8 Amazing Hair Care Tips For Pregnant Women

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Your hair reflect your health and personality. Your hair and scalp always need proper attention especially when you are pregnant. Hair loss is common in pregnant woman and can try a simple home remedy for hair loss or you can also use apple cider vinegar for hair loss recovery quicker. During pregnancy, your hair would possibly become dry brittle, split-ends, dandruff etc. A pregnant women need to be very concerned about what they are exposing to like the products they use for their hair or the diet they take. With these basic tips you don’t need to worry more about how to grow hair faster, you can reduce or prevent your hair damage during pregnancy.

1. Should You Color Your Hair?


The very first hair care tip for expecting moms goes for the ones who color their hair. There is a dissent between the medical opinions about whether to color your hair during pregnancy or not. It is unsure if the chemicals in the dye would be able to transfer to the baby or not. In the opinion of some doctors, it is safe to color your hair during pregnancy but after the first trimester. But as mentioned, it is the opinion of some doctors, not of all. So the easiest way to be safe is to avoid coloring your hair during pregnancy regardless of any hairstyles but after pregnancy you can try some of these hair color ideas.

2. Treatments To Straighten Your Hair


To get your hair straighten away seems to be a very charming thing. Especially when you undergo a treatment such as Brazilian blow, which lasts for around 3 months. But if you are expecting, you need to be careful about going through such treatments. Formaldehyde, a really nasty chemical, is present in these products. It could be harmful for your baby. So, you should go with your curls or use straightening irons instead while you are pregnant.

3. Adapt To The Changes


There is a possibility that your hair would behave in strange ways when you are expecting. It is also possible that it could change completely like going from straight to curly. In such a situation, you need to work with your hair and try to adapt to the changes you experience, if any. It would be much better and easier than fighting with it.

4. Keep A Simple Style


It is good to adopt a style which is easy to care for. When your baby is born, maybe you would not have too much extra time or energy to fuss about with your hair. So if you keep your hair style sleek and simple, it would be easy for you to work around. You might want to check out some of these easy hairstyles to choose one for you.

5. Use Conditioners


To give a good look to your hair during pregnancy, it needs conditioner treatments. It could also be relaxing if you go for a deep treatment. But again, you need to be careful while choosing a product to use. Avoid those products containing chemicals like parabens and sodium lauryl sulphate. These chemicals could be harmful while on the other hand you can make some homemade conditioners yourself. If you are thinking of it than you might want to check out our article based on homemade conditioners which can easily help you make one for yourself

6. Follow A Healthy Balanced Diet


If you follow a healthy balanced diet, it will be very good for you and your baby as well. Moreover, it’ll keep your hair in very good condition and will possibly avoid it from changing. Hair are actually protein fibers so you need to eat protein rich food during pregnancy. Simple balanced diet is one of the key answers on hair growth and if you are a bit worried about your chubby tummy than you must read our article about fat burning foods . A healthy balanced diet is an essential key for you and your upcoming toddler. Even after the birth of your baby you can try some of these bland diet foods for the better health of your baby.

7. For Oily Hair, Change Your Brush


If you hair get oilier during pregnancy, it is good to change your brush. Switching your brush with wood or nylon bristles would be a good option. A natural bristle brush would simulate the production of oil on the scalp. Thus you would not need the added oil anymore. Just try this to maintain your hair health.

 8. Don’t Freak Out


After the birth of your baby, your hair starts slipping away and even at a faster rate. You don’t need to shout on it as this is simply showing that your hair has started returning to its normal growth cycle. Be prepared for this shedding. It’ll return to normal in a short period of time.

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