13 Proven Benefits Of Eating Kale – The World’s Healthiest Food

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If you want to get some really good calcium, fibers and other vitamins and minerals to your diet then choose your vegetable wisely and go for this green leafy vegetable known as ‘kale’. A cup of fresh kale can give around 40 calories to your body while providing 3 grams of protein. As the oxalate content of kale is very low that leads to a fact that calcium and iron present in kale is highly absorb-able in the human body.

Kale could be taken in salads or soups, casseroles and sandwiches as well. In this topic we have discussed in details about the benefits of kale and how positively it should be made a part of your diet more often.

13. Contains Calcium

Contains Calcium

Calcium is one of those nutrients which has a major role even since before birth in the body. A child when born is kept on a milk diet which is actually a very rich source of calcium. It is also being recommended to the young ladies to gain more and maximum amount of calcium before they enter their stage of menopause. The older ones should also be very careful about their
calcium intake and level in their body.

  • Kale is said to contain calcium more than spinach, which is also a green leafy vegetable.
  • So, if you want to take calcium via a green leafy vegetable kale could be one o f your options.

12. Encloses Fibers

Encloses Fibers

You surely know how discomforting it is when your bowel is not working properly. It gets very annoying for having a hard feeling when you press your stomach as you haven’t really passed on stool properly. This irritable feeling can be avoided if you start taking your diet which has fibers. As fibers keeps the bowel moving and works to keep your intestine absorb properly.

  • Kale is a food that can help you with digestion.
  • Kale contains fibers which would help with smooth bowel movements preventing any constipation.

11. Food For Diabetics

food for diabetic

Usually diabetics are unaware about many food items which are safe for them to have. Diabetics have to be careful with their diet and their daily routine. Their life style and daily routine is as important as their selection of food. They should prefer daily walks and should not quit on it. Taking about vegetables and food items kale is one of those vegetables which can be taken by the diabetics.

  • For the reason that kale doesn’t allow any further incremention in the blood sugar level so one must feel free to make this one as food of choice if suffering from diabetes.
  • Take it along with soups or add it in your sandwich.

10. Good For The Skin

Good For The Skin

Many food items have been chosen to be marked as skin foods. These food items are basically are the ones which contains such nutrients within them that are recommended for a better skin. Kale is supposed to be one of those foods. And how is that so? Well, the reason is the presence of vitamin A in it or you can say particularly the presence of retinoic acid. Retinoic acid basically helps to maintain normal skin by converting immature skin cells to the mature epidermal cells.

  • Hence if you are taking kale in your diet you need not to worry about your skin.
  • It will definitely contribute towards having a better skin.

9. Has Vitamin K

Has Vitamin K

A very well known role of vitamin K in the human body is its function to clot blood. Vitamin K1 is found in plants particularly in the green leady vegetables because it process photosynthesis directly. Whereas taking about vitamin K2 it found in plants.
Vitamin K is an important part of our diet and should be taken in the required amount recommended for an average individual. Lack of vitamin K in the body can lead to may side effects like anemia, bruising .coagulopathy and heavy menstrual bleeding in women. Whereas osteoporosis and coronary heart diseases are highly associated with reduced levels of vitamin K2.

  • So ladies if you are suffering from heavy menstrual bleeding get your vitamin k checked and start with some kale diet.
  • And even if you have any coagulopathy issues get yourself checked for vitamin K and start taking kale along with what your doctor recommends.

“Did you know your partner in diet could be this lovely little leafy vegetable? Yes, kale is so much less on calories just as it is abundant in nutrients.”

8. Might Help With Cancer

Might Help With Cancer

Basically cancer is an abnormal growth of cells. With this kind of fast paced cell growth abnormal cells form that are harmful to the normal functioning cells. Kale is that green leafy vegetable which is said to have cancer fighting agents in it.

  • Sulphoraphane present in kale fights the formation of cancer at molecular level.
  • Besides having sulphoraphane it also contains indole-3-carbinol that is also helpful in preventing cancer.

