20 Best Cheap Vintage Dresses 2015

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True fashion never grows old and cheap vintage dresses 2015 fashion is a testament to this fact. Whether it is a style from 1940 or the 80s, fashion that really sets itself becomes immortal. From time to time, it might fade out but not for long, as it resurfaces with even more appeal and people are always looking to have them. Vintage style is the same thing. Bringing back fashion from another time and making it not only acceptable but the new is called vintage fashion. This list will give you the best cheap vintage dresses to work with. You will definitely enjoy having them in your closet as they will not only give you a great choice to choose from but dresses which will always come in handy.

20. Long vintage dress with jewelled beads and side split

Long vintage dress with jewelled beads and side splitThis is one of those vintage dresses which do not go out of fashion despite being old. It might have to do with something that the style is simply irresistible and goes well on all women. It is a must have in cheap vintage dresses fashion and is a very well defined expression of showing excellent taste in vintage dresses. The ripped side split gives a complete vintage look, making it a truly golden vintage dress to add to your collection. It is a matchless dress which is more suited to formal and casual gatherings with friends. It also comes within the average budget and this style is relatively common, so it is available in most vintage stores.

19. One shoulder strap vintage dress with deep back

One shoulder strap vintage dress with deep back This dress has a single shoulder strap which gives both a daring as well as chic look. Combined with the vintage look, it becomes an excellent combination. It is not only super feminine but extra comfortable dress as well and is the best option to wear on casual as well as normal routine functions. It suits women with a fit physique exceptionally well. With so many merits, it remains the best pick in the cheap vintage dresses that you can easily afford with a limited budget. The vintage style along with its excellent detail will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd and keep the attention on you.

18. Elegant style Polka dot print sleeveless round collar wide hem

Elegant style Polka dot print sleeveless round collar wide hemIt is one for those fine designs that never get old, especially when worn with sleeveless option. With polka dot print, round collar and wide hem, this dress is one which can be worn on almost on all occasions and is both casual and comfortable. It is well within budget of all people and it is an excellent choice, one which must be present in your wardrobe at all times. Polka dot print never dies out completely; it just comes back in one form or the other.

17. Long sleeveless vintage dress with split side, deep neckline and floral print

Long sleeveless vintage dress with split side, deep neckline and floral printThe floral print on vintage dresses is common one but this one really catches the eye with its light colours and is an excellent choice to rock this summer. There are various options available in this cheap vintage dress. The sleeveless and a side split will keep you comfortable whereas its deep neckline makes it aligned with every twist of fashion. It is sure to bring you that very sweet image which you hope to find in any excellent outfit.

Vintage dresses are the kind of dresses which never go out of fashion. Having them in your wardrobe is always a safe bet to be sure that you always have something to match with the latest fashion.

16. Soft satin gown with silver rectangles and single shoulder strap and tight waist

Soft satin gown with silver rectangles and single shoulder strap and tight waistThis vintage dress is an excellent choice to wear to proms and on other formal and semi-formal occasions. It is made in line with one of the most prevalent fashion trends and boasts an inspirational design. The most remarkable thing in this outfit is its soft and flowing chiffon fabric that lets you feel comfortable in movement. Moreover, in red colour especially, this outfit makes the ladies shine and imparts an inspiring colour to rock.

15. Strapless vintage dress with wavy design

Strapless vintage dress with wavy designThis is an excellent example of cheap vintage dresses that are within the budget of almost all women. It looks great on physically fit women. It is stylish with its strapless front open slit and design helping you to be illuminated with a chic and glamorous look. This is the type of vintage dress which depends on colour scheme. Black colour shows a somewhat reserved yet interesting character and white gives off a lovely inviting and friendly impression. The neckline has been beautifully made which makes it a spot on dress to keep in your collection.

