20 Beauty Habits You Should Do Every Night

Sit down, close your eyes and imagine your bed time routine which might be something like; finally settling down after doing the dinner dishes, giving a last check over everything, locking the door and switching off all the lights. Finally, you wash your face or I might say just soak your face with a bit of lazy splashes and nothing else. Be honest and answer, is it really good enough and worth it? If the answer is no then you’re on the right track as below are some home remedies which are pretty easy to do before bed time, all you need is just extra 15 minutes of your schedule and you’re good to go.

Dear ladies, you are the only being who is capable enough of taking care of yourself and most importantly your skin. You don’t want signs of aging to hit you before time or wrinkles and unwanted blemishes covering your face. Even if some might refute it, almost every woman aims and wants for a picture perfect skin and moreover looks that are to die for. So all you need to do is follow the beauty secrets listed below and become a beauty queen just by dedicating 15-20 minutes before your bedtime solely to yourself.

‘Looking for beauty secrets to be done before going to bed? Then this is your perfect gateway to success!’

20. Proper Bedtime Routine


The most important aspect is having and then carrying on with a proper bed time routine. This helps in one feeling at ease along with having an ample amount of rest. Moreover as they say, ‘early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.’ How many of you women follow it? Just a handful, I believe. But no worries because here’s the secret; for one, you can be healthy if you follow the steps discussed below to adopt this beauty habit before going to bed.

  • Try not checking the latest arrived emails, texts before going to bed. This helps in making your mind rest peacefully.
  • Moreover, try to follow your bed time routine earlier than usual as you can do it more heartedly because you won’t be much tired.
  • Furthermore, eat well, take no tension and always stay optimistic. All of this will add up to you having a good beauty sleep.

19. Remove Makeup


What women often tend to do is come home, change, wash their face or wipe their face with a wet towel and just go to bed. But what they don’t tend to realize is that this one habit is absolutely wrong! When you return back from an event, party or wedding you need to remove each and every bit of makeup there is on your face so that your face looks and feels fresh when you wake up in the morning. Moreover, if you fail to do so then you’ll face leftover gunk on your eyes, face and lips and your skin won’t feel good as it is supposed to. Make sure to remember and apply this beauty habit all the time.  So what you need to do is,

  • Clean away your sultry Smokey eyes nice and good.
  • Next, wipe off your lip color and wash away your mascara.
  • Then, wipe your face clean neat and good.
  • Later, apply a good moisturizer that suits your skin.

18. Prepare For The Next Day


You wouldn’t know what a blessing it is to sleep and set and prepared for the coming day as you have no sort of tension on your mind and don’t have to set your alarm clock 10 minutes earlier just to get the work done you didn’t do at night. Moreover, if you sleep after getting all set for the other day then you’ll sleep peacefully and wake up tension free. Furthermore, you’ll just have to put on your clothes, get into your shoes and leave for work instead of selecting which dress to wear and wasting time ironing it. The things that you can prepare at handy for the next day can be,

  • Sorting out clothes to wear the next day.
  • Ironing them and hanging them outside your wardrobe.
  • Polishing your shoes if they need to be or just keeping them outside your show rack.
  • Keeping small things that you need on your dressing table so that you don’t forget to carry them along such as wallet, wrist watch, an important file and much more.

17. Not The Face Only


A big mistake that almost all women tend to make is by just focusing on their face and neglecting other parts of the body like neck, shoulders and so on. What they don’t realize is that they don’t want to regret later for neglecting these body parts especially when the hound of aging hits them real bad. In my opinion regrets are one thing that one shouldn’t rear in them, so in order to avoid this sort of a regret begin by moisturizing and applying sunscreen not only to your face but also to other parts of the body that tend to get exposed such as hands, arms, feet, legs, shoulders and neck. Consequently, by treating your body right you’ll feel beautiful from within. This beauty habit must be an essential part of your beauty routine.

