30 Best Alkaline Foods To Remember On Finger Tips

This list of the best alkaline foods will certainly help you bring yourself to a healthy diet. Alkaline foods are important for a vibrant health as they are elementary in maintaining pH of the blood and healthy internal environment.

It is important to have more alkaline foods and less acidic edibles on your food plan for a healthy life. Acidity can have long lasting effect on the blood pH, and it can weaken the body’s immune system. To prevent that from happening, you should consume a normal diet of 60-80 percent alkaline foods. This will keep you from the harms of pH imbalance and you will be able to tackle most of the nutrition related issues easily. This list has all the best alkaline foods worth giving a try. You can find most of them at your local shopping store!

“For a diet that is low on acidity the first choice is always Greens and fruits of all different types. Most of the items on this list, you can find in your local shopping store. Not only is it important for you to start consuming more alkaline foods but it is equally essential to cut down all your acidic food consumption.”

30. Garlic


Among the top of the list of best alkaline foods comes garlic. This miracle food guarantees overall health and protects the body from different diseases. It has tremendous ability to keep heart functions in order as well as to promote immunity. It is best for people who have problems regarding high blood pressure. As alkaline foods naturally have lower calories, so it is also helpful for people who want to lose their weight.

29. Almonds


They are alkaline and healthier at the same time. Apart from maintaining the pH of the body, it assists to deal with muscle related problems. It can be considered as a treat for those who want to lose their fat in order to look smart. It is also a rich source of protein, calcium and iron. Almonds with all of its nutritious benefits must be taken in a balance.

28. Lemon


Lemon is one of the best alkaline foods that give instant relief to someone suffering from acidity. Likewise it is best to take during cold and flu. Lemonade is the ideal drink to take in summers as it has all the ability to protect the body from heat stroke. Lemon stimulates the detoxification process as well as good for liver. Lemon is equally good for skin so whether consumed or applied, best serves the purpose.

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27. Asparagus


Asparagus is one of the loaded food in terms of alkalinity. Full of vitamins like vitamin A and C, it best serves the function of detoxification. The awesome thing about asparagus is its anti-aging properties which makes it quite popular among women. It also contains a considerable amount of iron.

26. Capsicum


Capsicum is the magical alkaline food and efficiently plays in protecting body from the bacterial attack and other illnesses. Actually it is loaded with vitamin A, which performs the guarding role against stress and diseases. It remains delicious whether cooked or used as salad.

25. Basil


Basil though is not eaten as such but it is a wonderful herb used to add spice in foods. Apart from keeping you on alkaline levels, it contains a great amount of flavonoids. Flavonoids in leaves of basil help in healing. It also contains a substantial amount of vitamins and calcium. This herb is commonly used in Asian foods.

24. Broccoli


Broccoli is exemplary healthy vegetable that is rated also as one of the best alkaline foods. Broccoli though requires little hard work to take it to the eatable form, but the thing which is so full of nutrients and healthy ingredients that little hard work is quite fine. Nutritionists advise to consume this wonderful vegetable 3-4 times per week.

23. Carrot


Good in taste and radiant in appearance, carrot is the magnificent alkaline food. Apart from its alkalinity factor, it has bundles of healthy ingredients in it. Filled with vitamins and nutrients, it is very much beneficial for eyes.

22. Celery


Some people do not like celery in terms of its taste but the fact is that it is a complete package of alkalinity and health. It gives relief to people who are suffering from acidity, nausea and stomach problems. If you do not like to munch this food, you can have it with a little twist. It can be mixed with other fruits in a smoothie or can be used as one of the ingredient while cooking vegetables.

21. Cucumber


One of the top hydrating and best alkaline foods! This vegetable is overloaded with water, fiber and vitamins. It is also perfect for people who want to look slim. The water content in it makes it very much essential to use it in summers. It can be consumed with the peels or without the peels.

20. Eggplant


It can be cooked alone or can be mixed with other vegetables as well. It is up to you that how you add taste in to it but the fact is it is so full with alkaline and other essential vitamins. Eggplant has low amount of calories in it and is capable of neutralizing the effect of acidic foods.

19. Coconut


This alkaline fruit is one of its kinds in terms of taste, juice and benefits. This fruit is loaded with so much good things that the alkalinity factor is mostly ignored. The most important thing for the body is balance between acidic foods and alkaline foods. It is available in a variety of forms in market.

18. Goats’ Milk


Goat’s milk is equally beneficial and healthier if compared with the cow’s milk. But the difference comes in their effect when consumed. Milk of cow creates full feelings and acidifying effect whereas goat’s milk is alkaline in nature. So if you are worried about these effects, just feel free to take goat’s milk and enjoy the balance in your body.

17. Grapefruit


Grapefruit can safely be added to the list of best alkaline foods. It is only that fruit which tastes acidic but in reality is alkaline. It is a rich source of vitamin C and other important nutrients. The less sugar in grapefruit makes it ideal to have it for weight loss. It makes the metabolism system of the body efficient. It is also valuable to combat many diseases.

16. Herbal Tea


Regular teas have acidic effect on body and also cause the problem of dehydration. So if you want to get rid of all these problems, you need to shift from regular teas to herbal teas. There is a huge range of herbal teas and each one of it is beneficial. Herbal teas including green tea shots have antioxidant properties. As the best alkaline food it boosts the body to fight against many fatal diseases.

“For the perfect diet plan, you might need assistance from a nutrition expert. But consider yourself lucky because you have found a complete list of food to choose from in order to increase your alkaline foods consumption.”

15. Green Beans


Apart from alkaline, green beans also contain great amount of fiber, potassium and vitamins. But this is not all what beans has, it include considerable amount of calcium and iron. With all these beneficial factors, it allows the stability between acidity and alkalinity. It is a very much favorite vegetable to add in other dishes.