14. Floral long vintage dress complete with heart neckline

Floral long vintage dress complete with heart necklineHaving a very feminine touch to it, this dress is excellent to wear on gallant occasions and where a display of fashion sense is a must. It is made out of chiffon and the long length of this elegant vintage dress makes it very suited to formal occasions. It has excellent detailing and is tailored well to the female physique. This one is a little over the budget but is still a piece worthy to be added to the list of cheap vintage dresses. It is a simply stunning and just a little over the price tag but worth every penny.

13. Chiffon vintage dress with criss cross open back, spaghetti straps and long length

Chiffon vintage dress with criss cross open back, spaghetti straps and long lengthThis long vintage dress is one which suits prom night very well and is a dress worthy of wearing on formal and non-formal occasions. Formal occasions such as high tea, formal visits and going out to expensive places can be a burden without the right dress. This chiffon dress with open back is your saviour in such situations, albeit you are willing to pay some more money for it. Both the design and finishing on this dress is amazing and this dress truly is a sight to behold. The chiffon silk fabric combined with flowing long length and criss cross back make this dress a good choice to wear to such places. In vintages dresses, this one will prove to be a safe option as it is one which does not go out of style.

12. Long vintage dress with ruched bodice and beautiful heart neckline

Long vintage dress with ruched bodice and beautiful heart necklineThis long prom dress is unique in its own aspects because its cutting, shaping, working and fitting is very different from traditional vintages dresses. It has a very appealing floral design on the bodice which adds an appealing pretty look to the overall dress. This dress will separate your fashion sense from the rest of the ladies dresses because of its different fashion design and beauty in its simplicity. It is a long dress well suited to not only prom but events such as weddings, cocktail parties, evening formal wear and many others. It is a sweet, lovely dress which captures the gaze of onlookers and gives the wearer a subtle yet noticeable attention.

11. Cheap Vintage dress with halter neck

Cheap Vintage dress with halter neckThis vintage dress works just as well as a great prom dress and you will not once regret purchasing it. It comes with just as adjustable price tag so you don’t have to worry about your budget. Just one look will capture your curiosity and trying it once will get your attention. For the cheap vintage dresses fashion, it is featured in many a catalogue, making it the top trendy fashionable of prom dresses and hence many ladies are gravitated towards its charm, and rightfully so. It rocks fantastically on the body and with that it combines both fashion and comfort, making it an ideal choice for long prom events where timing and staying glamorous from start to finish is necessary. Quality materials go into the making of this dress so its quality is something to be assured of. It also has the built in bra which allows the ladies to remain content and easy. This dress clearly shows good detail and thinking that has been put in its designing, so choosing it is an ideal choice.

From the choice of vintage dresses given here, you can always experiment on your own and come up with to make your own fashion statements. They are matchless in displaying worth-appreciating fashion savvy and present yourself like your favourite celebrity.

10. Bouquet basket cheap vintage dress

Bouquet basket cheap vintage dressLooking for an overall dress that you can wear to both casual and formal occasions without looking like you made a mistake? Then this is what you are searching for. It can also be worn as normal wear, which makes it a safe bet when you simply cannot make up your mind. It has a floral pattern on it with black backdrop and red and pink flowers. It has somewhat a deep, curved neckline along with very short sleeves. This is an excellent option in cheap vintage dresses fashion and is one you should definitely buy. It however does come with a certain limitation to physique; ladies who pack a little extra weight won’t look well in this vintage dress.

9. Aquarelle belle vintage dress

Aquarelle belle vintage dressYour sight will be affixed to this chic dress from the moment you see it. It has a soothing effect on the eye and is very comfortable to wear. It has a light pink backdrop and floral design on it. It has spaghetti straps and red, pink, yellow and indigo flower design on it. The dress expands at the bottom like a frock so it is an easy wear. An excellent choice in vintage dresses for ladies who pack a little extra weight and are plus size!

