7 Amazing Tips to Make You Feel Good About Yourself

feel good about yourself

Most people think that being happy and healthy is a far off concept, and it is impossible to have a healthy and happy life without giving up the good stuff. These small changes and tips will not only help you become healthier and happier than before but also will help you feel good about yourself.

feel good about yourself

Create An Ordered and Organized Work And Home Environment


If you want to increase your productivity and efficiency, try to maintain an organized, clean and decluttered desk. An untidy and cluttered environment whether it is at home or at office, decreases your productivity and makes it impossible to think clearly. So get rid of the extra and useless stuff as it will help you clear your mind. Similarly if your life is jumbled with unwanted and worthless things, it will become difficult for you to make room for new and pleasant things. So get rid of unnecessary stuff from your life and work as it will surely make you feel good about yourself.

Tweak Your Foods


If you think that you’ve to give up all your favorite foods to become healthier and fit, fortunately you’re completely wrong. According to nutritionists, if you’re using these treats in moderate amounts it will not affect your health. Only make a little change, when you order your food and you’re free to enjoy your favorite foods. Just make sure you’re not using these treats more than necessary. Just cut out the quantity a little bit and you’ll be healthier and surely will feel good about you.

Reduce the Amount Of Sugar And Chocolate


Another important and simple life hack you can easily adopt to become healthier and happier is decreasing the amount of sugar in your daily food. If you love chocolate, try to reduce its amount. According to scientists, a 45 gram chocolate bar adds up to about 400000 kilojoules in a year. So cut back the amount of chocolate and you can lose as much as 6 kg weight. If you swap it for a juicy fruit like apple, it will boost your energy and increase your metabolism. After this little change, you’ll surely feel good about yourself.

Make Exercise Interesting


Exercise surely seems a difficult and boring thing to do, but you can easily include simple and interesting activities in your daily life that will make you more happy and healthy. Exercise is not all about going to gym and breaking a sweat, any extra activity like taking the stairs instead of lift, playing your favorite game in park or jumping in front of TV also counts as exercise. So you don’t need to plan and schedule for exercise, just try to sneak in some useful, simple and spontaneous activity in your daily routine. This way you don’t have to indulge in a boring and uninteresting activity and you’ll also feel good about yourself.

Making “To Do Lists”


As we have described the importance of uncluttered and clear work space at home and office, our mind also needs to be less cluttered and free of thoughts to work more efficiently. Writing down everything that you need to be doing is one of the best ways to unburden your mind.

Not only it will increase your efficiency and productivity but also give you a sense of achievement as you cross items off it one by one. This exercise makes you believe yourself and also produces a sense of accomplishment. So a simple To Do list can perform an important part in making us feel good about ourselves.

Cut out Your Nighttime Ventures


We usually make it a habit to make a trip to fridge and eat something in the night. According to experts, most people who like to eat late at night usually do it out of boredom rather than hunger. This exercise is quite harmful for your health and increase fat storage in your body. To overcome this unhealthy activity, try to involve yourself in something more interesting to keep you distracted like book reading. If you’re finding it almost impossible to resist the temptation, try to curb with a glass of water or herbal tea rather than snacks or biscuits. Don’t ever go to bed hungry or thirsty, as it is also as harmful for your health as venturing at night for a quick midnight snack. So change in your night routine will help you feel good about you.

Help Others


If you’re having a bad day or feeling down, try to lift your mood by doing some good deed. It will not only give you pleasure and satisfaction but you’ll also feel good about yourself. Little things like, calling your mother, meeting your old friends or helping someone in need will give you happiness and satisfaction. If you’re sincerely helping someone, it will definitely affect you positively.

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