7 Easy Ways Of How To Make A Bun

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Do buns seem intricate to you and you are looking for easy ways of how to make a bun? Fortunately you are reading the right article. Bun is functional for every occasion; it gets one the style along with convenience of handling. You just need to make a secured bun and then forget about it as you won’t need to worry about where your hairs are going. So get started to learn some amazing bun hairstyles!

7. Twisted Bun


This is among the simplest yet stylish prom buns that will take you just three to five minutes. Just make yourself a ponytail at the position you want your bun to be; can be a low side bun, in the middle of head or at nape, almost wherever you like.

After brushing the strands take the hair in your hands and start twisting them like a rope, when the twists start to appear gently fold the twisted hair around the ponytail’s elastic to form a bun. Secure with bobby pins at the end and spray for some extra hold. You might need to pin simultaneously as you are forming the bun in case you have thick hair.

6. Knot Bun


Interested in finding an easy way of how to make a bun that looks intricate or curious to know some appealing bun ideas? Knot bun is perfectly ideal for medium length hair and looks complicated; your friends will definitely ask you about it. Start with side parting followed by dividing your hair in two sections at the nape and weaving the sections together in three to four simple knots, secure the loose hair with rubber band and tuck them under the bun. You can also leave some strands at the sides to frame your face or wrap them around the knotted bun.

5. Braided Bun


Make a ponytail and secure with a rubber band. Braid the hair using the stitches of your choice; basic, fish or rope followed by wrapping the braided hair around the elastic to make a bun hairstyle. Secure with pins and hair spray and you are done.

4. Donut Bun


Another easy method of how to make a bun that will furnish you with elegantly stylish updo! You will need a bun maker or a sock folded in shape of donut to make this. The beginning point is the same i.e. a ponytail but that should be a little higher. Slide in the sock and fold your hair around it until all hair are done to get stylish Donut Bun hairstyles.

3. Gibson Tuck


 Sounds complex? It isn’t at all. All you need is to make a pony at the nape, twist your hair a bit so that they are easy to secure and loose the pony from the nape and pick up the twisted hair and hide them by folding the loose part on it; this will form a little loop shaped bun at the nape.

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2. Top Knot


How to make a bun won’t be bothering you anymore. Here is another one for you, make a secured high pony and fold your hair into a knot at the top wrap the loose hair around it to finish the look.

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1. Messy Bun


Gather your hair in ponytail and loosely twist them leaving some strands out to get the messy outlook followed by folding and securing them around the pony to get the bun.

Practice the easy methods of how to make a bun and make yourself turn into a bun expert. Look and feel beautiful with the endless possibilities and find out new ways to dress your hair.

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