7 Fitness Goals For Women

Fitness goals are usually included in the New Year resolutions but they can be formulated any time what matters is that these goals are achieved. Fitness goals should be practically feasible and according to the level and strength of the one setting goals. Another element to consider is that there should be list of smaller fitness goals, which leads you towards a bigger goal rather than one ambiguous goal.

Here are some of these fitness goals for women that can help you to achieve the bigger goal of better you:

7. Master One Of The Exercise Classes


This is one of the most effective fitness goals for women. Find out the category of exercise that inspire you and feel passionate about it, master it through continuous practice and dedication. You can select cardio, yoga, zumba, dance workouts, pilates, aerobics or any other and get yourself to master the techniques so that you get the most benefit out of it and also save time when every move is on finger tips.

6. Increasing Water Consumption


Water is an unforgettable component of fitness goals, no matter what you are aiming to achieve be it a getting healthy body, slimming your waistline or you name it; water will help you get there at a faster pace while doing wonders for your skin and hair.

5. Strength Benchmark


Set the fitness goals for women that include the element of strength training. Strength should not be avoided when considering health as strong muscles will result in stronger you. Include a goal to do a plank of two minutes; ten push ups in full motion and one full body weight chin up on daily basis, which will help you tone your body while strengthening muscles.

4. Train Yourself For A Challenging Event


This is an incredible fitness goal that will get a perfectly shaped and ideally weighed body. Take the challenge to participate and win a race be it of running, swimming or any other involving physically active sport. Go wild and train yourself for the event and you will get near to your big dream.

3. Have Adventurous Vacation Tours


Plan vacations and holidays with full of adventure activities like hikes, walks, yoga festivals, aerobic classes, visiting exotic places for dining that need you to walk for some distance etc. This will be an effectual fitness goal with fun element.

2. Ingesting Right Food


Your fitness goals for women must not neglect the food element. It is the basic need of every human and is essentially important for gaining and maintaining good shape and health. Make healthier choices for yourself focusing on vegetables and fruits, which deliver the essential vitamins required to run a healthy human body, whole grain that will help you on fibers and avoiding the junk foods packed up with meager nutrition and high calories.

1. Keep Motivated


Set out a fitness goal that keeps you motivated for example buying a new dress after shedding 10 pounds.

With short term fitness goals for women you can reach the long lasting benefits of getting fit and healthy. Peek in yourself and find your motivation forces to set the goals that pave the way to a flawless you.

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