30 Beach Wedding Dresses

Nothing says romantic likely an afternoon beach side wedding, and with the proper decoration, that something to behold! If you are making plans for a dream wedding on the beach side, go through the following page that contains the best ever crafted beach wedding dresses. They are made with a vision to articulate the beauty of your inner goddess with best captivating vibes. However, they are affordable even within a moderate budget!

30. Sweep Train Chiffon Beach Wedding Dress

Sweep Train Chiffon Beach Wedding DressIt is strapless for the characteristic summer look that you should be looking for in wedding dresses. The train chiffon is classic in its looks. Try out this costume for the best vintage look that you will absolutely adore. The beaded waistband is an optional accessory that enhances the looks and makes you even more breathtakingly pretty than you already are. For a beach wedding, this is by far the most frequent choice and with good reasons too.

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29. A-line Scoop Neck Floor Length Tulle Beach Wedding Dress

A-line Scoop Neck Floor Length Tulle Beach Wedding DressIt’s tulle! Not the orthodox choice for weddings, but it looks great nevertheless. Besides, since it’s a beach wedding you want, this might just be the best choice that goes with the surrounding and the decor of an outdoors wedding. With this choice in wedding dresses, you are going to have a comfortable stylish look so that you can be yourself on the wedding ceremony.

28. A-line Strapless Sweet Train Beach Wedding Dress

A-line Strapless Sweet Train Beach Wedding DressA-line always takes the top spot among beach wedding dresses simply because it is undeniably graceful. This entry is another one of the A-lines that you should consider. It has a sweep train not too long and awkward, only the right amount to add grace to your figure.

27. Scoop Neck Knee Length Lace Beach Wedding Dress

Scoop Neck Knee Length Lace Beach Wedding DressSurprise the bridegroom and guests by defying the trends in wedding dresses, and try this minimalist knee length dress which looks absolutely stunning. Maybe you are trying to make an impression on the guests or you are thinking about stealing the show for sure, this is the thing you need. Accompany it with a summer wedding hairstyle, and behold, you are ready to turn heads, and impress your family. If you have decided to go against the trends, make sure you plan a wedding out of the box, so that it is not just the dress that catches the eye, but everything in the wedding ceremony.

26. Mermaid Scoop Neck Court Train Lace Wedding Dress

Mermaid Scoop Neck Court Train Lace Wedding DressCourt train comes next after sweet train. It is slightly longer, and often neglected for beach wedding dresses, but that doesn’t mean it lacks the merit. This particular entry is great for a summer wedding. The flowery pattern adds texture to the whole outfit and the round neck accentuates with the shape of the gown. All in all, it is a reasonable choice that you should give some thought before you move to the next entry.

25. Princess Tea-length Scoop Neck Beach Wedding Dress

Princess Tea-length Scoop Neck Beach Wedding DressTea length is not so frequently used for weddings, but it will still make do, if you are looking for a retro look in wedding dresses. Compliment this dress by wearing a hair updo for the best summer look worthy of great applause.

“One cannot argue the fact that the most frustrating part is picking a wedding dress in the whole preparation for your big day. This page will ease your tension and will help you select the most gorgeous beach wedding dress within no time.”

24. Scoop Neck Floor Length Organza Lace Beach Wedding Dress

Scoop Neck Floor Length Organza Lace Beach Wedding DressThis is a full sleeve entry for those who are looking for beach wedding dresses that are more about grace and elegance than funky and chic looks. For a wedding in style, try out this simple yet breathtakingly elegant scoop neck costume.

23. Floor Length Chiffon Beach Wedding Dress With Lace Patterns

Floor Length Chiffon Beach Wedding Dress with Lace PatternsThe dress is particularly impressive because of the folded texture of the chiffon, which makes a great impact on onlookers. This style is the ultimate in grace if it fits right. A lace pattern makes the waistline more stylish and impressive, and keeps the whole look well balanced. It will be a wise choice on your part in season’s best wedding dresses.

22. Trumpet V-neck Court Train Beach Wedding Dress

Trumpet V-neck Court Train Beach Wedding DressThe main attraction of this dress is the lower part of the gown, which slowly cascades into laced and patterned thick layers which make the court train a truly magnificent style option. The V-neck accentuates the look and keeps it balanced and light looking, which is imperative for beach wedding dresses. It’s a perfect dress if you’re looking for elegant casual wedding dresses for your big day.

21. Halter Ankle-length Chiffon Wedding Dress

Halter Ankle-length Chiffon Wedding DressOne of the minimalist and yet elegant choices in wedding dresses of the year! With the right hairdo and makeup and accessorized with a pretty bouquet of flowers in your hand, this dress will inspire awes from the crowd of guests. Be your modest and sweet self with this ankle length chiffon entry. While the ankle length chiffon is considered by some as less of a bridal dress, other experts claim that the short length is primarily responsible for an elegant look, without the excessive flare of a long and heavy wedding gown.

