9 Benefits Of Lotus Flower – #1 Will Amaze You Surely!

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A lotus flower is a typical flower of Vietnam and India that is found in various colours and each of them signifies something unique and different. Talking about the white lotus flower, it is supposed to denote spirituality and peace. Hence you can always welcome it in your room to have that peaceful effect. If we look at the red lotus flower, it symbolizes two aspects both related to each other. The aspects are kindness and love. So if someone gifts a red lotus that means you must take it in an affirmative way because there is nothing better than having love and kindness for someone.

The list of different colours goes on, but here we are to tell you more than just the colours of this beauty. We are here to discuss about the benefits one can attain from this flower. And so we have collected a few fro you to read and implement if you fit for that.

9. Helps In Weight Loss

weight loss

Weight loss is one major issue prevailing these days. Everybody wants to have those proper abs and oblique muscles. No one really wants those flabby arms or chubby thighs with no thigh gaps at all. For that, some prefer going for crash diets while there the others as well who only wants to hit that floor with zumba dance. Some even like to starch themselves on the yoga mat while a few prefer going for hard core kick boxing routine workouts. Be it anything, the only way to help one’s self with weigh loss is a complete alter in the life style that includes the eating, drinking as well as the sleeping habits. And yet with that there are home remedies that help to accelerate the process quicker.

  • Extracts from the leaves of a lotus flower is recommendable for weight reduction progressively.
  • This one is very helpful in the cutting down the bad cholesterol in the body helping to promote weight loss.
  • It is found that ethanol present in the lotus flowers help with the process of lipolysis or fat breakdown.

8. Helpful For Diabetics


Diabetes is an autoimmune disorder of the body that is categorized in two ways. One is known as the type 1 diabetes and the other one is the diabetes type 2. The difference between them occurs because of the dependency of insulin as one is dependent on it while the other is not. This could be further elaborated as; in type 1 diabetes insulin is produced but not received by the receptor cells while in type 2 diabetes insulin is not produced at all or in a negligible amount. Diabetes could be hereditary in nature like many other disorders. We can see a number of treatments that includes entral and parentral treatments that are used to treat the disorder. The drugs are either short, medium or long acting.

  • Ethanol extracts found in lotus flowers could be used to provide with blood sugar regulation.
  • And not just this, the enzymes which are responsible for causing complications due to diabetes could also be kept on a halt.
  • This is done by a chemical compound called quercetin glycoside.
  • Therefore a lotus flower is also of great importance to the ones who have diabetes.

7. For The Liver


Like various other organs in the body liver is also allocated with a specific task to perform. Liver is one of the great functioning organs of the body that helps as the filter for toxins. As the body ingests toxins and is exposed to them in daily basis the filter factory of the body is supposed to clean it all out in order to provide the body with a toxin free zone. Liver is supposed to detoxify and break down or metabolize the drugs ingested by the body. Apart from this core function liver is also responsible for producing blood clotting factors that are important for intrinsic and extrinsic cycles. It also the organ that helps to breakdown and detoxify alcohol largely.

  • Carbon tetrachloride is responsible for the production of toxicity and giving harm to the body. So lotus flower is helpful for such kind of toxicities produced.
  • Besides this it is also effective against the toxic effect of afflatoxin B. It’s cytotoxic and genotoxic effects are encountered by the liver.
  • Hence during this kind of toxicities lotus flower could be used to provide with the countering effect and help the body get free of toxins.

6. Sinusitis


Our human skull is a protective cover for the delicate brain covered inside it. This skull is not just a single bone of minerals but it is actually a sutured up structure. There are different bones that are combined at a point while there are small little openings or foramina for the nerves to pass through. Sinuses are hollow cavities found in the skull that connected with the nasal cavity. The upper jaw contains different maxillary sinuses which are connected to the nasal cavity and so it is very difficult to deal with any surgery related to this area.
Sinusitis is basically the infection of sinus cavity. When the sinus cavity gets infected by any microbe it starts to inflame and that inflammation is known as sinusitis. To treat such an infection medical as well as home remedies could be chosen.

  • Lotus flower is supposed to help in this case of infection.
  • During the infection of sinus, mucous gets accumulated and must be treated for relief.
  • Lotus rhizome juice is used to help with this. One can sip on to this juice and get rid of the infection positively.

