7 Effective Natural Skin Care Remedies

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Almost every person in the world wants fresh young looking glowing and snow white skin. But most of the people rely on artificial and synthetic products to achieve the desired results. Although for the time being you feel good with these solutions but ultimately they prove harmful for your skin. Thus you must be well aware of the natural skin care remedies so that you can take good care of yourself.

7. Avocado Honey Moisturizer


You want an anti-aging treatment then the best thing suitable for that is a moisturizer and honey and avocado. They are the best natural moisturizers that the nature has to offer. The resulting cream will be filling up your wrinkles as well and hence you will be getting a smooth and flawless look.

6.  Salad For Fighting The Wrinkles


Among various natural skin care remedies, this is easy to make and the most effective. Mix together blue berries, straw berries, pomegranate seeds, walnuts and in the end orange juice to make a fresh salad. This salad is full of anti-oxidants protecting you from the UV ray damage. Take this salad in the breakfast it will not only be good for your skin but your general health as well.

5. Yeast And Lemon


Brewer’s yeast when paired with lemon juice becomes the best remedy to fade away the acne scars. The lemon juice is for drying away the blemishes and the yeast fights with the bacteria in acne. Hence slowly but steadily yeast and lemon fade away the acne scars which often prove to be very persistent.

4. Basil Leaves

basi- leaves

Basil leaves are among the widely used natural skin care remedies. Get some dried basil leaves and crush them and put them in a cup of boiling water to obtain the juice and strain the leaves away later and store the resulting juice. You can apply the juice on your skin using sponge or cotton. As basil is a very good natural anti-septic so it will keep your skin safe from bacteria.

3. Mint


Since old ages mint has been used for its cooling and cleansing effect. Due to this capability of mint, it is perfect to get rid of the pimples fast. Add some lemon juice to mint juice and apply on your face every night with the help of cotton.

2. Papaya


Papain a very beneficial enzyme is found in papaya. Like of other natural skin care remedies it has anti-bacterial qualities in it and aids in removing the dead and damaged skin as well. and since old times it also has been used for its wound healing capabilities as well and is considered very good in repairing the damage caused by the exposure to sun either they are freckles or the brown spots.

1. Turmeric


It is indeed a wonder herb and is extensively used in India along with milk. It helps in fading away the blemishes and the pigmentation and is also antiseptic in nature. It is so good that brides and grooms use this before marriage and it gives immediate results.

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Many people think that making and using natural skin care remedies and products will be very difficult and time consuming but they are very simple to make. Their benefits are numerous and they are always safe to use, causing no side effects to your skin.

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