20. A-line Lace Court Train Beach Wedding Dress

A-line Lace Court Train Beach Wedding DressThe A-line court train is signified by its characteristic back and the innovative laced neckline. With its perfect designs and superb glam, it takes a lead in the list of beach wedding dresses. It is stylish and elegant, and you certainly will enjoy the praise it is sure to receive on your wedding night. This is a style for unorthodox and modernist weddings where, you are not worried about impressing your family as much as you are concerned about the perfect look in a daytime outdoors wedding party.

19. Mermaid Lace Spaghetti Straps Wedding Dress

Mermaid Lace Spaghetti Straps Wedding DressAnother fabulous option in wedding dresses! The mermaid lace spaghetti straps are a great way to spice up your heavenly look. This entry belongs to the class of strapless wedding dresses and is perfect for a day-time wedding on the beach side. It is perfectly toned to look natural in a sunlight wedding arrangement, and to give you the easy and comfortable look of a pretty mermaid!

18. Hall Lace Scoop Sleeveless Wedding Dress

Hall Lace Scoop Sleeveless Wedding DressHall lace dresses are the best when it comes to simplicity. But don’t take that the wrong way. This design takes the top place when it comes to vogue, and it has been frequently viewed among popular weddings on TV. The drapes give it a breathtaking elegance and they are what make this dress a truly magnificent entry.

17. Ruched Flowers Court Train Zipper Back Wedding Dress

Ruched Flowers Court Train Zipper Back Wedding DressThe ruched flowers on a plain shiny and silken fabric give this dress a unique look perfect for spring time weddings. The court train is only appropriately lengthy so that it doesn’t get too heavy for you to wear. You will certainly love the folds on the front which add to the texture on this gown. Zipper back dresses are easy to wear beach wedding dresses that save you the trouble of dressing and undressing through tight clothes.

16. Cap-sleeved V-Neck A-line Beach Wedding Dress

Cap-sleeved V-neck A-line Beach Wedding DressPleats and beadings make this style worthy of a bride. The v neck is broad and continues sideways as cap sleeves. The overall look is lithe and smart for the chick look you want. It tea length also makes this dress one of a kind. You won’t find short length beach wedding dresses so often, so here’s a unique look that will spice up your wedding look.

15. Lace Beading Full Sleeve Mermaid Wedding Dress

Lace Beading Full Sleeve Mermaid Wedding DressThere are only a few options of full sleeve wedding dresses when it comes to spring or summer weddings, but this article is a viable option worth a consideration. The textured and laced round neck gives it a vintage look, which is absolutely adorable.

14. Lace Sheath Beach Wedding Dress

Lace Sheath Beach Wedding DressWhenever it comes to wedding dresses, don’t underestimate the power of a lace sheath gown, better still, the v neck adds to the skinny and lithe look that every girl wants for her wedding costume. Accessorize it with a spring hairdo and you are ready to rock your wedding! The lace sheath gown is a tight fitting entry. It is for the slim fitness-crazy girls who have the physique to be proud of.

13. Long Jersey Wedding Dress With Beaded Knot

Charming A-Line Floor-Length Sweetheart Beading Taline's Prom DressThe beaded knot is the star attraction of this attire. It is in fact the soft texture of the light fabric gives it an airy feel and obviously a lead in beach wedding dresses. This style is great for outdoor weddings and you certainly will love the fact that it is comfortable as much as it is pretty. While the long jersey gowns have not been hitting the document and televised celebrity weddings, you should not underestimate the impact of these amazing looks on an aisle in a beach wedding ceremony. Perfectly suitable for people who’re going to first wedding or looking for second wedding dresses.

12. Ivory Convertible Beach Wedding Dress With Silk Chiffon

Ivory Convertible Beach Wedding Dress with Silk ChiffonThe silk chiffon makes the waistline prominent and it maintains the simplicity of the look all the while gives it the looks of versatile contemporary wedding dresses. This light design is great for outdoor weddings, particularly beach weddings. You can of course let go of the A-line length and go with a knee length light and minimalist dress. That is why this convertible dress is an important item on this list. All these qualities make it one of the most amazing wedding dresses you can find.

11. Strapless Lace Beach Wedding Dress With Ribbon Details

Strapless Lace Beach Wedding Dress with Ribbon DetailsThe ribbon details form the prime glow of this costume and make it one of the captivating and elegant beach wedding dresses. They look great on the gown and add texture to it. With no straps, it is a typical summer-time wedding dress and lets you feel comfortable where other dresses are likely to burn in the summer or spring sun. The silken head gear is also appropriately paired with the gown and gives your whole outfit a vintage look which is a favorite among many people as wedding dresses go.

10. Trumpet Sweetheart Sweep Train Wedding Dress With Appliqués Lace

Trumpet Sweetheart Sweep Train Wedding Dress with Appliqués LaceThe appliqués lace is a rarity among wedding dresses which is hard to come by, but it is amazing. It makes the waste look thin, while it magnifies the volume on the gown. That multiplies the elegance of a wedding gown by many folds. A strapless look is also important for beach weddings which you should consider thoroughly.

“The wedding season is in the air and it is time for you to make plans for your big day. No doubt there is a whole lot of things to take care of from event planning to hairdo, makeup, guest invitations, catering and the list goes on. You are required however to pay special heed to your wedding dress selection. After all, you appearance counts a lot on wedding day and your dress occupies the main part in it.”

