8 Best And Effective Weight Loss Tips For New Moms

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After the birth of your child, your body starts recovering. It needs constant supply of vitamins and minerals to heal. After childbirth, you are now fatigued and need healthful foods to get your body back on the track. You may also wonder the time when you’ll be able to return back to your pre-pregnancy weight. In addition, if you are a breastfeeding mother, your child is totally relying on you for crucial nutrients.

Here are some best and effective weight loss tips for new moms to focus on. After reading thhese tips, you would probably ask yourself, “Do i have time for this?”. The answer would probably be, “No”. I know, it would take much of the time, flexibility and motivation to plan things according to the workout. But it is not wise to leave your body helpless just because your are a mom. I always find time for fitness and exercise.

Weight Loss Tips For New Moms

If you do agree and you want healthier, trimmer, slim and smart body, try to follow my useful and best weight loss tips for new moms.

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1. Keep A Track Of Your Nutrient Needs

Nutrient Needs

You need to know your nutrient needs. We have consulted nutrition experts and asked them the nutrient needs of new moms for safe weight loss. Here are they,

If You’re Breastfeeding:

  • Calories: 2,200–2,400
  • Calcium: 1,000–1,300 mg
  • Folate: 280 mcg
  • Iron: 15 mg
  • Protein: 65 g
  • Vitamin C: 95 mg

If You’re Not Breastfeeding:

  • Calories:  1,900–2,200
  • Calcium: 1,300 mg
  • Folate: 180 mcg
  • Iron: 15 mg
  • Protein: 44–50 g
  • Vitamin C: 60 mg

According to Eileen Behan, R.D., a dietitian in Portsmouth, N.H., who specializes in weight management for individuals and families,

“All these nutrients are vitally important if you’ve just had a baby. Folate is important for future pregnancies; vitamin D and calcium are vital for bone health; iron will help with anemia; vitamin C is necessary for iron absorption; and protein is crucial for building and repairing your tissues. You need even more of these nutrients during lactation for milk production and because they leave your body with the milk.”

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2. Breastfeed Your Baby

Breastfeed Your Baby

If you are breastfeeding your baby, you are already following one of the best weight loss tips. It will provide your baby with IgM antibodies which can only be given through passive immunity. There would be least chances for your baby to get an infection. What for you then? Breastfeeding your baby burns an extra 500 calories per day. It will help your uterus to contract. Your uterus will get back to its natural size in less time.

3. Make A Stock Of Healthy Fast Foods

Make A Stock Of Healthy Fast Foods

“What is the point here?” You might be thinking why to “Make a stock”? The answer is very simple, if they are around, you would eat them. Yeah, just like it is tempting to grab a bag of chips and soda if they are handy. Here are some suggestions for the stock.

Low-fat and fat-free yogurt; low-fat deli meats; low-fat or fat-free pudding made with milk or containing 30 percent calcium (especially good for quelling chocolate cravings!); part-skim cheese sticks; prepackaged sliced fruits and vegetables; ready-made salads; cooked whole grains such as brown rice; whole-grain cereals, breads and pastas.

When you have such healthful foods readily accessible, there are less chances that you will snack to the chips or any other fast food that would distract you from your plan.

4. More Water, Less Weight

More Water, Less Weight

you might have heard before from someone and will be having questions in your mind that does drinking water help lose weight, the simple answer is yes. Drink plenty of water is one of the simplest and effective weight loss tips. For breastfeeding moms, this is even more crucial. You need to drink 8 – 12 glasses of water per day. It’ll keep your body hydrated throughout the day. You can add flavor like by using lemon or cucumber pieces because there are lots of benefits of cucumber. Your skin will also look great and fresh.

5. Do Exercise Early

Do Exercise Early

It becomes really difficult to do exercise when your baby is awake. You don’t find time for exercise as you are preparing milk for your baby or changing clothes or doing a lot other stuff. Well, you can manage it. Yes you surely can.  Plan your schedule and do your exercise early, before the baby wakes up. Any morning exercise can turn out to be the best exercise to lose weight fast for you if you are consistent in it.Doing exercise in early morning is one of the best weight loss tips.

6. Exercise With Your Baby

Exercise With Your Baby

If somehow you are unable to manage your exercise schedule while your baby is sleeping or if you are successful in doing exercise but still want to do even more, then there are plenty of exercises that you can do throughout the day. For example,  holding your baby or putting the baby in a front carrier, include squats and lunges. As the baby get past 6 months, you can even do crunches with your baby on your belly. Bond with your baby while getting in a great workout!

7. Enjoy Going Outdoors With Your Baby

Enjoy Going Outdoors With Your Baby

Your baby is in a running stroller, you are enjoying great outdoors, fresh air, singing songs with your newborn. What a feel? It definitely Sounds great. The best part is that you can get your workout in along with the enjoyment.

8. Keep Going


You need to go easy on yourself as it could take a year or even more to lose the pregnancy weight. This is it. Don’t beat up yourself if you are not seeing any progress or you are not bouncing back to your pre-pregnancy weight quickly. You need to adapt to this. This is your new life. So just keep going on.

Now you have your weight loss tips and your workout. No distractions, no hindrance. Just plan things and achieve your goal.

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