9 Super Foods for Women You Should Aware Of

Making a diet plan is very important in one’s life, we do not take it seriously and eat all things which are always not good for us. Try to find out your super food which is important to include in your diet, which make you energetic, stress free, boost fertility, lower the risk of cholesterol, high blood pressure and make nursing easy if you are a new mother. Here we are sharing some fat burning foods which will definitely beneficial when you include them in your diet.

“Proper diet is the guarantee of healthy and energetic life. Always take proper food because health of a women is the health of the whole family.”

9. Eggs

eggs..Yolks of egg plays vital role to get loads of nutrients. The yolk has choline, which helps to reduce the chances of breast cancer. A research proved that a women should take at least six eggs in a weak to reduce 44% chances of breast cancer. It has some antioxidants that help to avoid macular collapse. Some of us think that eggs are harmful for our heart health, that’s not completely true, they have healthy nutrients to take. Research proved that it doesn’t increase the heart attack risk, but people with heart diseases can take one or two egg in a week, rest of us can take omelet or boil egg whole weak because they are full of proteins, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Athletes use egg as essential food because they have protein which is easily digested, also the hard boiled egg is an ecstatic food which can be used easily as a snack with tea time. The rich quantity of Sulphur, vitamins and minerals encourage the hair and nail growth, nails and hair are very essential portion of women’s Beauty.

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8. Apple

Apple JuiceEvery woman wants to be fit. The main problem which brings more problems in your body, is weight, gaining too much weight is the root of other diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems and insomnia. Apple is the one who helps to protect you from all above diseases, it can control cholesterol. The high fiber helps to burn cholesterol from the body and give you the proper figure. An antioxidant called quercetin, found in apple peel, it is also present in onion and tomato, helps to better up the lungs function. Apple also helps to boost up your memory. They have the fiber which helps to lower the risk of cholesterol. Research proved that a woman who takes an apple a day will protect herself from diabetes, its fiber controls the sugar swings in the blood.

7. Magic Of Nuts

nutsNuts are scrutinize as a magical food for woman’s health especially when it comes to lose thigh fat. Nuts are the combination of minerals, different antioxidants and healthy fats. They have the ability to control blood pressure, cholesterol and they can easily fight against tenderness. They reduce chubbiness, you can say nuts give you the healthy body as well as healthy mind.
Researches proved that a woman who in take more nuts will have less chances to get type 2 diabetes, and this helps to give you the balance weight. The more consumption of nuts will prevent the rising of cardiac disease, 44% of risk is reduce if you take the 5 servings of nuts in a week. So we can say for gaining the healthy life, woman should take hand full of peanuts, almonds or other nuts in a day, because these nuts promotes you towards healthy life and reduce the risk of different diseases which we already mentioned above.

6. Fish

FishSea food is the great source to intake iron, zinc and protein together. And if you are conceiving a baby so these are the vital nutrients for the growth of your baby. After pregnancy, this food is to be the best intake to lose belly fat fast. The Omega-3 fatty acids which are present in fish, is help to develop your baby’ brain. In pregnancy, every woman becomes her own nutritionist but they get confused easily about what should they eat and what should they do not eat? So do not think so much about sea food, it’s really safe and leaves good impacts on your baby’s growth.
All the sea foods contain mercury but some have the large number of it like; swordfish, king mackerel, tilefish and shark. When you are pregnant try to avoid those which have the high amount of mercury because it could harm your child’s nervous system. You should use trout, salmon, herring, sardines, anchovies, Atlantic and pacific mackerel because they are low in mercury and very high in Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin-D. Those can be eaten in a salad or grilled them.

“This article helps to decide the proper food for women in a very balanced manner according to their needs in daily life.”

5. The Power Of Dairy Products (Milk, Yogurt And Cheese)

The Power of Dairy ProductsTake these dairy product every day in your meal. Try to make 3 servings of them, make yogurt smoothie, milk shake or egg burrito shredded with cheese, or you can take Greek yogurt, whole milk with cereal. Make sure to take milk in your night meal to get the high amount of Protein and Calcium which also helps to get rid of bags under eyes. If you take dietary supplements of calcium and vitamins, they cannot meet your body’s desired nutrients and they do not contains that amount of Vitamin A, B12 and D, calcium, protein and phosphorus that the dairy products have naturally. Research proved that you can take 47% of calcium from milk, 65% of vitamin D and 42% of Vitamin A. If you take phosphorus and calcium supplements, they do not work as they work when they take in the form of milk. They leaves high effects of your bones health. Research proved that milk is the great source to get adequate amount of calcium.
Nutritionist always encourages to take 3 servings of milk, yogurt and cheese. They are highly recommended due to their healthy impacts on our body especially when it comes to how to get rid of acne scars. It helps to increase folate, which helps to lower the risk of strokes and heart disease, especially when woman is conceiving a baby, it may lower the risk of birth flaws.

