7 Tips on How should I Cut My Hair

Submitted By Jane Sills  

If you are tired of your current look you can get yourself a new transformed look by getting a haircut but you might be wondering how should I cut my hair? Then there you are with the seven helpful tips of haircuts that will assist you in making decision that suits your face shape.

7. Long Layered Hair For Round Face


Round face shape looks incredibly gorgeous and flattering with hair cut in long layers. The long layers starting just below the jaw with center parting creates an illusion of length in the face causing it to look slimmer. This haircut is ideal with medium length hair. You need to be careful about maintaining the hair as frizzy layers can add in bulk spoiling the slimming effect of the haircut.

6. Angled Bobs For Round Face


Angled bob is another beautiful choice to consider for round faces, while pondering on how should I cut my hair? This haircut creates a perfect balance through its angles that give structure and neutralize the soft lines of round face. The long distinct layers and shortening hair towards nape create the desired angles for the face shape. Adding volume to the roots with some volumizing product can further enhance the slimming effect but you need to avoid using that on sides as it will make your face appear wide.

5. Short Pixie Cut For Round Face


Short pixie that is well defined can enhance the eyes and cheekbones; leading the round faced women look astoundingly beautiful. If you have medium to long hair and you need a drastic change than short pixie cut hairstyles could be the perfect pick for you.

4. Blunt Bangs For Oval Face


If you have an oval face and are thinking about how should I cut my hair than here is an easy solution. Blunt straight bangs covering the brow lines are perfect for oval faced girls as they create an illusion of width by breaking up the length of oval face.

3. Bob Coupled With Side Bangs For Oval Face


Bob and side bangs make a perfect combination especially for oval face shapes. The side bangs add softness and break the length of a long face.

 2. Thinned Out Bob For Square Face


A thin tapering bob that reaches the chin level from the front works exceptionally well with square face shape. To get yourself more flattering outlook go for adding texture in hair by spraying in some dry shampoo and flatten off the ends with ironing.

 1. Long Layered Waves For Heart Shaped Face


Center parting with long layers in medium to long slightly wavy hair is just the right pick if you have a heart shaped face and are wondering how should I cut my hair. The look will become more overwhelming for your face shape if you will let just a few strands of hair fall between the nose and ears.

The above listed tips would have definitely answered the query of how should I cut my hair effectively. Go ahead with the cut that compliments your face shape and bring in the change in your looks!

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