8. Piano lounge panache vintage dress

Piano lounge panache vintage dressBeing a formal vintage dress, this piano lounge panache fashion will always be there in your closet to come to your aid when you need to look formal and classy and either attend or visit. These kinds of fashions never go out of entirely and always resurface from time to time with moderate changes but the appeal to the dress remains the same. It is a pretty simple black and white formal dress with spaghetti shoulder straps and has length to the thighs. It is a great dress to wear and visit someone for an informal stopover and just as good when you are playing the host.

7. Pleated blue retro vintage dress

Pleated blue retro vintage dressBeing both cute and great to get matching accessories with, this option in cheap vintage dresses is truly one to keep near as it comes in handy quite a lot. This vintage dress comes in different colours but is most suited in light blue. This dress goes great with a small waist belt and is a good choice to wear with friends or when going out on a date.

6. Vintage 70s Boho crochet dress

Vintage 70s Boho crochet dressLooking for a dress to show your deep sense in fashion and that you are willing to show that old fashion never really dies? Then this vintage crochet dress is just the thing to choose to wear. This vintage dress will keep your fashion sense clear and make a bold fashion statement that you are not afraid to bring back the oldies. This dress comes easily within most budgets and also comes in many different styles, making it available to many different stores and easy to buy.

5. Printed vintage dress with boho tassels

Printed vintage dress with boho tasselsThis is a retro cheap vintage dress fashion which is looking towards resurgence in changing trends in vintage dresses. They are classy 80s fashion which looks snazzy and proves the oldies are goldies. It is a casual vintage dress which can be worn when simply taking a stroll and rocks just as good when going on an informal visit. It has a nice print design on it along with colour scheme which makes it attractive.

4. Cut-Out V-Neck detail dolman sleeves vintage dress with belt

Cut-Out V-Neck detail dolman sleeves vintage dress with beltThis outfit is a stylish choice in cheap vintage dresses to make when going to formal parties or such events. It has a somewhat decent and moderate look to it and gives a sophisticated sense of fashion. This vintage dress was common in the early 90s and is now looking towards a resurgence which will make owning this dress already handy.

3. Satin vintage dress with lace up back

Satin vintage dress with lace up backVintage dresses that look just as splashy as they are from one time of fashion to the other are rare to come by, but this dress with its pleated bust and deep neck is just the thing to keep near when needing to go to a party occasion. The satin dress with long length and deep neck is a daring look to rock and suits women who are well in shape. The dress is well designed, tailored and has a very well cut waist. It stunning beauty will augment your own and make you the star of the night and the focus of everyone’s attention. If you are looking to woo someone while wearing this dress, don’t be shy and play your game.

2. Full chiffon vintage dress combined with satin bodice

Full chiffon vintage dress combined with satin bodicePicking a dress to wear on a special occasion is a challenging task and finding one within appropriate price range and fashion is a burden. The cheap vintage dresses are the solution to that problem as it is the perfect dress to wear to such events. This unique vintage costume befits the female physique like a glove and the detailed work done on it makes it a lovely choice. Pairing this vintage dress with a decent pair of pumps or heels will do the trick nicely and keep your fashion sense intact and you the star of the event. These sorts of dresses are also coming back into fashion and having one right now in your closet is a safe bet to predict the coming fashion trends.

1. Sheer black cheap vintage dress

Sheer black cheap vintage dressWhen looking for daring classics that are still considered radical to date, the sheer black vintage dress is a good example in vintage dresses you must keep in your wardrobe at all times. It is a semi-transparent sleeveless dress with heavy turtle neck and black in colour. This vintage dress also comes within budget and is equally stunning to wear for women. Use the striking effect of this dress to draw attention towards yourself and steal the limelight of the event.


Cheap vintage dresses give you an ample opportunity to choose between different outfits and make new choices. They are the best options particularly when all others are going out following the new fashion trends. Moreover, the most remarkable thing about them is that vintage dresses provide you a great way to express that true fashion that never dies but simply evolves. The key to having fashion sense is not to follow what has been set before but to make use of what is at hand and make your fashion. This list of cheap vintage dresses 2015 fashion will give you just that.

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