Five Must-read Best Fitness Blogs Of The Year 2014

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Who doesn’t understand the benefits of best fitness blogs? Our busy lives are getting busier and in this hustle and bustle of life, we tend to forget about keeping our body shape fit. Rarely do we step outside the balance and observe our physical strength. We may have time for surfing on net for hours looking for Ryan Gosling memes , hilarious Miley Cyrus’s outfits and Gaga’s gaga-ness ( if you know what I’m talking about ) , we never poke our noses into these lively best fitness blogs. Know that web is a force you can harness for fitness and weight-loss gains, whether it’s tweeting about your developing six-pack goals or posting your weight loss percentage on Facebook. Unbelievably, recently a research carried out in University of South Carolina proved that tweeting your fitness goals may help you lose weight!!

So there’s a whole group out there waiting to share their wise knowledge with you. The best fitness bloggers are your personal guides as Paulo Coelho, author of The Alchemist calls it. Here are your best fitness blogs (personal guides) that you must follow to keep your health life updated about fitness wisdom!

1. Fitness on Toast by Faya Nilsson

Fitness on Toast by Faya Nilsson

Faya is a Swedish personal trainer in London with an interest in nutrition and fashion and her fitness blogs put her passions to test. She blogs about the fitness tips that fuel up your enthusiasm and mixes it up with an interesting and tasty advice on nutritional dishes as well. Her high quality photographs show how sincere and committed she is in helping improving the lives of others. In her words “ I wanted Fitness on Toast to be an unbiased , honest , organic view on fitness , nutrition and fashion-all in one single , friendly and accessible place. “


2. Fitness Food & Style By Dani Stevenson

Fitness Food Style By Dani Stevenson

A pure definition of a super mum, she has four children under eight and can proudly say that she possesses an active lifestyle. The main purpose of her fitness blogs is to keep it real and share doable tips for making health and fitness a priority for busy mums. She hosts monthly challenges to keep followers motivated and posts weekly success stories of people who managed to achieve weight loss to keep the fire in her followers burning up. Her social media following (118k followers on Instagram alone) proves the quality of her best fitness blog. “It is exciting to see the real impact that my amazing followers have with the brand partners that I trust. I only work with people who like me are focused on fitness, food & style to ensure our families are living well & loving life.” Says Dani.


3. Live Hard by Joel Snape

Live Hard by Joel Snape

Joel believes strictly that “Because you get one go with it”, you should party hard and live your life the way you should. He is using his blog to prove how easy it can be to get more out of life.” My interests are quite varied, so it’s about connections between often very different fields that more specialized people might miss”, says Joel.” Say, the similarities between dead lifting and trying to write a novel or how making the perfect Sunday roast is quite similar to learning to play guitar really, really well”.

Motivation is a key element in our fitness enthusiasm. If the motivation to stay in shape dies away, fitness interest can never be gained unless you get your grit lighted up again either by fitness blogs or by some motivational guru. That’s where Joel comes into play. His fitness blogs are for those people who are still trying to figure out the purpose of their life and the notion of boring life keeps hovering on their minds. Joel has trained with Shaolin Monks, Thai boxers in Phuket, break-dancers in Tokyo and BJJ black belts in Rio de Janeiro. His life is itself a real motivation. He’s good at bouldering, snowboarding, skiing surfing, swing-dancing, gymnastics and Capoeira and he loves it. By reading his posts, one is surprised on how to be the best you can be without sacrificing any of the things that you love. Joel explains “‘I’m trying to get across the idea that all your goals can actually tie together. ‘Work hard, play hard, party hard – live hard.


4. GregPlitt Site by Greg Plitt

GregPlitt Site by Greg Plitt

The undisputed America’s No.1 male fitness model appeared on the cover of at least one magazine every month for the last four and half years. He has won the 2009 Star Physique Award for Best Male Physique of TV and Men’s Fitness magazine named Greg one of America’s 25 Fittest Americans alongside Lance Armstrong. His video fitness blogs are inspirational and full of fire and energy which can get your depressed mood swing turn to lively happy mood. Greg has graduated from West Point U.S. Military Academy and served as an Army Ranger as well as a captain and company commander of 184 U.S. soldiers. May be that’s the reason his workouts are intense and are of ’ military’ nature. His words are full of wisdom and intellect. “I would say the goal in life is not to never make a mistake, but rather to identify one’s mistakes and proceed in life without repeating them” says Greg.” I guess sometimes you have to step away from one’s problems to really understand them and in order to be able to see the problem so you can apply a means to fix them”.


5. iRunner blog by Scott Miles

iRunner blog by Scott Miles

Scott Miles decided to run a marathon in New York City in fall 2007. To him running always seemed like a punishment. He took the challenge head on and started training for the marathon. He shared his training on his fitness blogs which soon grew into the biggest subscribed fitness blogs. His incredible best fitness blog has been the resource for runners of all levels and contains loads of knowledge and advice for people from all walks of life. Having completed 50+ races in different nations, his blog is worth a look!


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