Top 20 Acupressure Points For Pain Relief & Other Problems

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Acupuncture was introduced centuries back and basically it is a part of conventional Chinese medicine. There are certain points in body in which the needles are inserted. At times needles are inserted by using certain mediums like heat, high pressure or by using radiations. Acupuncture is meant to relief pain. But it has wide clinical applications and now acupuncture is done to treat certain health conditions that include headache, migraine, emesis, different kind of inflammatory response, and arthritis. It is safe and effective if the needles are inserted into the right point. It needs accuracy and should be done by an experienced person. Well, sometimes acupuncture might cause pain, which is why it is preferred to insert the needle quickly without causing much pain. This application is I practice throughout the world. This technique is very cheap when treating some lower back issues like sciatica. Mentioned below are the 20 acupuncture points where the needles should be inserted.

20. GB20

GB-20This point is located beneath the skull or in the base. Care should be taken while acupuncturing at this point because brain or skull is the very sensitive area, a slight mistake or the insertion of needle at the wrong side can take away your life. This site helps in improving your memory, and provides quick healing from a certain injury. This is a useful technique for those patients who are in coma.

19. Ear lobe

ear lobeIf the acupuncture is done on the outer lobe of ear, then it is beneficial in weight loss.Manyresearches have been made regarding this topic. However it has been reported that the outer part of the lobe has a direct connection with the part that control appetite. Apart from this point there are five other acupuncture points located in the internal.

Inserting the needle in the outer part basically enhances the metabolic activity inside the body. This activity ultimately starts burning the cholesterol and fat of your body and the result is weight loss.

18. Li 11

LI11Psoriasis is a skin disease.In this type of disease lesions are formed on different places of body. The situation can get worst if you scratch the lesion or take some medicine that reacts with the lesions. Red blotchy patches appear on the body. This Li 11 point is used to treat the psoriasis if it occurs in the upper regions of body including face, or head region. Acupuncture for such condition should take place after every two days to get the positive results in a less number of days. Once the diseased it treated then the treatment should be taken place after a month or two to ensure that such disease won’t relapse.

17. ST 25

st 25Constipation is a general problem that occurs all over the world. Some people are very reluctant to take medicines on regular basis for such issue. Acupuncture is the best solution for constipation. It does not require any intake of medicine on regular basis. The defined point for constipation in acupuncture is ST 25 which means heaven’s pivot. It a region located in stomach.

Acupuncture at this region not only relieves constipation but it also helps to relieve colon cancer, menstrual cramps, and fibroids.

“Acupuncture is not scientifically proven but it has its history centuries back. It is reliable and cost effective method that can relive your ailments.”

16. HT 9

ht-9This point is located on the radial side of axillary artery that leads to the heart. This point is used in the emergency heart attack situation. Acupuncture is done at this heart 9 region to stimulate the heart and try to bring the working to its normal place. This is indeed a very sensitive area, because any carelessness can lead to the death of the patient. That is why acupuncture should be done by a trained person or an expert who is familiar with all the acupuncture pints located in the body region.

This point apart form relieving heart attacks also helps against epilepsy, seizures, hysteria and panic attacks.

15. Epang II

Epang iiMost of the women faces fertility issues and they are reluctant to visit the visit for such issues. Acupuncture is a good alternative which is not very expensive and can be done at home. Many women opt this over the allopathic medication. EpangII is point that is located just above the outer brow near the hair line.

  • Simply the pressure is applied with the help of fingers.
  • This place is pressed and then the fingers are moved in the clockwise direction still pressing the area.
  • For such place fingers are preferred.

14. PC 6

pc 6Anxiety depression is a common issue with specially women. They have a lot of burden so they are more prone to anxiety attacks. There is a problem with anti-anxiety medication that patient become tolerant to these medications after some time.

  • Place three fingers on your wrist.
  • Now place the thumb on the same location where the third finger was touch.
  • Apply a mild pressure at this point.
  • Move your thumb in a circular position.
  • Keep on repeating it for about 1 to 2 minutes.
  • You will instantly get the sensation of calmness.

13. Bi10

bi10This point is also known as celestial pillar. This is the point located at the back of ear lobe slightly below the point where the ear ends. This point is gently pressed with fingers or thumb for about a minute or so. By doing so it will reduce the neck pain.

Apart from neck pain this point is also useful in the treatment of dizziness or headache.

12. Heaven Rushing Out

heaven rushing outCough, influenza throat ache are common problems that occurs almost every year to almost everyone around the world. Prescribing antibiotics every time for such situation can lead to the resistance of the bacteria or vis. So many wise people instead of taking these medicines prefer acupuncture. The points involve for the treatment of cough and throat ache situation is called as heaven rushing out.

  • Place your index finger right between the beauty bones.
  • Apply pressure over this area for two to three minutes.
  • This will soothe up the cough.
  • Repeat it every day thrice.

