7 Best Hairstyles For Long Hair‏

Long hair is a representation of a woman’s pride and beauty. Long hair at no time goes out of trend and fashion. Trying different hairstyles can also help you to look young. If you have long hair, then you can also ensure a changed and gorgeous look by taking a look on this article which contains a list of best hairstyles and some hair growth tips as well for long hair.

7. Braid


Setting your hair in a braid gives a very unique and lovely look. There is one advantage to style your hair in braids is less hair damage. The uniqueness of this hairstyle is its variety .You can make a simple braid for your office or school and can carry fish or french braid for other social gatherings.

 6. Side Pony


This is one of the best hairstyles for long hair. It can be done in less than five minutes. Just move your hair to one side and tie it with a ponytail. You can make it more attractive by using beads and colored pins.

 5. Pouf


Pouf makes the most stylish hairstyle. You can do many things with a pouf. Like you can make pouf pinning the rest of hair to one side, or keeping hair into a pony tail or into a bun. You can change the size of pouf according to your choice.

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4. Messy Bun


It gives a very classy and pretty look. All you require is bobby pins and hairspray to make it. If you have very lengthy hair, then this is a very suitable style for you to handle them. You can be very creative to it.

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3. Loose Curls


Loose curls is considered as best hairstyles for long hair.  It can be made with curlers or rollers by applying adequate heat and a finishing spray to give hair a shine. Straight and wavy hair is suitable for making loose curls. If you naturally have very curly hair, then to convert them into loose curls, you need to first straighten them. Apart from using curling iron and rollers, there is one very simple method to create loose curls and that is separate your hair into different sections. Make a simple braid for each section and leave it for full night. In morning, pull out braid and you will see beautiful curls out there. Set them with fingers gently.

2. Deep Side Part


Swapping your hair little deep can completely change your appearance making it among best hair styles for long hair. You can do all fun if you have long hair with bangs. Keep your bangs at sideways with deep parting. You can carry different styles with deep side part like high pony tail, waves, sleek straight hair etc.

1. Sleek And Straight


This style adds immense beauty to long hair. If you do not have naturally straight hair and you want to go with this style, then you can use straightener for this. Try to use heat protectant spray before using it as it will protect your hair from harmful effects of heat.

It is exciting to style your hair and create something unique out of it. You can make your updo different and attractive after reading the above mentioned list of best hairstyles for long hair. This will not only increase your charm but also your confidence and that is what is the most important of all.

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