5. Helps With Constipation And Diarrhea


The GIT problems! Well who doesn’t have them? I’m sure everyone does because the diet that we stuff ourselves with is all justified to do that. Although constipation and diarrhea are just two different aspects of the same line and require exactly the opposite treatment. But this beautiful flower of lotus id helpful for both them.
Constipation is the dryness of the large intestine that makes it very difficult for the waste material to pass out easily. This requires a diet that is good in fibers to focus on a smooth gut movement.
Talking about diarrhea, well this one is the complete opposite of it. This is associated with watery stools that is no good but just to bring a lot of weakness for the body.

  • So, if you are going through the hard phase of constipation you can rely on this flower extract to heal it up.
  • Secondly, if you want to go for diarrhea you can have this lotus juice to neutralize and balance the lost minerals in the body.
  • Hence this little flower is of good importance for both the disorders of GIT.

4. Helps Against Infections

 against Infections

Our body is having its own line of protection to guard against different infections and diseases. Skin is the first line of defense for the body and the rest follows it. Antigens and antibodies that are naturally found in the body are supposed to provide the body with all the protection that is needed in that regard.
Microbial agents invade our body’s protection lines to cause infections and make our body suffer through different symptoms. Now to fight such infections we must take medicines to cure the disease whereas on the other hand one could go for home remedies to do so.

  • Bacteria like e.coli, staphylococcus etc could be treated with the rhizome extract of the flower.
  • Besides these bacterial microbes rhizome is also effective against fungal infection like Aspergillus niger, Aspergillus fumigates etc.
  • A viral infection known as Herpes could also be treated with this flower. Ethanol found in lotus flower is used to fight against Herpes Simplex type 1 effectively.

3. Helps With Immunity

Boost immunity

Nature has provided our body with amazing immune system. This immune system includes various disease fighting cells that are helpful in protecting the body against different diseases. White blood cells are known to perform this function for the body. There are different white blood cells allocated for different functions like neutroplis are supposed to ingest bacteria and about 5- 20 in its short life time. Eosinophils are other defense cells that work during the time of allergic reactions and can attack the parasites such as worms in our body. Basophils are also reactive against allergic reaction and are known to release a protective chemical during inflammation known as histamine. These are some of the cells discussed here and there is more to add up to the list.

  • Lotus flower is found to halt the cytokine gene expression.
  • It is also found to inhibit the cellular proliferation in the peripheral blood cells.

2. An Antioxidant


Now often we have heard this term ‘antioxidant’ but what does that really means? Well, oxidation is a process where the cells are oxidized and reduced to the other form and antioxidation is a term that defines the inhibition of that process. Oxidation is a chemical process that is used to produce free radicals. These free radicals produced are harmful to the other cells of the body and can lead to undesirable reactions and changes in the cells. Antioxidant molecules that are found naturally in different fruits flowers and vegetables can counter this effect of oxidation. Chemicals like phenol, alkaloids, tocopherols, flavanoids, phenolics and saponins are known as antioxidants that are all found in the lotus flower.

  • Rhizome extract in this flower are used to protect against the radicals produced by carbons.
  • Whereas tocopherol and phenols found in this plant are used to counter the effects of germs.
  • There are other different compounds that are used to provide the body with the antioxidant effect and help the body to stay protected against the free radicals progressively.
  • Elimination of free radicals can help the body to stay away from free different diseases and also to stay young and much healthy.

1. During Menstruation

During menstruation

Menstruation is a painful cycle for many. Every month the endometrial lining breaks off and bleeds. This is due to the fact that the ovary which is released every month doesn’t get fertilized. Hence that results in menstrual bleeding. It is said that is the uterus is scanned during the time of menstrual cycle it would give nothing but an appearance of a large wound. Some girls find it painful while the other do not. Some of them have PMS just two days before it starts or could have a week before it. This is related with mood swings and emotional highs and lows along with nausea or vomiting and headaches in the others. During this period, girls often undergo heavy bleeding which results in weakness and lethargy for them.

One must make sure that too much bleeding gets the lady too weak and dizzy. It is important to stay on a proper diet during this and have food that doesn’t promote more bleeding.

  • Lotus juice is supposed to be helpful in this case. Having lotus root juice or its soup helps the ladies with menstruation a lot.
  • Ladies can sip on to this consecutively for three days after the menstrual cycle ends.

Tips And Facts

  • Lotus flower is supposed to stop internal bleeding as well so one could also go for it during such case scenario.
  • Besides this you can gift a purple lotus to your Buddhist friend as it symbolizes as it as a part of the teachings of Buddhists.
  • Moreover a pink lotus symbolizes someone who has a high enlightenment.

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