves deep breathing. The improved blood circulation, as a result of Qi Gong, would cause the muscles to get relaxed. It certainly is an easy and effective technique.

10. Blackstrap Molasses

Black Molasses StrapOne of the easiest and simplest ways to relieve pain and to treat the enlarged prostate is by drinking three tablespoons of blackstrap molasses and one tablespoon of milk mixed in hot water.

9. Be Relaxed

Follow Yoga breathing techniquesJust stay calm and relax and if you do not know how to do it then learn. Try taking some relaxing exercises or listening to some peaceful music .

8. Do Not Drink Cold Water

COLD WATERIf you drink too much cold water, stop it immediately as it could be dangerous in such situations. But eating plenty of fresh water can prove to be useful as it would keep the bladder clean and provide comfort in enlarged prostate problem.

7. Hot Bath

hot bathGet yourself soaked in hot or warm water for about 20 minutes. This technique would prove to be beneficial in speeding the healing process.

  • But do not keep on doing this process for more than 20 minutes as it can cause problems related to sperms and fertility.

6. Avoid Sitting For Long

Avoid sitting for longWhile sitting men usually sit on their prostate that could cause them to get enlarged. So avoid sitting for a very long period of time.

5. Pumpkin Seeds

pumpkin seedsThe high amount of unsaturated fatty acids present in the pumpkin seeds is very helpful in relieving pain and helps in curing the disease.

4. Tomatoes

TOMATO.....Being rich in lycopene, using tomatoes and tomato made products like pasta and pizzas etc. could prove to be an effective home remedy.

  • Tomatoes have also proved to be a strong anti-cancer food.
  • It could reduce the pain and help in healing process.

3. Garlic

garlic...Natural supplements enrich with zinc and essential vitamins could be used. Garlic and goldenseal are also very helpful in enlarged prostate treatment.

  • Mix two tablespoons of garlic and one teaspoon of honey in Luke warm water.
  • After five minutes when it is completely dissolved, drink it.
  • For the best results use it twice a day i.e. before going to bed and before taking breakfast.

2. Corn Water

Corn WaterTake fresh corn and boil it in hot water. It’s an effective remedy if you’re feeling enlarged prostate symptoms.

  • Now let it cool and strain it.
  • Use this water three times a week.
  • You will surely see positive results.

1. Increase Intake Of Fish

fish..Fish has many important vitamins that are very useful for the body.

  • Try eating fish twice a month and it would be effective in treating this disease besides many others.


  • Keep yourself relaxed and follow these home remedies.
  • Consult your physician immediately in case any symptoms appear.
  • If any of home remedy is causing any irritation stop using it at once.


  • Do not sit for longer time
  • Avoid overeating
  • Do not ignore the changes in your body.



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