9. A-line Scoop Full Sleeve Knee Length Lace Tulle Beach Wedding Dress

A-line Scoop Full Sleeve Knee Length Lace Tulle Beach Wedding DressThe knee length tulle is one of a kind in its elegance and grace. The unorthodox tea length tulle is downy and it is lithe; stylingly different in beach wedding dresses repertoire. With the characteristic full sleeved arms, you are guaranteed a fantastic appearance which will earn many oomph’s from the crown of onlookers and guests. With a flower bouquet in your hand, you will look fabulous with this minimalist design.

8. Princess Sweetheart Court Train Beach Wedding Dress

Princess Sweetheart Court Train Beach Wedding DressIs it too much of lace wedding dresses? Try this one for change. This design features a court length gown with a top of similar fabric. The waistline is characterized by a golden embroidery work instead of lace. This strapless dress is the farthest thing from mainstream gowns on this list, and is a must-have if you are trying a unique look and an unorthodox wedding ceremony. Surprise the bride groom with this easy look, and you will be loved for it!

7. Mermaid Sweetheart Court Train Wedding Dress With Lace Beadings And Split Front

Mermaid Sweetheart Court Train Wedding Dress with Lace Beadings and Split FrontThe split front is voguish. It is a unique addition to the otherwise ordinary a line dress. That and the beaded cap-sleeves make this dress a valuable choice which has a lot to offer in terms of character and voguish looks. Wear it with a minimalist makeup for the ultimate beach look on your lucky day. A point to notice, don’t go with a head table which contradicts with the air of this costume. Instead, combine it with some bodacious wedding hairstyles to maintain the bold and beautiful theme you have chosen by wearing this dress.

6. A-line Court Train Chiffon Wedding Dress With Halter Crystals

A-line Court Train Chiffon Wedding Dress with Halter CrystalsGive the bridegroom a heart attack with this absolutely stunning look. This vintage dress features a waistline of halter crystals cascading into a plain fabric gown length enough to draw people’s breaths away with its bodacious looks. For a classic wedding appearance these beach wedding dresses offer the style you need. The a-lines are comparatively more popular in the fashion industry which is primarily owed to the fact that they manage extended lengths elegantly and without creating tangles.

5. Church Princess Draping Chapel Train Beach Wedding Dress

Church Princess Draping Chapel Train Beach Wedding DressThis style is more than vintage, its classic in all beach wedding dresses! With a silken head wear, there is so much to this looks that it won’t seize to amaze you, let alone the guests and the bridegroom! It is voluminous, showy and yet elegant. For a confident and winning look, go for this costume. You will fall in love with the looks!

4. Sleeveless Column Satin Empire Lace Up Back Wedding Dress

Sleeveless Column Satin Empire Lace Up Back Wedding DressThis dress is supposed to impress some of less extravagant themes in wedding dresses. It is simple and elegant. What it lacks in texture it makes up in figure balance and the long train. Wear it to a romantic wedding and you will earn many expressions of love from everywhere! Don’t be shy with accessories. You aren’t running the risk of overdoing it if that’s what worries you.

3. Sweetheart A-line High-low Beach Wedding Dress With Sequins and Pleats

Sweetheart A-line High-low Beach Wedding Dress with Sequins and PleatsThis is a chic look for your fun wedding full of extravaganza and gaudy décor. It’s strapless for outdoors summer or spring events and it’s low up front, so it won’t get untidy. This style is comfortable and it’s for the Rock star girls who want a contemporary look for their retro wedding ceremonies. If you are so into showing your true and comfortable self in your look for the wedding, go for aggressive make up and a hairdo which speaks bold and beautiful rather than elegant and ceremonial.

2. Bowknot Bateau Court Train Beach Wedding Dress

Bowknot Bateau Court Train Beach Wedding DressShow off your slim waist with this amazing dress featuring laced and textured gown and silken neckline. It is lithe and elegant. You will love this summer look. As far as beach wedding dresses go, this entry is very frequently seen among weddings all over the country. Beach weddings in particular have seen this costume in good measure for the past few years. It is still a viable option for those who are keen to stay on the pulse of the current trends but with an invigorating personalization attempt to accentuate the look. It is also perfect choice if you’re looking for country themed wedding style.

1. Long Beach Wedding Dress With Lace Sleeves And High Neck Lace Bodice

Long Beach Wedding Dress with Lace Sleeves and High Neck Lace BodiceThis entry in wedding dresses is long and bodacious. This style is imposing but it makes no sacrifice in terms of elegance and refinement. The lace sleeves are not very frequently seen in wedding gowns. They add to the unique looks of this costume. For a subtle impression, combine your long gown with a complimenting wedding hairstyle for short hair or long hair according to your hair length to get an accomplished impression of sheer grace and beauty.


Here is a list of the most popular beach wedding dresses, each unique in some way. Lucky for you, with this list, the choice has been made a lot easier. Pick the dress that suits your persona and looks, and you will look absolutely stunning on your lucky day.

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