7 Incredibly Simple Ideas Of How To Do Your Hair In No Time

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Mornings are usually very busy especially for working moms; even for girls as the “five minutes more sleep and then I am up” gets them only five minutes to get ready for college. This article will focus on seven incredibly simple ideas of how to do your hair in no time; isn’t that fantastic? So here you go!

7.  Knotted Pony


Tired of looking the same every single day? Try out this knotted ponytail that will bring in the twist. Fragment your strands into two pieces at the nape and make a simple knot with them followed by another knot and finally securing with a rubber band. You can either smooth out the loose strands for sleek looking pony or tease them to get a messy outlook. This will not only look different but also furnish you with chic appearance.

6. Mermaid Tail Braid


You are going to love this beautiful idea of how to do your hair. Simply pull all your hair at one side and section them in two equal parts followed by braiding both sections using basic pleats. After securing both the braids tug them to get the effect and then twist them around each other to get the finished look.

5. Teased Half Up


This is another simple and quick hairdo that you can easily do in the morning. Begin with adding volume at the crown through teasing your hair followed by side parting your hair and gently pulling back some strands from the front and pin them as you do in a half updo hairstyles.

4. Messy Side Braid


How to do your hair in less time is not as difficult as it seems in the beginning, right? A messy side braid is also an option among the easy and time saving hairdos. You can have several variations like letting some strands hang lose to frame face, twisting the strands from the front or simply pulling them back and pinning them.

The main part is to bring all hair strands to one side and braid them, gently tug to give braid volume and pull out some strands to get the messy look.

3. Longer Fuller Ponytail


Make your ponytail look longer than before using this simple technique. Section your hair in two parts horizontally taking two thirds of hair in the upper portion and one third at the nape. Turn them into two separate ponytails; one high pony from the upper part and a low pony at nape; this will give the desired illusion of length.

2. Twisted Ponytail


Getting comfortable with how to do your hair? Here is another easy twist. Turn your hair into low ponytail, create a hole in the middle of tied hair above the elastic and pass the loose hair upside down through that hole and your hair are done.

1. Scarf Wrapped Low Bun


Make a loose messy bun at the nape using elastic and bring in the style and color by wrapping it with a scarf.

Now that you have got some useful ideas of how to do your hair, you can look modish everyday without spending much time in front of the mirror.

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