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7 Fabulous Creations Of Round Acrylic Nails

Having the right shape for nails is necessary to have a perfect style especially when you have lot of options to follow. Rounded tip is favored and easy to maintain acrylic cute nails shape that breaks quite rarely so it is a perfect one for acrylic coatings. Plenty of unique styles are followed in round acrylic nails, some amazing ones will describe here. So, wait is over now!

7. Black Rhinestone Nails


Acrylic is all about adding beauty and glamour to the nails with different fashion accessories. Black rhinestone design is one of the most beautiful and classy pattern of round acrylic nails that is in demand now a day. It is simple to do, just paint your nail with black color nail paint and then place colorful rhinestones in a row.

6. Bow Art Nails


This is another stylish creation usually favored for formal functions and parties, as it is ravishing and vibrant. You just need some pearls, bows, rhinestones and nail stickers to have this beautiful looking nail art. Bows can be used in center of the nails as well as along the corners depending upon the theme and color.

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5. Hearts And Pearl Coaty Nails


Yet another trendy creation for round acrylic nails is the use of heart shapes and different pearls on nails. Use these accessories in number of ways; for shorter nails, this design can be carried out through nail extensions as well. Shining pearls and tiny hearts are fixed with glue to have maximum stability.

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4. Pink And Black Shellac Nail With Studs


This unique nail design can be done either by simple nail paint or by adding triangular or square glittery studs on nails. It is a perfect and unique acrylic cosmos for stylish ladies out there. You can use it in number of color combinations instead of just pink and black.

3. Zebra Stiletto Round Acrylic Nails


Here comes another stylish Swarovski rhinestone-embroidered design of round acrylic nails that looks awesomely astonishing in a single go. No compulsion of style and color chose it according to your own taste and be the part of stylish icons of fashion world. It is a must have design in a classy collection.

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 2. Ribbon Tied Nails


It is one such electrifying and vibrant looking acrylic nails design that you haven’t imagine before. It is a gorgeous nail art with classic ribbon decoration at the edges; cute velvety ribbons give your nails a classic touch.

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1. Pearl Cross Nails


Rhinestones, colorful studs and shiny pearls are commonly used on nails to give them sparkling taste. These jewel design acrylic nails are the choice of classy women who are always in search of something new and stylish. Pearl cross nails simply looks amazing and they add beauty and attractiveness too.

The tremendous ideas discussed above are not the only creations of round acrylic nails, hundreds and thousands of designs and styles are available in the list of these nail designs. Mostly such nail art is favored in formal gatherings but you can have these casually too to add glamour into your lives.

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