7 Unique School Hairstyles

Alissa Ward   Writer
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When you’re getting ready for school in the morning, you want to have a hairstyle that’s simple enough to be ready quickly but still cool enough to help you be noticeable in a bunch of crowd. And it’s even more exciting to have a look in a new hairstyle which is freshened up in a way that you can easily be distinguished as a school girl. Some of the school hairstyles are listed below to give you a look of an extra ordinary elegance.

7. Classic Ponytail


If a neat and a gleamy ponytail is desired, brush your hair and straighten it before further styling. If you want a messy ponytail, which looks much cute and gives you an innocent look, leave your hair in its natural condition. This well groomed and neatly tailored short, but messy ponytail will take all of your just two minutes but will give you self-assurance all day long.

6. Layered Ponytail


This option in school hairstyles needs your hair to be divided into four sections. They should be full bosomed on one another in a line extending from the tip of your head to the back side of your neck. But one thing should be kept in mind while wearing this style, the more tangled, the better.

5. Ruffled Pixie


Short pixie cuts are still an appealing trend. Rock one into the school year by keeping it marginal in the front with lots of texture throughout. Circumference of the haircut should be soft to keep the look of being a school girl. Heart shaped faces look best with this hairdo. One tip is to zest your look with a cute glistering pin or headband. Short haircuts are not as changeable so help change up your look from day to day.

4. Sugar And Spice


In order to have this funky look, long layers, impressively swept to the sides, a marvelous fall look is there for you to get complemented. Applicable to all face shapes (Oval, round, long, heart and square) and hair that is normal to thick in density with not too much natural texture will work best.

One tip is to make a smoother flat ironing process, blow dry with a flat paddle brush from the roots to tips instead of just blowing your hair all around. It works best on hair and keeps a natural volume of your hair. It will be a perfect selection in all school hairstyles.

3. Fresh Fishtail


The fishtail trend is going strong. Take this classic braid to whole new level by learning how to fishtail braid. This style is perfect for girls with long hair of any type or texture. If you roll your hair first it will help keep some ridges and texture on top. This fishtail goes perfectly Independent of all hair types and face shapes, just your hair has to be somewhat long. Hair elastics which are clear are easy for the hands to wear and they go great with any hair color. Bulky elastic bands don’t look as cute for finishing off braids.

2. Fashion Forward


Shorter than what you may have wished but it is completely a hot style now a days. If someone of you has short hair, you must give this style a go for school. The shorter “pixie” type cut that figures your face is tiptop trendy and lets the real YOU bloom! In school hairstyles, this can be applicable to different face shapes like oval, square or round. And hearts especially can rock it too depending on where the face frames fall. Hair with fine to thick compactness work well.

1. Micro Braid Headband


If you are not so fond of these French braids or you just don’t know how? So this funky braid is there to give you an immense grace, enwrapped over your head and makes your hairstyle looks like wearing a headband. It is quite easy, helps keep hair out of your face and adds a bit of twisted flair! These little styling traces can be added to straight hair or curled hair. All face shapes and hair types can support this fun twisted style. You just have to have long hair to get this braid reach to the other side of your head.

School life is one of the most beautiful era of one’ life, having a school full of students wearing the same clothes and hairstyles helps make up an integration within the class. School hairstyles help ease this sameness as well by giving each person some sort of different styles making everyone feel more at comfort level.

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