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21 Believable Excuses To Get Out Of Work Today

When we were kids we used to give a number of lame excuses at times to our parents and sometimes to our teacher so that we can enjoy a holiday. And when we grow up we want to the same but no lame excuses could help up with this instead might make the scenario totally opposite for us. So today we will be telling you a number of mature and reliable reason to convince your boss to give an off. And now it’s on you how well you play infront of your boss. The better you present your situation making it genuine and real, more are the chances for your boss to believe you.

21. Dental Emergency

Dental emergencyDental pain is considered to be one of those pains that need to be treated in emergencies. Initially dental pains are not that bad but if you do not pay attention to it, the pain will give you an emergency surprise either with a big bumpy swelling, which is pus filled or there could be a need for emergency chamber opening.

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  • During a severe dental pain no medications get effective, patient needs to go see a dentist as an emergency.
  • You need to tell your boss about the severity of pain since the last night you were facing and that you need to go see a dentist as soon as possible.

20. Pipes Breakage

Pipes breakageWhile you were enjoying a peaceful sleep you were unaware of the disaster happening around you in your house. You wake up to a little pond inn you house and this pond has effected your furniture. And not only your furniture but your electronics have gotten affected by it as well. Your morning is no longer a ‘good morning’ but a real surprising one. So now an off has to be taken from work today.

  • You need to tell your boss the exact situation and this too that you have been stuck really badly in the situation.
  • Your pipes have not leaked but there is a breakage which needs to be handled there and then before the house fills up and every other thing ruins.

19. Labor Emergency

Labor emergencyYour room mate who has recently moved here with you for her job while her husband has got a job transfer to other state is pregnant and is in her second trimester. Now being her roommate you need to take care of her.

  • Though it was her seventh month of pregnancy but still the emergency labor pain has been induced and you need to take her to the hospital as soon as possible.
  • Your boss needs to know the situation so that he can grant you a leave for the day and let you deal with the emergency situation well.

18. Allergic Reaction

Allergic reactionYou went to the park yesterday but now you are going to the doctor. Why so? It happened because while you were jogging in the park a bee stung you and it wasn’t an ordinary bee but a honey bee.

  • You are now sitting at the doctor’s clinic because you got a bad allergic reaction.
  • It is very difficult for you to come for work because the reaction is not that easy going. The reaction has spread a little more in your body from the place of bite.
  • An off from office is surely for you this time cause you can’t surely work in bad health.

17. Migraine

MigraineYou never know when a headache pops up and once it pops up simple medications can relief it. But when we talk about migraine it is not an easy pain but a throbbing pain in the half of your head. This pain could even cover the other half your head and affects your eyes so bad that they might even pop out. You don’t know how to get rid of a migrain quickly.

  • There is no indication before the start of migraine but just an aura that occurs before you go through it.
  • And there is no time limit for migraine, it might get better after some sleep and it might not even let you sleep for a week because of its intensity.
  • So, your boss needs to be informed about it so that your leave gets confirmed.

16. Nail Chipped Off

Nail chipped offWhile the children were playing football outside and you saw the ball coming towards you while you were just passing by from their in your casual slippers, you kicked the ball towards them. But you did it so hard that your toe nail chipped off immediately and you had to see a doctor.

  • Now as the nail has to be removed and get medicated after every 6 hours your boss needs to know that.
  • A holiday is a must for you to have today.

“Do you want to an off from work and are looking for a valid reason then read here the list of genuine reasons that will help you get an off from work.”

15. Court Hearing

Court hearingYou were stuck in a case about your grandfather’s property for which you have to go to the court for some legal work. And it’s not just a onetime visit to the court but you have to go whenever it is needed.

  • Now your boss needs to be told the whole story so that the situation is clear infront of him
  • And when it comes to the matter of court your boss will not stop you from it. So this reason could be used more than once and is very convincing too.

14. Food Poisoning

Food poisoningIf you have a sensitive stomach then this reason is a good one. Well, even if you don’t have a sensitive stomach who knows about it! You can still use this reason

  • Let your boss know that you were at a party last night and you had done some over eating their and now you are not sure whether if it is just an over eating after effect or you have been infected with food poisoning.
  • In either cases you are suffering from vomiting and are badly dehydrated which means you need an off from work today so that you could get rest, use some medicines or home remedies for vomiting and sensitive stomach and regain some energy.

13. Emergency Need To Donate Blood

Emergency need to donate bloodYou are a universal blood donor who are actually very rare and you are frequently been called by the blood banks to donate blood during emergencies. This time there is again emergency for a new born child in your family and you have to reach the hospital as soon as possible to donate blood to the little one.

  • It is pretty obvious that no one would want to mess with the little ones life and have his life in jeopardy.
  • So, your boss should know the whole story so that you can get an off easily for the day.