11. Heavnely Pillar

heavenly pillarStress is a common issue with most of the population of the world stress can lead to many fatal problems like heart attacks hypertension etc. The best way to treat stress is through acupuncture therapy. This point is situated approximately half an inch below the base of the skull. Not only stress but it can relieve pyrosis, throat-ache, and over exhaustion.

  • Place your middle finger and index finger on this point D.
  • Now move it in circular motion.
  • Do no press the area too hard.
  • Keep massaging for about ten minutes.
  • Repeat it twice every day.

10. Ding Chua

ding chuaAsthma cases are increasing day by day. asthma is a manageable condition, but unfortunately it cannot be cured. However through acupuncture the occurrence of asthma attacks are abruptly stopped. Ding Chua point is located on the top of the vertebrae bone and it bulges out when you bend your neck.

  • Acupuncture with fingers is referred over needles.
  • Massage the point with thumb.
  • Move your thumb in circular motion.
  • This will improve the circulation.
  • Repeat it thrice a day for better results.

9. Elegant Mansion

Elegant mensionIf the folic acid supplements are not working properly and the iron deficiency is not fulfilled then forget the medicines and switch to this therapy. Basically this point is located beneath the collar bone on either side. This point helps to relieve sudden sough attacks, thyroid problems, and neck and shoulder pain.

  • Place two fingers on this point.
  • Now press the fingers on this point.
  • Keep pressing for consecutive five minutes.
  • This will relive the problems.

8. GB 37

G.B.-37In other words this point is also known as bright light. This is a gall bladder fire point. If you feel uncomfortable from the heart burn which mainly occurs due to firing of liver. This point is located on the outside of the leg.

  • Pressing this point gently will help in the counter floe of heat.
  • Keep on pressing this point until you don’t feel a change in the burning sensation.

7. GB 4

gb-4This acupuncture point is also known as jaw serenity point. This point starts from above the ear love and ends at half the way through the skull. These are the muscles which can felt while you are eating or chewing anything. This point is perfect in the ailment of sudden and severe migraine points.

  • Continuously pressing this point for about fifteen minutes will surely relieve the migraine pain.
  • You can do this every day, even after and hour so that the migraine do not re-occur.

6. GB 1

gb 1This point is also known as pupil crevice point. It is a hollow point near the outside cure of both the eyes. This point is excellent to enhance the eyes sight specially for studies who have to study late at nights. Acupuncture at this point also relives eye related issues like blurred vision, cataract, or eye swelling.

  • Keep massaging this point.
  • You can keep on doing after regular intervals.
  • This will enhance the blood flow towards eye.

5 Clamped Stream

clamb streamThis point is commonly referred as GB 43 stream point. This point is situated between the fourth and fifth toe finger. Acupuncture at this point improves the blood flow and removes heat from the entire body. This is also beneficial for arthritis and headaches.

  • Putting your thumb at this junction.
  • Pressing it gently while moving your thumb in circular direction.
  • This will improve the blood circulation of the whole body.

4. KD 1

kd 1Refers to kidney one and also known as gushing spring. This point is located on the plantar side of the foot sole, slightly above then the middle of the foot. This point is really helpful in helping against tinnitus, dizziness, and epilepsy episodes. Apart from these it prevents from dry mouth conditions. It also treats insomnia and nausea.

3. PC 1

pc 1This is also known as heavenly pool. This point is located in the forth intercostals space between the ribs. Acupuncturing at this point is very beneficial for women specifically. This point works wonder when it comes to the issues like chest tightening, issues related to breast and lactation. It also prevents from chest congestion conditions. It relives from inflammation in the armpit and breast region.

  • This area is very sensitive so care must be taken.
  • Slightly press the thumb at this point.
  • Move it in clockwise direction.
  • Repeat it every day for better results.

2. SJ 9

sj 9Point usually termed as four rivers. It is located on the backside of the shoulder. SJ basically stands for San Jiao. These are all Chinese origin words. It relieves the pain and improve the body condition. It also works wonder for people who have voice or hearing issues.

  • Insertion of needle perpendicular at this region.
  • Or by pressing the region with thumb will also work.

1. GB 28

gb 28Its English name is linking path and GB refers to gall bladder. So this point is located somewhere near the gall bladder. This point alleviates the conditions related to gall bladder like gall stones.


  • A little bit of exercise is ok after acupuncture.
  • Do eat something light after the therapy.
  • Swimming will be a good option after acupuncture.
  • Drink something warm.


  • Do not apply high pressure at acupuncture points.
  • Do not visit a quack for this method.
  • Do not starve or remain hungry before this treatment.
  • Do not wear tight clothes.
  • Do not stay awake till late at night a night before your acupuncture treatment.
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol before the treatment.
  • Do not eat ice-cream or have cold drinks.

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