4. Magical Tomatoes

tomatoesThe great source of getting vitamins and minerals all in one. They can be used as juices with the combination of apple, carrots and other items or you can use them in salad. There are various choices for you to use healthy tomatoes in your daily meal, they give tremendous health benefits to you. Study proved that the glass of tomato juice can give 74% of daily recommended Vitamin C and 2% of Vitamin A to the women. It is the marvelous source to take minerals and vitamins.
Lycopene, an organic compound, found in tomato have works against cancer or we can say it is a cancer fighting element. It helps to protect from several kind of cancer; prostate, lung, pancreas, colorectal and breast cancer. Tomatoes are also very effective against heart diseases. They helps to regulate the blood circulation in the body which lower the risk of heart disease and controls the cholesterol level.
The benefits of tomatoes for women are so much but the main is for nursing mothers. Research proved that tomatoes or the meal which are made from tomatoes like juice, ketchup and sauces increases the absorption of lycopene which helps to increase breast milk which is very beneficial for nursing mothers. So those woman should take tomatoes in their meals.

3. Beans

beansBeans are the powerful package, they are full of iron, calcium, vitamins and potassium and are said to be the best when it comes to how to lose belly fat quickly. Also they have protein and fiber in it. Research proved that single serving of bean could give you daily recommended nutrient. They can be prepared in various ways because they are really very easy to cook. They have the ability to boost you heart health. Beans and its family; chickpeas, soybeans and lentils are using in all over the world in different cuisines. Chickpeas and lentils are common in Middle Eastern and Persian cuisine, black beans are used in American and Caribbean cuisine and white beans are mostly seen in Italian and French food. If you want to get more and more health benefits of beans so try to make them with other foods, they can be mixed easily in soups, salads, vegetable or meat dishes, in this way you can get more protein from beans.
The scientists at Harvard School gave the review about dietary data that the women between26 to 46, who take beans twice a weak have 25% lower risk of breast cancer as compare to those women who take beans and lentils just one time in a month. Folate helps to control the birth defects in women who wants to conceive.

2. Green Leafy Vegetable

Green VegetablesThe best in all vegetable. They are full of iron and folic acids, vitamin A, C, and K, potassium, magnesium are also presents in them with high amount. They are low in calories, their dietary fiber helps to control weight properly. Health study proves that the frequent use of green vegetables decreases the risk of cardiac disease and helps you grow hair faster. Green leafy vegetables are helpful to lower risk of cardiac disease and diabetes. The high amount of vitamin K produce osteocalcin which plays the vital role in women’s bones health. Try to add 1 serving in your daily food, it will reduce the risk of fracture in middle aged women. They are also the great source of iron and vitamin A which protects immune system. Your body need some fats, so try to make these green leafy vegetable with some olive oil or canola oil. In this way your body absorbs all the vitamin and fats according to its need. These green leafy vegetables mostly used in salad, so the butter, oil or cheese are must to use in them, this will become full nutritional meal. You can add spinach, arugula, broccoli, collard greens, kale, romaine lettuce and mustard greens in many ways, you can add them in salad, pasta, wraps or even omelet and these are very much healthy.

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1. The Irony Beet Root

BEETROOTSThe great source of sugar, helps to better up the stamina, controls blood pressure also used in skin problems, constipation and wounds. Related to the family of turnips and sugar beet. It is known as the great source of iron and folic acids. Beet roots can be cooked, boiled or baked. You can add them in salads or eat raw. The beet root juice is also very beneficial. It contains iron, minerals, folic acids, calcium and potassium. It has the power to improve the working and production of red blood cells, it gives you the high amount of hemoglobin which is very much important for woman specially the pregnant woman faces the problem of lower hemoglobin. Beet root juice works tremendously for those women because the folic acids which are present in them helps to control birth defects and gives the baby beautiful skin tone, it also helps the baby’s spinal cord growth. It also works as skin cleanser because it improves digestive system and cleans the intestine perfectly, the fiber helps to clean all the waste from the body, these all things directly effects to your skin color and later you see the result as glowing skin. Regular intake of beet root juice gives you the balanced body and gives your body protection against the negative impacts of exercise. It seriously works as energizer. The juice helps to perfect the immune system, protects your body from infections. Try to make sure the presence of beet root in your diet in fight against obesity and give you the balanced figure. Increased your stamina and give you fatigue free life.


  • Try to make diet plan, so it will help you what to eat.
  • Use more and more vegetables and fruits in your meal.
  • Make sure you are taking enough iron which your body requires.
  • Add more calcium in the shape of dairy products to get healthier bones.
  • Take fresh juices, to get fresh and glowing skin.Don’ts:
  • Don’t leave breakfast if you don’t want to eat anything take a glass of milk or juice, it boost your metabolism.
  • Don’t take more sugar because it gives you more and more calories.
  • Don’t take so much junk food it increases the carbohydrate level which badly effect on your mood.
  • Try to avoid caffeine and alcoholic drinks it may cause osteoporosis.
  • Don’t leave fat completely, your body needs some natural fats, it helps to boost your brain power.

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