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7 Easy Steps On How To Make Nail Polish Last Longer

A woman has to a lot of activities whole day like doing household, washing utensils, typing on keyboard, doing makeup and so on. This is the reason that makes it difficult to manage nail paint longer than usual. Luckily, there are certain things we can do to fix nail polish on the nails for longer period of time and here comes some brilliant ideas on how to make nail polish last longer on nails.

7. Prepare Nails


The gray nail polish will stay longer on your nails, if they are clean, dry and having smooth surface. So before applying any nail paint make it sure, nails should be cleaned and ready before any manicure action.  

6. Use A Base Coat


Applying a base coat before jelly nail polish is a great way to get nail paint that is stable, sticky and thicker. Nail polish sticks well on nails when we apply it by using base coat first.

5. Use Thinner Strokes


Mostly women prefer thicker coats on nails but keep it in mind that thicker patterns tend to peel off easily. If you want to make nail polish last longer on your round nails, then go for thinner strokes that looks classy as well.

4. Shape Matters A Lot


Shorter shape nails have more chances for durable nail paint than longer ones, because longer and pointed nails are more often exposed to breakage and rugs. File your nail ends before applying nail design or color.

3. Use Shimmery Colors


Glittery and shimmery nail paints remains longer on nails than usual ones, and it is harder to peel them off easily.  If you are looking for cute nail polish designs and ways on how to make nail polish last longer, then use shimmers that sticks well and also add glamour and brightness to the nails.

2. Allow For Enough Dry Time


This one is quite important! As many women do not give time for enough dryness and this way, lose shine in no time. Be patient and keep your hands in relax position for better results and reliable time.

1. Seal The Edge


To avoid chipping, make sure to apply nail polish over the tip of your nails first. It will create a protective cover on nail edges that will prevent nails from chipping and excessive cracking. Try out now! Socking is bad thing to do while manicure, as nails absorbs water and tend to expand easily. Water evaporates when nail polish is applied on nails due to which cracking and chipping occurs so avoid socking nails into water for better results.

You can have any nail designs you want, besides these tips on how to make nail polish last longer, there are other esteemed ways to have durable nail paint; you can use gloves while washing clothes, dishes etc to avoid contact of excessive water. Similarly, for cleanliness of hands, try out some mild soap instead of alcohol filled hand sensitizers. By using these tips, you have higher chances of have a stylish, durable nail paint that sticks longer than usual.

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