7 Majestic Makeup Ideas for Green Eyes

Green eyes look beautiful without makeup but they can look immensely gorgeous if right makeup is applied on them; same way wrong way of doing makeup or wrong color choices can make them look like a disaster. Here are some makeup ideas for green hooded eyes that will aid you in making choices:

1. Navy And Purple Smokey Eye


Smokey eyes in matte with these hues look just flattering. To get the look start with primer followed by white eye shadow as the highlighter; proceed with applying light taupe brown on crease lay down the color with circular movements. Apply white hue on inner corner of eye and apply a blackish purple hue on the whole eye lid and lower lash line and blend afterwards. Line your waterline with black eye pencil followed by liquid eye liner on upper lid. Curl lashes and apply mascara to finish.

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2- Neutral Smokey Eye


Best of makeup ideas for green eyes; they just look marvelous in neutral hues with subtle Smokey outlook. This can be worn in routine to get softer yet modish look.  Apply the eyeliner under the lid and on waterline. Generously apply mascara to get the final look.

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3- Green Smokey Eye


After a base wear nude shade on the entire eyelid; followed by green on the outer one third of the lids and sweep it towards the center of eyes and blend.  Use same under outer half of lower eyelid. Single coat of mascara will furnish you the astounding looks.

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4- Burgundy Wine With Copper Shimmer And Burgundy Glitter


This is another among shimmery makeup ideas for green eyes.  After priming the eye and apply burgundy wine hue on the lids, which is a deep and sultry shade, dress it with copper shimmer and glitter in burgundy to make it more flared.  Line the eyes and apply mascara to get the finished outlook.

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5- Gold And Emerald Green Eyes


Gold and emerald look fabulous with green eyes and can be done in the same manner as you do the basic Smokey eye.

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6- Dusty Pink Silver Beige

dusty pink silver beige

It’s a unique blend of pink, beige and silver. With beige as the highlighter and pink and silver hues on the lids, this look makes it just perfect among makeup ideas for green eyes. These hues are just lovely and furnish outstanding outlook.

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7- Brown Smokey Eye

Brown Smokey eye

Start with an ivory base on the lids followed by brown tinge from center of lid to the outer part and brush the length of the crease for highlighting. Now use same shadow under the lower part of the lid from center to outwards.  Line the eyelids and apply mascara to get done.

With these seven majestic makeup ideas for green eyes you can now enjoy doing makeup utilizing less effort in deciding what colors to use and what style to pick. Beautify your green hue of eyes perfectly and practice to get your hands on eye makeup and then you can always do it like a professional makeup artist.

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