33 Advantages Of Foods High In Potassium

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Deficiency of potassium can leads you to suffer from problems regarding health in a long run. If you are not taking the recommended amount of potassium that is 4700 mg/kg per day, you can suffer from fluid and electrolyte disproportion.  This article is meant to provide you significant information on the necessity of taking potassium rich food for your health. Have a look and keep yourself updated.

Why Is Potassium Necessary In Food?

  • Potassium in the body is as much essential for body as any other nutrient. It has fundamental advantages to maintain good health and is also helpful to save you from many diseases.
  •  The potassium rich food is crucial to maintain blood pressure.
  •  It helps nerves and muscles to function normally.
  •  It also controls the amount of sodium in body, protecting you from heart strokes and kidney diseases.
  •  It also protects the body from bone loss and regulates normal brain functioning.

33. Sweet Potato


Sweet potato contains up to 700 milligrams of potassium. It is also a rich source of beta carotene and other vitamins. The wonderful food high in potassium has lower number of calories, which makes it the favorite food for everyone. It can be eaten in a number of ways, like you can cook it, bake it, mash it. It also has a large amount of fiber in it.

32. White Beans


This fantastic bean is filled with 502 mg potassium.  Beans are also an enormous source of protein, and fiber which makes it ideal to consume. It gives equally delicious taste whether cooked, added in soup or boiled.

31. Yogurt


This delightful dairy product is not only a rich source of calcium but also loaded with potassium. Yogurt is really a healthy thing and it must be included in daily diet for strong body.

30. Orange Juice


Getting surprised? Yes, orange is a rich source of potassium. This fruit has all in it to do wonders. It is best to get vitamin C. so this fruit can not only fulfills internal deficiencies but also makes you look fresh.

29. Potatoes


If consumed with the skin, it contains 610 milligrams of potassium and less than 150 calories. You can add it in your food or can make tomato sauce and enjoy it with your snacks and sandwiches. It is also a source of vitamin B6 which is essential and ideal for good and fresh skin.

28. Dates


This wonderful fruit is a complete package of other nutrients along with potassium. Half cup of dates contains more than 500 milligrams of potassium. This complete diet fruit is added in lots of desserts. You can have delicious smoothies with dates.

27. Chicken Breast


Chicken is favorite to everyone and is most utilized food. If we talk specifically about chicken breast, it contains moderate amount of potassium in it. You can along with eating chicken can include other items which can overall gives you the required amount of potassium like chicken breast and yogurt etc. Chicken breast also contains other important nutrients that are helpful in maintain good health.

26. Figs


Seasonal fresh figs or dried figs both are included in foods high in potassium. But figs alone cannot fulfill the complete daily requirements of potassium. This tasty fruit is available in different colors and variety. Figs are best for those who want to look slim as they contain a great amount of fiber. In fact there are so many good things about figs apart from losing weight. They provides protection against different forms of cancer. Research has shown that the leaves of figs are very beneficial for patients with diabetes. As they helps to keep their sugar level under control. They also provides protection against heart diseases because of the presence of potassium in them.

25. Mango


This appealing fruit is considered as king of sweet taste among fruits. Mango other than having very essential nutrients and vitamins, contains a considerable amount of potassium in it. This fruit naturally has a perfect percentage of potassium and sodium in it. There are different varieties of mangoes found all over the world having their own uniqueness.

24. Pumpkin


This extremely wonderful fruit is included in the list of those foods high in potassium. It is low in fats and sodium amount.

23. Apricots


Apricots are yellow, golden colored sweet fruit having many good things in it. It is a best source of vitamins, copper and potassium. It also helps to protect from eye diseases as well. Fresh apricot is available seasonally but you can enjoy dried apricot throughout the year.

22. Carrots


This beautiful alluring colored vegetable has everything in it which is necessary to keep your body tuned. Whether taken in the raw form or as a carrot juice, it contains 689 milligrams of potassium. It is best to use it as a salad.

21. Chocolate


Dark chocolate is considered as one of the sources to obtain potassium. This food also contains magnesium and flavonoids.so chocolate is not only everyone’ s favorite in terms of its luscious taste but also in terms of its nutrient value.

20. Peanut Butter


It is a magical healthy food containing a huge list of good things in it. Among these good things, potassium is also present in enormous amount.so it means that by in taking small amount of it does not mean less benefit but a huge one, no doubt.

19. Kale


Kale is considered in the category of foods high in potassium. The best thing about kale is that it also contains reasonable amount of protein, calcium and vitamins. Different variety of kale exists so it is up to your taste and choice that you choose which type of it. It can be cooked along with spinach doubling both taste and potassium. It is also used as salad.