7. Rich In Vitamin C

Rich In Vitamin C

This one is a water soluble vitamin that dissolves in water. Vitamin C is required in many bodily functions and not only that it is also required to prevent a number of diseases and disorders. A recent study has found that vitamin C protects against lung cancer. It is also said that vitamin C is required to treat and prevent common cold. There is a lot more to add to the functions of vitamin C that serves the body.

  • Kale is high vitamin C more than other green leafy vegetables like spinach.
  • A cup of raw kale can sum up to more vitamin C than an orange.

6. Helps To Reduce Cholesterol

Helps To Reduce Cholesterol

Cholesterol is not a good sign for the cardiovascular system. One needs to keep a check on the level of cholesterol that is building in blood. Foods that raise the blood cholesterol must surely be avoided whereas the ones which are known to reduce the blood cholesterol level must be taken as part of diet. Kale is again of some good use in this case as well.

  • Kale contains bile acid sequestrants which can reduce the cholesterol level in the body.
  • Basically bile acid sequestrants bind bile acids in the body and prevent them to be reabsorbed helping in fat digestion and reducing cholesterol in the body.

5. Rich In Minerals


Mineral are an essential element that our body requires. It is needed by our body to function smoothly. Those who do not get enough of these through their diet go for supplements but it is always better to get the minerals from our regular diet.
Kale contains rich quantity of potassium and magnesium. Magnesium is supposed to protect against type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. Talking about potassium it is supposed to reduce the raised blood pressure and not only this it also helps to reduce the risk of any heart disease.

  • Kale will be helpful for the ones who have a high blood pressure.
  • Besides this patients with heart issues can have it without any doubts.

“If you do not like to have carrots than start with some kale! Want to know why? Because, kale has the quality to keep your vision stay fine and even helps to reduce the development of cataracts.”

4. Healthy For The Eyes

Healthy For The Eyes

Vision is the most beautiful sense amongst all! But the sad part is with the passage of time it loses its power. To avoid such circumstances one must keep a track of his/her diet. Intaking such food that has retinol, beta carotene, lutein, zeaxanhin etc is surely the one that benefits the vision.

  • The two antioxidants namely lutein and zeaxanthin are found in a good quantity in kale.
  • Secondly these two antioxidants are helpful in macular degeneration of cataracts. As far as the studies have revealed people who take these two antioxidants in their diet have a lower risk of these two eye disorders.

3. Helps In Weight Reduction

Helps In Weight Reduction

When planning for a weight reduction diet you need to cut down on so many food items! While you do this you have to add a few of the edibles in your bucket list that will fill your appetite and provide you with all the required nutrients. Kale is one of those food items that are weight reduction friendly.

  • Kale is very low in calories hence helps in the weight loss.
  • Taking kale in salads is a good option if you really want to shed those extra fats from your body.

2. Rich In Iron

Helps In Weight Reduction

Iron is an important part of our body without which body is as good as nothing. It is that biological element that helps in circulation of oxygen throughout the body. Around two-third of the bodily iron is found in the hemoglobin circulating in our body. Deficiency of iron can be lethal for the individuals and must be treated within time to avoid any complications. There are many food items which shall complete the bodily requirements of iron and among them one of it is kale.

  • Kale is supposed to be a good source of iron.
  • Hence who so ever didn’t know about this quality of kale can now take benefits from it.

1. Antioxidant In Nature

Antioxidant In Nature

Antioxidants basically are the protectors that protect us against free radicals that might be the cause of cancer. These antioxidants not only help prevent such lethal diseases but they even help in slowing down the aging process progressively. Antioxidants are friendly to the immune system as they help to boost the immune system.
A number of food items including kale have antioxidant properties that would help boost the immune system and prevent cancer.

  • Flavonoid namely quercetin and kampferol are found in large quantity in kale.
  • These substances help to serve the function of antioxidants and help the body fight through diseases and keep the immune system strong and healthy.


  • Well if you do not have any good smoothie recipe try adding some kale with an apple and some a cucumber and make your diet smoothie ready.
  • Kale can help you build a better skin. So, do not give up on it if you need some smooth skin.
  • Kale is a preferable food item for the ones who have heart issues.
  • If you want to have some variation in your soup add kale to it on the end and enjoy the different taste.

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