11 Benefits Of Pomegranate

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This amazing almost round shaped fruit with a crown on its head is found to be packed with so many health benefits. It’s red on the outside and the small little seeds of fruits inside or on a darker tone of red. Each pomegranate is packed with numerous little small beads of fruits. To break it apart one needs to cut it half way through with the help of a knife.

There is a white membrane inside it and that forms partitions for to pomegranate seeds to get embedded. Some prefer having it chilled sprinkled with a little salt and black pepper. While there are others who like to squeeze the juice out of and have it! It is found regarding this fruit that in the northern hemisphere this fruit is found between September to February. While jumping to the Southern side of the globe this is found in the months falling between March to May. This fruit basically originated in the region of Iran while in the late 16th century it was brought to California by some Spanish settlers.

11. Nutritional Values

Nutritional values

This lovely little fruit is sure to give your energy a boost. This is because pomegranate holds a lot of nutrients that are of benefit to the human body. And these nutrients are an essential requirement of the body. They help the body to work in proper function and perform the tasks like needed.
One should always keep in mind to provide the body with the diet it deserves and provide the best to it.

  • Proteins are an essential element of our diet and one should take proteins as a part of their daily diet. Pomegranates contain 3 grams of proteins in every 174 grams of pomegranates seeds.
  • Besides this pomegranates also contain fibers in them. Fibers are of importance for a smooth bowel movement. For 174 grams of pomegranates there is 7 grams of fibers found.
  • Vitamin C and vitamin K are other two vitamins that are found in pomegranates. In every 174 grams of pomegranates there is 30 % of the RDA regarding vitamin C and 36 % of the RDA regarding vitamin K.
  • Folate found id 16 % of the RDA and potassium is 12 %of the RDA.

10. Anti-Oxidant


To understand antioxidants one must know what oxidation is. Oxidation is basically the chemical reaction in which the toxins release free radicals. These free radicals released by the toxins are harmful for the cells around it. It can cause a great deal of damage to the cells. Hence in order to stop this damage, one must try have food items that are rich on anti oxidants. Now, nature has provided us with a variety of vegetables and fruits that are rich in antioxidants and pomegranate is one of them.

  • Punicalagins is an antioxidants found in pomegranates. This biochemical is basically so powerful that it’s found that it has three times the antioxidant activity found in the biochemical of green tea and red wine.
  • Linoleic acid is another biochemical which is found in the form of punicic acid in pomegranates.
  • The antioxidants discussed above are helpful to give a good antioxidant nature to the pomegranates. Hence, one can have pomegranates in order to provide the body with some good oxidation.

9. Anti-Inflammatory Effect

Anti-inflammatory effect

Well inflammation is a protective mechanism that the body carries. When there is any infection or any other foreign body invades the body, our body reacts to it a defensive way. There are different white blood cells in the body that helps our body to stay safe and protected from the foreign body invasion. There is a category of white blood cells that is supposed to produce histamine. Histamine is an anti inflammatory agent that is produced during a reaction. Histamine released is used as defensive chemical.
Nature has also provided with certain fruits and vegetables that are having anti inflammatory effect. Pomegranate is one of those fruits.

  • It has been found in test tube studies that pomegranates can reduce the inflammatory activities that go inside the digestive tract.
  • Another study conducted in diabetic individuals was about providing them with 250 ml of pomegranate juice for 12 weeks daily. The results in the end concluded that this group of people had been shown to have inflammatory maker CRP 32 % less whereas, another inflammatory marker interleukin-6 by 30 %.

8. Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer

Prostate is a gland which is only found in men, hence it’s a male organ and females have no concern with that. This is one of the few male reproductry organs. Prostate gland cancer is the most common type of cancer in men. It is said that following the skin cancer prostate cancer is another carcinoma that takes the lead. There are successful treatments now available for this type of cancer. One must not delay in its treatment once diagnosed because it can spread to the bones and the nodes. Sometimes the symptoms are not evident until it’s a while since the carcinoma resides. The symptoms lately include difficulty in micturation which is later accompanied with blood. The colour of urine might also turn dark. Other symptoms associated with could be feeling weak and lethargic along with a decrease in the count of red blood cells.

  • Pomegranates are supposed to reduce the cellular reproduction of cancer causing cells and can even lead to their cell death or apoptosis.
  • In a study a group of people were included and asked to 238 ml of pomegranate juice daily and between the period of 15-54 months, there had been an increase in their PSA.
  • PSA is a prostate specific antigen. And this antigen helps to fight prostate cancer progressively.