18. Honey


Honey is favorite of every one. Children love to eat sandwiches made up of honey. Women likes to add honey in desserts. It is not people’s favorite with respect of its delicious taste but because it is a treasure of large number of minerals and Potassium is one of them.

17. Kiwi


This fleshy green colored fruit though is not only a rich source of vitamin c but also contains a good amount of potassium. The latest advancement in research regarding health benefits of kiwi is very fascinating. It says that kiwi is capable of protecting human DNA from oxygen related damage.

16. Lentils


Lentils can be cooked by different ways around the globe and it is available throughout the year. Lentils are one of those foods high in potassium. Lentils are good to keep your cholesterol level under control.

15. Okra


This great vegetable is also known as lady finger. It has a perfect contrast of every nutrient like potassium, calcium, iron and many essential vitamins.

14. Cereals


Cereals like wheat, rice and oat are included in the list of foods high in potassium. In fact some cereals are fortified with this essential nutrient.

13. Avocado


Avocados are best to add in other recipes as well as perfect to eat as it is. It contains 485 mg of potassium. Despite potassium it is a rich source of essential fats and fiber. Fiber though very good for weight loss.

12. Spinach


Spinach is the superb vegetable when it comes to those foods high in potassium. This vegetable is all about giving plus points to body as it also contains a great amount of iron. People with iron deficiency can have it in their diet. It always gives a perfect taste whether cooked or taken as smoothie.

11. Salmon


Salmon and other types of fish are included in healthy food. It contains considerable number of potassium as well as protein and omega 3 which makes it ideal to consider it in your daily food menu. You can contrast your fish with other foods also. Intake of yogurt or garlic and potato sauce are best to add more taste with it.

10. Banana


Banana is the most eaten delicious fruit containing considerable amount of potassium which is helpful to fulfil your daily needs. As it is portable, it is good to give it to your children in their lunch boxes. It gives an instant energy, so good to take it when you are feeling dull and lethargic after some physical activity.

9. Mushrooms


You may get surprised while reading that mushrooms contains the same amount of potassium as banana. They are good to be added with other foods to increase their flavor. Different forms of mushrooms exists around the world and every type has its own different amount of potassium but overall they are best to considered in order to deal with your potassium deficiencies.

8. Broccoli


Among the list of those foods high in potassium, broccoli has its own significance. It contains that amount of potassium which is essential to fulfill nine percent of daily potassium value. It is also a good source of proteins and vitamins. One thing should be kept in mind while cooking broccoli is that do not overcook it otherwise you will lose essential vitamins present in it.

7. Cantaloupe


It is a delicious summer fruit having a great amount of potassium, vitamins and antioxidants. It is good to eat when you are in the process of losing weight. This is naturally sweet in taste, so it should be taken in moderation. Otherwise that high amount of sugar in it will convert into fat which is not at all good for you.

6. Asparagus


Though asparagus contains a good amount of potassium but this amount can be doubled if you add it with other foods like salmon. It not only makes a perfect combination in respect of taste but in terms of nutritional values also. So do not miss the natural flavors of this vegetable in spring.

5. Cabbage


Latest research have highlighted potassium aspect of this vegetable. It is filled with large amount of fiber so good for people who want to lose weight. It is very helpful to keep your metabolism system efficient and in good condition. This wonderful vegetable can do miracles as it has anti-cancer benefits in it naturally.

4. Beets


The high percentage of potassium in beets includes then to the list of foods high in potassium.  Despite of having a good amount of potassium in it, it also contains antioxidant. People avoid beets as they are little bitter in taste, but if you add in your diet as salad or as an ingredient in some drink, you can take advantage of its benefits regarding good health

3. Coconut Water


This wonderful fruit not only is capable of dealing with dehydration but contains a large amount of potassium as well which is considered as building block for the body.

2. Raisins


This tasty dry fruit contains more than 500 milligrams of potassium that is why it is included in kind of those foods high in potassium. It also has significant amount of iron and calcium in it and less percentage of fats and sodium.

1. Clams


Clams not only is a rich source of potassium, but also contains great amount of iron and vitamins. It is recommended to include it in your diet to fulfill the daily requirement of potassium in the body.

As you care for your outer appearance with no compromise on it, likewise you cannot ignore your internal body care. It is very much important to take balanced diet for the growth and maintenance of body. Potassium is one of those essential elements that make your food complete with all required nutrients. The multiple advantages of foods high in potassium mentioned above are enough to provide you a deep insight of potassium. it is indispensable to have required amount of it daily otherwise you will solely be responsible for what happens in future regarding your health condition. If you wish for a healthy and perfect physique, you need to ensure in your good the required amount of potassium.

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