Bantu Knots Not “Mini Buns” – 25 Superb Ideas on How to Do Bantu Knots

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20. Short Mohawk With Bantu Knots

Short Mohawk with Bantu Knots

Want a hairstyle which will turn heads and earn you compliments? Curl up your short hair and make Bantu knots on the sides. The end result is a hairstyle which resembles a Mohawk, but far exceeds it in vogue. Curls go great with short hair, particularly if you know how to do Bantu knots with this combo. Try this combination and you will get a picture perfect hairstyle.

19. Big Bantus With Extensions

Big Bantus with Extensions

Extensions are the key to voluminous dreadlocks or other styling options. Here is a good application of those extensions to achieve big Bantu knots. Make use of that added volume to make these big symmetrical knots. They will frame the face too. This style is made even more valuable by the fact that it can go well with shiny accessories and trinkets. Make this ready-to-go hairstyle and you can personalize it in a lot of different ways.

18. Twisted Bantu And Natural Hair

Twisted Bantu and Natural Hair

If you want a comfortable style to care for those thirsty roots, this is an option worth considering. It is simple and easy to prepare but it lets you show off those natural curls just a little. It helps your hair retain moisture and that is great for their health. This is a great style with its own set of benefits.

17. Loose Curls From Fresh Bantu

Loose Curls from Fresh Bantu

Okay you decided to get rid of plain Bantu knot outs. Don’t make haste and admire for a moment the look you get when you let the curls fall for the first time. It is indeed a surprisingly mesmerizing look and it can certainly be a funky choice for a hairstyle. So before you brush away those fresh new curls, consider the look for a second. There’s a good chance that you will fall in love with it instantly.

16. Shiny Bantu Knot Out

Shiny Bantu Knot Out

For an ultimate voguish look that makes use of the curls achieved by the Bantu knots and the shine, here’s an entry which will make you try it. You need here just to learn how to do Bantu knots. Now hold the curls in their shape with tangled rubber bands. This style is unique and it certainly qualifies as bold. You can finish it with infusion as well as a brilliant hair spray. It takes time, but the look pays off.

15. Perfectly Parted Bantu Knot Out

Perfectly Parted Bantu Knot out

Think outside the box. If the generic perfectly parted Bantu knots are not the sassy option you hoped for, add individuality! Perhaps a crown braid to style it up or accessories! There are a lot of ways in which this style competes with some of the hottest current trends. Know your taste and try to estimate what will look best with your face shape and your hair type. Spice the look with braids, catchy highlights or any other creative idea!

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