7 Valuable Natural Makeup Brands

Submitted By Jane Sills  

What if your gorgeousness is fading away although you use expensive and good quality synthetic makeup.   Natural is always better whether you eat cereals at your breakfast table or apply foundation to your skin at your dressing table. Natural makeup is great to use in it that it gives you beauty with the protection and health of skin. This article will cover natural makeup brands which you can use as part of your skin care. Go ahead.

7. Physicians Formula Makeup Brand


Physicians Formula is considered as one of the best natural makeup brand not in respect of the quality of their products but also in terms of their reasonable prices. They make products in all makeup areas like for eyes, lips, overall face and skin.

6. Pure And True Makeup Brand


Pure and true product line is all phthalate, sulphates and artificial coloring free. They make products for all skin types. Their anti aging and face cleansing range is just marvelous.

5. bareMinerals Makeup Brand


Bare Minerals is the brand which has a very vast range of products. Like concealers, primers, eye brightener, eye shadows, blush, lipstick, lip-gloss, all facial products and much much more. For people with acne, they have the separate range of products.

4. 100% Pure Makeup Brand


100 % pure has it full commitment to produce natural, chemical free and antioxidant products. The best thing about this natural makeup brand is that it uses fruit pigments in their products which gives you intense beauty with natural care. The brand is specialized in hair and nail products. So you can get everything here which makes you look beautiful 100%.

3. Zuii Organic


Toxic chemicals present in cosmetics poses a very serious risk to skin and its freshness. Zuii organic aims in producing all natural products. Their products have been certified by many international organizations as safe and pure organic products. The best thing about this natural makeup brand is its ingredients which are being displayed on their home page also. You can always check the credibility of their products by checking in the details mentioned there.

 2. Tarte Cosmetics


They make products in makeup and skin care areas. Their products have the uniqueness in the sense that they are infused with plant extracts, fruit extracts, minerals and all natural material.  Tarte smart makeup pallets are very popular as they are smart enough to be carried along anywhere you go.

1. Lavera Makeup Brand


Lavera brand products are for skin care, cosmetics and makeup. This natural makeup brand has a full fledge portion of beauty guide with the skin type test on their home page. After this you will be able to choose those natural products which best suits you and in other words which are made for you.

Synthetic ingredients products slowly and gradually damage your beauty and wither your skin. So will you give your beauty to those hands which are only aimed to gain profit? Natural makeup brands provide you equal care and splendor in safe way. So it’s time to shift from synthetic to natural.


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