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7 Useful Tips On How To Grow Long Nails

Women have natural desire to have longer, smoother and well-shaped nails. For this purpose, they are ready to try every single way to grow their nails longer with fast speed. Another reason behind the desire of longer nails is to try different nail art, nail shapes and ever changing manicure patterns. Here we will explain some useful and unique ways on how to grow long nails naturally.

7. Avoid Biting Nails


Very first step to have longer and well-shaped nails is to keep them safe from excessive habit of biting. Although biting nails is compulsive typo habit which is difficult to stop but one effective way is to paint your nails all the times. You can use transparent polish to avoid nibbling frequently.

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6. Drink Plenty Of Water


One of the top listed and most useful ways on how to grow longer and stable nails is the use of plenty of water in routine. Dry nails split and break quite easily whereas water keeps them moisturized, so drink as many glasses of water as possible. Beside drinking water, use cuticle oils and lotions in order to avoid excessive dryness.

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5. Effectively File Nails


The main reason behind breakage and splitting of nails is improper cutting and filing of nails. To grow your nails longer, you need to file them effectively so that they will not break easily. One way is to file your nails properly in a single direction and if necessary, do back and forth motion accordingly.

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4. Wisely Chose Nail Shapes


Another effective way on how to grow long nails is to have appropriate shape that resists quick breakage. Rounded and oval-shaped nails usually are less prone to excessive break down, square shape has benefits too but sharp corners should be avoided.

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3. Use Gloves


One effective and useful way to have naturally longer nails is the use of gloves while doing household chores. Use of gloves saves nails from frequent exposure of water, because water softens nails and cuticles. Rubber gloves are best option while washing and cleaning dishes etc.

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2. Change Your Lifestyle


You can also grow your nails longer by simply changing the way of living. Try to eat healthy food containing protein, calcium and potassium. Also, change the cleaning and maintenance methods of nails for better and effective results.

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1. Use Biotin Supplements


Biotin vitamin is very effective in order to grow long nails and it is abundantly used vitamin all over the world. Better way is to reduce the deficiency through proper diet but if problem sustains, then use Biotin supplements according to the prescriptions of your doctor.

Except these few suggestions, there are other plenty of ways on how to grow long nails in less amount of time. Like ways using good nail products, by avoiding excessive chemicals, nail removers, and use of fish oil supplements on regular basis. You can also sock your nails in gelatin and warm water to strengthen nail beds. Stronger and stable nails will grow faster and smoother.

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