16. Purifying Mask


Why go to expensive parlors and salons when you can achieve the same or even better results by applying a homemade purifying mask which you can apply over your face before going to bed. These masks tend to stay overnight on the face which helps in bringing pretty good consequences when washed away. Moreover, they are super simple and quick to apply and lead to a much beautiful looking skin naturally. They target,

15. Warm Bath


This is a very simple but also the most effective beauty habit you can adopt. The last mission to your endlessly tiring day should be soaking wet in a relaxing warm bath tub. All it will take is just 20 minutes, no more than that and will make you feel relieved, relax and will help you in sleeping better. All you need to do is take a warm cozy bath in the most lovable of your body washes and bubble bath which smells good and heavenly as the smell alone will take you in a different aroma. Moreover, having a few scented candles lit by your sides and good music playing at the back will help you soothe and will create a feeling of relaxation and tranquility within you. This relaxing bath provides an effective DIY solution for many of your health problems.

14. Use Two Pillows


I can definitely relate to certain women having no issues with the idea of sleeping with a single pillow or even none at all. You need at least two pillows that are sufficient enough in order to make you have a goodnight. The logic behind using two pillows as your partner in sleeping is explained below.

  • Blood flows and circulates throughout during this time.
  • Gravity assists one with lymph.
  • The blood flow helps in fluids not gathering around your eyes or inside your face.

13. Silk Pillows


Readers, once you come out of your warm bath feeling all nice and relaxed; you would certainly not be aiming to damage your hair cuticles. In order to avoid it, all you need is replace your old cotton or linen pillows with satin or silk ones. However, if you’re already using them then well and good but if you aren’t that stop waiting and go fetch two silk pillows which will make you sleep well and take you to wonderland in your dreams. Moreover, if you still don’t want to sleep on silk pillows then no issues as you can promptly keep on swapping between sleeping on cotton to linen pillows from time to time.

12. Combing Wet Hair


This beauty habit will help you make your hair strong and beautiful. I will strongly recommend all of my fellow beauties to brush their hair tangle free before going to sleep but not to do so after they’re warm bath. This is because hair is the most vulnerable and weak when it’s wet and handling it carelessly like using a towel to dry them will lead to hair breakage and damage. So, kindly don’t brush or comb your hair until they’re completely soaked and dried. However, if you still need to untangle your hair then here are a few steps,

  • Squeeze and blot the water out of your hair with an old T-shirt.
  • Avoid using a towel as its substitute.
  • Untangle hair with a wide tooth comb.
  • Treat them delicately until completely dry.

11. Keep The Stress Aside


When lying down to sleep try to thrash away all the worries, tensions and work that you faced the entire day such as trying to study and learn, chasing after kids, seeking from appreciation from the boss or trying to seem appealing to your respected man. At that point of the night all that needs to be done is, setting everything aside and enjoying the particular moment you’re breathing in to achieve peace and tranquility. Ladies, trust me on this if you practice this every night you’ll thank me once you wake up because you’ll have such a sound sleep by letting lose off all the things that bring distress to your life and those which provoke you to think.

‘Become a beauty queen by following pretty simple and easy steps prior to jumping into bed to sleep.’

10. Soften Your Feet


Bed time is the best time to give those helpful little creatures that make you walk against them all day long a little rest too. Yes, you read it correct! Even your feet need to feel relaxed, nice and soft. Nothing big is required from you to learn this beauty habit but just a few easy steps which will make your feet feel worthy and relaxed. Those steps are listed below.

  • Before hitting the sack, take a nice foot lotion.
  • Next, gently apply it on your feet.
  • Later, cover your feet with your favorite pair of socks that make you feel comfortable.
  • Then when you’ll wake up in the morning, your feet will feel as soft as those of a small baby.

9. Use Eye Cream


This beauty habit is an essential remedy to protect your skin around eyes. Even though you must have heard it a gazillion times from your elder sister, mother, friends or read it in a beauty blog; but I won’t mind repeating it again for your convenience. The use of an eye cream is very essential as well as quite beneficial too because it moisturizes and hydrates your skin and your under eyes which will make your skin appear even more beautiful and is one beauty secret that you should never let go of.