7. Help With The blood Pressure


Pomegranates can help with the raised blood pressure. These days high blood pressure is getting very common. It’s not only the mid aged people who suffer through this medical disorder but also the young generation. A rise in blood pressure is effective on the kidneys too. One must make sure to keep the blood pressure within the required range. It is always better to alter the life style rather than going for medicines and doctors all life. And the best way to fight a high blood pressure is quitting on the food that is responsible for a rise in blood pressure. Whereas, on the other hand one must intake such foods that are naturally high blood pressure suppressors.

  • According to research conducted on a group of people, in which the group had to drink 150 ml of pomegranate juice for two weeks. This research concluded an evident reduction in the blood pressure of individuals who a raised one.
  • Therefore, it could be picked from this research that pomegranates can reduce the blood pressure progressively in the individuals.

6. Arthritis And Joint Pain

Joint Problema

Arthritis is an autoimmune disorder of the joints. There are 100s of different kinds of arthritis. But there common symptoms include pain which accompanied by stiffness and swelling of the joint area. With all these symptoms occurring there are chances of decrease in the mobility to a very high extent. Depending upon the severity of the symptoms it may be classified as mild, moderate or severe. Now depends weather it may get severe with the passage of time and sometime it is even possible with a mild form and a little treatment that it gets back to normal. People with severe joint problem especially for the knee joint can even find it difficult to bend down or climb stairs. Well, this kind of painful disorder must be avoided completely and treated on a regular basis. Along with the doctor’s medication prescribed one must also alter the diet.

  • Pomegranates are found to have an effect against the joint pain.
  • A study found that pomegranates can block enzymes that are responsible for causing joint pain in people with arthritis.

5. Heart Diseases


There are a number of problems that our cardiovascular system can go through. Such heart diseases are supposed to be treated there and then before they get lingered for the future.
Heart is the major organs of the body that needs to function in order to pump out the blood with a great flow throughout each and every part of the body. Heart and the vessels combine to form the cardiovascular system of the body. Any disorder in any of these leads to cardiovascular disorders. Medications as well as home remedies are there to help recover from such disorders. There are different foods provided by nature to treat different disorders found in the body.

  • According to a study that was conducted on high cholesterol it chose a group of 51 people who were given about 800 mg of pomegranates seeds to have daily.
  • This research was carried for four weeks and in the end it was seen that those people had a reduction in the level of cholesterol and triglycerdies in their body.
  • Reduction in LDL was another find in one more research.

4. Anti Bacterial And Anti Fungal

Anti Bacterial and Anti fungal

Bacteria and fungi are two of the foreign bodies that reside in our body after the invasion of the defense system and cause various diseases. There are different varieties of bacteria that are supposed to act in different ways to affect our body with various diseases. Besides bacteria there is a vast range of fungi as well. These fungi have also the capability to invade, reside and cause diseases. Nature has blessing on us to provide with fruits and vegetables that can help us fight with these organisms. Pomegranate is one of them.

  • They have been found to be active against Candida albicans, a fungi.
  • Similarly they are also found to be reactive against the bacteria causing gingivitis and periodontitis in the oral cavity.
  • Hence we can say pomegranate has both the properties, of being anti fungal and anti bacterial as well.

3. Good For The Memory

Good for the memory

Everybody wants to have a sharp memory. These days even the young little kids are not really good when it comes to the memory. Usually the diet which these children follow is not that healthy enough to help them with their sharp memories. Natural food found is healthy and nutritious that can help to create a sharper memory.

  • Pomegranates are supposed to be one of those fruits that are a good memory booster.
  • To support this statement a study carried out on surgical patient who were given 2 gms pomegranates showed signs of a better memory after the surgery.

2. Improvement In The Exercise


The ones who exercise need a god muscle mass and a great strength to help them out with the heavy and hard core exercises. One must know that pomegranates also contain them as discussed earlier.

  • Pomegranates contain dietary nitrates that are good to improve the performance of the individuals who exercise.
  • Before the exercise of running on the tread mill began, a study on a group of 18 athletes was conducted. They were given 1 gm of pomegranate juice before the exercise.
  • They showed an improvement in their workout output and the blood flow increased as well.

1. Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

Women these day who suffer from breast cancer do not need to worry. This is because with the advancement in science it has been found that breast cancer could be easily treated at its early stages as compared to the precious times. Along with the medical treatments there are natural food items that can also help kill the cells of breast cancer.

  • Pomegranate is found to be useful incase of breast cancer.
  • They can kill the cells that cause breast cancer in ladies progressively.


  • The peel of pomegranates is also as it contains antioxidants so think before throwing them.
  • Pomegranates could be helpful in case of Alzheimer’s as well.
  • It may help treat the erectile dysfunctioning.
  • Eat it to have a nourished skin.

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