14. Lentils


Lentils are included in the list of best alkaline foods. They are not only a rich source of fiber but also include a great amount of minerals and vitamins. Lentils are of different kind, every one of different shape and taste. So it can be considered as the versatile food. You can cook it with spices and enjoy it at your lunch and dinner. Surprisingly, lentils have significant amount of iron and can meet your dietary requirements easily.

13. Potatoes


Potato fries, sticks, mash all are those dishes which children love the most. New potatoes which means those picked little earlier are more capable of providing alkaline to the body. They are a rich source of vitamins, calcium and iron. Potato is the vegetable most commonly used in comparison with other foods.

12. Mint


Mint can also be included in the list of the best alkaline foods. It has a distinctive taste and flavor. Addition of mint into juices, smoothies, vegetables, rice and other dishes creates a very fresh feeling and unique taste. Mint tea is also very advantageous for the body. Consumption of couple of leaves is quite enough for pH stability in body.

11. Lime


Lime like lemon has acidic taste but it is highly beneficial and is the best alkaline food. Lime may not be the favorite food to eat but the addition of lime to other dishes adds a yummy flavor to them. Lime contains iron, calcium and vitamins. Focus on the goodies in it and you will automatically start loving it.

10. Onion


Onion is the most widely used vegetable around the world and a rich source of alkaline. It is mostly used in combination with other vegetables. In fact it is the principle ingredient of many dishes. If the onion gets mixed with other vegetables, it means alkalinity is doubled. Onion is also used as salad. It contains essential vitamins and minerals. The crucial goal is to maintain the stability in body. Alkalinity level must be higher in body and onion helps it maintained.

9. Olive Oil


Olive oil is one of the most nutritive oil and is also the best alkaline food. You can add it in a number of foods; top over salad or make a smoothie with it for an extra benefit. Cooking food in it is also extremely beneficial.  It is a perfect oil to use for weight loss. For its great benefits in view, it must be included in daily diet. It has only essential fats in it. Olive oil helps to fight against many diseases as well.

8. Peppers


One of the best alkaline foods that provide you not only the required amount of alkaline but maintain also acid-alkaline balance in your body! It is also one of the easily available alkaline food and comparatively cheaper in price as well. Peppers in any color whether red, green and yellow have the ability to boost the pH levels up. Peppers are magnificent source of vitamin C also. Considerable amount of calcium and iron is also present in them. The good thing about peppers is that they are easy to cook and requires very less time to get ready. Apart from adding spice to food, it is also solely cooked as vegetable. For your ease, the pepper powder is very easily available in markets.

7. Pomegranate


Pomegranate has multiple health advantage and thus must e added to your diet as the best alkaline food is. No doubt it can be called a delightful treat when taken as a smoothie. When mixed with cream or yogurt, taste is more enhanced. Try not to mix pomegranate with high sugar fruits as the combination can lower the alkalinity factor. It also contains good percentage of iron and calcium.

6. Pumpkin And Pumpkin Seeds


Time to break a pumpkin because of its so many valuable benefits! Due to the alkaline nature of the vegetable, it can be used without any hesitation. It is available throughout the year. This incredible vegetable is a chief source of vitamin A, which is very essential nutrient for human body. Apart from that, it also contains vitamin C and iron. The seeds of pumpkin also have power to keep the pH of the body up. So try to utilize this vegetable 3-4 times per week to gain the good things in it.

5. Radish


In the list of best alkaline foods, radish is significant for its plentiful benefits. It provides the body a capacity to fight against cancer. Likewise, it is also helpful to prevent the body from cardio disorders. Radish makes the metabolism system of the body faster and improves digestion as well. This is not the end to its wonders. It helps to keep the blood pressure normal. It is good for diabetic patients also.  It can be used as salad in a raw form or can be cooked. Most of the people do not like radish much because of its bitter taste. But nature has added so much good in it that it must not be overlooked just because of its taste. Taste can be made better by the addition of vegetables to it.

4. Red Beans


Beans are found in couple of colors and every type is alkaline in nature. It is recommended by the nutritionists to eat beans if someone is suffering from iron deficiency. It contains significant amount of calcium and vitamin C also. Because of the high fiber content in them, they are best to consume for weight loss. Beans when cooked with the addition of spice, adds more to the taste. They can be enjoyed simply after boiling and have the best taste.

3. Soybeans


Soybeans are already very famous among vegetarian people as they are a huge source of iron. Many people have this essential mineral in place of meat to fulfill their needs of iron. But there is one very important feature of it which is not known by majority of people that it is also one of the best alkaline foods.

2. Spinach


Spinach is the best alkaline food that is also a powerhouse for nutrients and vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin A and iron. It helps the body to boosts the immune system. It can be taken in a number of ways. Either have it in a raw form as a salad or cook it with spices and in combination with other vegetables. Just go with the taste you like but the important thing is to have it. Do not overlook the benefits this leafy green vegetable has.

1. Tomato


Tomato is one of those best foods which are rich with alkaline. Like onion, tomato is also a staple ingredient of many dishes. It is an amazing antioxidant and also ensures better health function and health. The taste of tomato may doubt it as acid forming food, but in reality it helps the pH to rise. It is very much famous as a salad ingredient and is also commonly used in the making of fast food like burger and pizza.


There are many items other than these best alkaline foods out there. Choice is tricky and research is essential. The reason is that many of the items may have other unhealthy features that you might want to tackle with simultaneously. It is important to pick the food that has vitamins and low on cholesterol. This list offers you a similar repertoire of edibles that will help you in restoring your body to health. Pick the right combination for yourself to make your daily consumption a truly balanced diet!

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