8. Lotion-At Its Best


As you might not be well aware of the fact that excessive hand washing or even regular bathing over the day can in turn make our hands and other parts of the body become dry. So, bedtime is the best time to go all wild with the best lotion you own. All you need is your favorite lotion or moisturizer and you’re good to go! You can follow these suggestions to apply this beauty habit.

  • Apply thick layers of lotion over your hands.
  • Moreover, from your hands up to your elbows.
  • Then to your feet and legs too.

7. Hair Pin-Up


I’m sure that you don’t tend to get uneasy and feel disturbed by your lovely locks while you’re asleep. So the best way to escape this uneasiness is pinning up your hair so they don’t come on your face anymore. Moreover, if you haven’t recently washed your hair like in the evening or later at night then your hair will be filled of dirt which will transfer on the pillows your sleeping on and consequently, to your face. So to avoid going through such unpleasant consequences nicely pin your hair back or tie them in a braid or a bun.

6. Switch On A Humidifier


Using a humidifier consisted of a moisturizer containing ceramides and cholesterol can help you moisturize nice and well overnight which will make your skin appear intensively hydrated and glowing rather than dry and dull. Moreover, its use won’t require you to use moisturizers in the day time. However, you can efficiently use light moisturizers which will work well against thick layers of sunscreens and makeup.

5. No-No To Rubbing Of Eyes


Attention all women, stop rubbing your eyes! If you’re rubbing your eyes while reading this article, stop, if you’re rubbing your eyes while going to sleep, stop or if you rub your eyes once you wake up, again stop.  You might not be aware of the fact that while rubbing your eyes you’re causing a great damage to elastin and collagen which can’t be cured by all the Fairy God Mother’s combined. However, if you still feel itchy and have the urge to rub your eyes do it by making use of the following,

  • Eye Drops.
  • Artificial tears.
  • Splash cold water at your eyes.

4. Go To Sleep With A Light Heart


You can achieve this by letting go of what others did to you or what mistakes that you did in the whole day. Such as, a colleague trying to steal your idea, your mother-in-law scolds you for something which wasn’t even your fault, your spouse misunderstanding you or you not giving enough time to your kid as you came home late. Face such mistakes, gather them and set them aside by forgiving yourself as well as others. Consequently, you’ll feel lighter at heart and will go to sleep with the feeling that you have a bigger heart than others, a heart that will make you conquer a lot more in life. This beauty habit may seem simple but its effects are really amazing.

3. Completing A Night Before List


This is a list which will make you all set for the next day and will help you categorize where you lacked, what do you wish to rectify, what do you need to prepare for the next day, the things you need to remember, the things you need to do and so on. It’s a great preparation technique which will help you in preparing efficiently for the next day. Moreover, your life will take a step towards the better once you become consistent with this. It can contain things like,

  • What you’re going to do tomorrow.
  • What you need to remember.
  • What’s the purpose behind your random thoughts.
  • The way in which you will get ready.

2. Drink Loads Of Water


Drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day is vital for the body and also for maintaining good health. So in order to achieve a flawless skin, you need to drink lots of water even if you aren’t thirsty. The best time is to drink water before going to bed or keeping a chilled water bottle by your bedside so that you don’t have to wake up in the middle of your sleep, walking like a zombie and looking for a water bottle in your kitchen. This is one beauty tip or beauty habit that no one would’ve told you about!

1. Get Your Beauty Sleep


No, I’m not suggesting you to become Sleeping Beauty but advising you to take a maximum of 7-9 hours of sleep every night. Going to sleep relieves you of stress and tension and makes you appear beautiful naturally. However, a lack of sleep will make you seem pale and unappealing. Moreover, the things that a goodnight sleep will help combat against are,

  • Dark circles.
  • Puffy eyes.
  • Dull and unappealing skin.


  • Try to sleep early.
  • Sleep on the bed you find the most comfortable.
  • Apply a moisturizer before going to sleep.
  • Remember to set up the alarm for the next day.
  • Let your mind rest before going to sleep.
  • Brush your teeth before going to bed.


  • Avoid sleeping with makeup on.
  • Try not to eat anything sweet before going to bed.
  • Don’t sleep on wet hair.
  • Avoid sleeping on open hair as that will damage the hair follicles.

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