7 Beautiful Updos For Medium Length Hair

Submitted By Jenny Smith  

Looking for some beautiful yet simple updos for medium length hair? Here comes your short cut to seven beautiful hairstyles that you can do effortlessly and will definitely enhance your outlook!

7. Curled Chignon

Curled chignonCurled chignon is among the most amazingly awesome updos for medium length hair. Many celebrities have been utilizing this hairdo for enhancing their outlooks. You can feel like celebrity too with this chic updo.

6. Easy Twisted Updo

Easy twistedAnother of the exceptionally beautiful and amazingly easy updos for medium length hair is this twisted updo. You need to make two sections at the front of your head taking only few strands that can be twisted. Now twist one section till the end and pin it at the back of head, do the same with the other section; this will make a headband at the back. Now take the rest of hair and tie elastic rubber band at the end to secure them from falling off. Taking the tied end of those hairs tuck them in the headband you formed earlier and secure with pins. It may take some time to perfect this hairstyle but it is one of the most elegant hairstyles you can make.

5. Double Messy Bun

Double messy bunStart with giving texture by using product in hair and then tease to give volume and create messy look. Separate the side bangs and then section your hair horizontally in two. Make a simple messy bun with rubber band at the nape and do the same with the upper section. Pin the front bangs loosely to the back to finish the look.

4. Pony And Bouffant

Pony and bouffantHigh ponytail coupled with bouffant at the front delivers the ultimately stylish and adorable outlook for almost any length of hair.

3. Looped Side Ponytail

Looped side ponytailThis is another extremely easy updos for medium length hair. You can get the outlook by side parting your hair and teasing the hair at the crown to give some volume. Sweep all your hair to the side you want your pony to be; continue the updo by making a low ponytail at the side and then use your thumb to lose the ponytail from the middle to make space to pass through the loose ends of ponytail. Pass the loose hair of ponytail through that hole and your are done.

2. Sleek Bun Updo

Sleek bunBegin with a sleek ponytail at the middle of your head and separate the loose hair in two equal parts. taking one section fold it to the right over the ponytail and secure it with pins; now take the other section and fold it to the left over the ponytail and pin it in place. Now take the loose hair of the currently folded section and fold it to the right over the first fold you made with the first section. Finish the bun with pinning the loose ends to appropriate positions where they hide under the bun.

1. Braided Low Bun

Braided low bunThis is among the super simple updos for medium length hair. You simply need to braid your hair with basic pleating technique and fold the braided hair at the nape to form a bun.
Updos for medium length hair will surely be “not a problem” after reading the above mentioned options. So enjoy and practice to get them done in no time.

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