7 Super Foods for Weight Loss

Submitted By Jane Sills  

Not all foods are causing you to gain weight, thus, not all foods are to be avoided when you are trying to lose weight.  The right choice of diet can help you boost your weight loss, all the while meeting your body’s requirements of energy. Here is a list of super foods for weight loss that will boost your weight loss.

7. Greens


Greens are arguably the best and most effective super foods for weight loss. It could be any green vegetables you enjoy, preferably spinach, collards and chards. They have a high amount of fibers but very little carbohydrates and fats. They are also packed with minerals and vitamins of almost all types. Perfect for weight loss.

6. Eggs


Eat them whole if you don’t have any other health issues. They are one the best foods for weight loss. Eggs contain lots of proteins especially in the yolk, healthy fats but very small amount of cholesterol. Different researches also suggest that eggs make a person feel full, and make him eat less.

5. Boiled Potatoes


This is probably news for most people that boiled potatoes are efficient super foods for weight loss.  It is a very balanced source of energy as it contains all the important dietary nutrients. It will be particularly healthy to consume potatoes for breakfast. The large amount of fibers also help.

4. Salmon


 It contains all kinds of healthy nutrients and has particularly low amount of fats. In general, seafood is an important source of minerals particularly iodine, which are important constituents of diets. Regularly consuming salmon is guaranteed to help you lose fat.

3. Soups


There is a reason why soups are appetizers for meals. They possess very small nutritive values. You can always prepare the type of soup with vegetables and proteins to prepare a balanced diet. The low energy density helps you feel full, when you have consumed a large volume but very small nutritive value.

2. Nuts


Although some nuts are really calorie dense, in general, nuts possess a very balanced set of nutrient components and serve as boosters of body metabolism. Thus they maximize calorie consumption and are at the top in the list of super foods for weight loss. Be careful not to over consume them, they are also high in calories.

1. Full-fat Yogurt


Believe it or not, yogurt is an amazing source of energy and nutrition particularly when full fat. It primarily improves your gut functioning working in a similar way to fibers. This improves metabolic activities in all your body, and helps you fight diseases related to the digestive tract. This has a direct effect on weight loss.

Weight loss is the new trend these days. Changing lifestyles have forced us to adapt to a more lethargic routine. Obesity is on the rise due to ever rising popularity of junk food. People are turning to aggressive methods of weight loss particularly dieting, which has its own demerits to speak of. The best way is to develop a habit of mild exercise in addition to a balanced diet. Maybe these super foods for weight loss can be of help.

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