7 Gorgeous Yet Simple Hairstyles For Round Faces Women

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Do you have a troublesome round face? Do you think you’re not photogenic? Well you couldn’t be more wrong! A Round face does not mean you can’t have just as amazing hair as heart shaped and oval shaped people. Styling your hair can easily be used to mask facial roundness. Here are a few simple hairstyles for round face women for all occasions.

 7. Long Wavy Layers With Side Swept Bangs


The prettiest hairstyle for round faced women is wavy layers. The layers will form around your face adjusting nicely to the shape of your face giving it a slimming effect. You can also combine that with side swept bangs to get an amazing hair do.

 6. Pixie Hairstyle


Pixie hairstyles have come in fashion astonishingly well, especially as they are remarkably easy to manage and style and suit round faces very well too. You can tone your hair from the ends for an even more stylish look.

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 5. Half Up Do


With a round face, the best thing to do is to avoid tightly pulled back hair. Go with a half up do, dividing your hair into sections and pinning them up lightly, increase height, and leave a few strands still hanging down your face for a pretty swept away effect. This is the simplest hairstyle for round faced women.

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 4. Side Parting With Curls


Many people say that curls don’t suit a round face, but try arranging your curls with a side parting, try to avoid parting your hair in the middle with a round face. To give an amazing look, use serum to make sure you curls stay in position and away from your face.

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 3. Front French Braid Hairstyle


Can’t bear to have your hair open and falling in your eyes all the time? Then the front French braid is the perfect thing for you, divide the front hair of your head into three sections and then just as with a normal French braid, weave your hair, moving backwards, picking up new sections as you go. This leaves hair hanging down around both sides of your face giving a very elegant and slimming effect to your face.

 2. Asymmetrical Bob


Another hairstyle for round faced women is the asymmetrical bob, Uneven short layers give the perfect thinning and long effect to your face, not to mention a very classy and chic look.

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 1. The Twisted Bun


Want a grown up and elegant look? Go for the twisted bun, easy to make and easy to manage! Side part your hair, take a section from the heavier side and twist it, secure behind your ear with bobby pins. Twist the rest of your hair into a bun and pin behind the ear too.

There is no shortage of hairstyles for round faces women! The key thing to remember while adjusting your hair is to keep more volume around the crown than around your face. It will give your face a slimming and prettier effect.

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