12. Car Broke Down

Car broke downWhile you were on your way to work today suddenly your car started producing some weird noises and when you stopped and looked at it was not a good sign.

You saw some rusty water coming out of the car and you’re afraid that the water pipe of your car has bursted and you can’t drive anymore as it is getting heated up badly.

  • Your car needs to be towed and the person is taking too long to reach you.
  • Your boss must be informed with the entire situation that how badly you are stuck and it has become a hassle for you to get the car to the workshop.

11. Bad Hemorrhoids

Bad hemorrhoidsYou were constipated since a long time but now that you are trying to poop you have applied immense pressure which has resulted so badly that you need to take an off from work.

  • The little vessels of blood have bursted and it’s really painful now.
  • You can’t really sit as well neither can you walk with such pain, hence it needs a little time to get better before you could stand up and go to work.
  • Your boss must be understanding enough to understand your situation and grant you an off.

10. Dengue Fever

Dengue FeverYou had been suffering from a very high fever last night and you have been experiencing body ache as well. The doctor has suspected you with dengue fever and now you need to take an off from work until you feel a little better.

  • Your boss shall be informed about the situation so that he can decide about your off from work.
  • This could be a reason for more than one holiday.

9. Pet Emergency

Pet emergencyIf you know that your boss has a love for pets than make this as your reason to get an off from work.

  • You could tell your boss that how badly your little got injured while you were not in the house and now you need to get the puppy see a veterinary.
  • Also inform him that the little puppy has to be taken care of so you must be there with him in this time to make the puppy feel better as he is your bestest buddy after all.

8. Appointment With An Eye Specialist

Appointment with an eye specialistYou were having issues with your eye side from a few days and some headaches as well. Now you really need to see a doctor now because you were having problems while driving at night.

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  • The appointment for the doctor has been set for today and you forgot to inform your boss before hand.
  • But you have to call him now and tell him the story patiently so that he can understand the situation and allow you to take leave for the day.


7. Care Needed

Care neededYou are the only one living with your old mother who recently fell in the bathroom and now it has become very difficult for her to even get out of the bed for a glass of water. You need to take care of your mother as she did for you when you were young.

  • Explain your boss the situation and plead for an off until you can arrange something for her.
  • Ask your boss humbly about a holiday and tell him that you need it genuinely.

“If you want to take a day off from work but find it hard to find a reason then just read the reasons given here and see which one can work the best for you.”

6. Parent Teacher Meeting

Parent teacher meetingToday is a parent teacher meeting and your spouse is out of town for some work so it is only you who has to attend the meeting.

  • Talk to your boss and let the boss know about your problem so that he can grant you a holiday for the meeting.
  • Tell your boss that your spouse was supposed to attend the meeting that is why you couldn’t inform him. And due to the emergency travelling of your spouse it needs to be done by you now.

5. Short Circuit

Short circuitWhen you were in the bathroom while you saw the bulb fluctuating and before you could reach to see the situation you heard a big noise in the house and the electricity went off.

  • You have to call the electrician now and the problem checked by him.
  • The plugs of electronic items have also become black and you are afraid that they have also become affected.

4. Death In A Family

Death in a familyThis is a very grieved situation that a relative in your spouse’s family has left the world. And now you both need to go and attend the funeral.

  • Inform your boss about it and ask for a leave.
  • Your boss would understand and grant the leave.

3. Fainted

FaintedWhile you were standing infront of the mirror getting ready for work a sudden dead rush made you fall on the floor. When you woke up it was already too late to go to work.

  • Hearing this, your boss would be courteous enough to let you have the day off.
  • Let him know the situation well and get an off.

2. Have to Do The Shifting

Have to do the shiftingYour contract with your landlord is just about to end so before the contract ends your landlord wants you to evacuate the house completely. A day might not be enough for you to evacuate completely but you need to make the arrangements to for shifting.

  • Inform your boss and let him know that you need to take an off from work to get the things in place.
  • You need an off for a very genuine reason which your boss will understand it.

1. Post Extraction Bleeding

Post extraction bleedingYou had gone to a dentist where you wanted to an extraction done. The extraction went well but as you reached home the bleeding would not stop.

  • So, now you need to rush to the dentist for the solution again and need an off from work.
  • Continuous bleeding is an emergency situation which needs to the taken care of immediately. Hence there will be no question that your boss will stop you from going and grant a leave easily.


  • For making a situation look genuine you have to be a good actor.
  • You should always keep a plan that will answer all the questions of your boss easily.
  • Before giving a reason think twice of any question that can get you caught.
  • Even if you feel that you would get caught after telling the story to the boss stay very genuine and make him believe that you are not lying.
  • Try not to use the similar reason twice unless the reason is good enough to be used more than once.


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