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7 Astonishing Patterns For Glitter Tip Nails

Trends and styles of acrylic nails and nail art change due to excessive number of accessories available now-a-days. Women are always keen to keep them up to date with new trends in fashion. Thousands of designs are available for nail art; from them the glitter tip nails art is quite popular these days. Let us have some unique styles for classy glitter tip nails:

7. Gold Flakes Nails


The unique feature about this nail design is the use of actual gold flakes on the cute nails that gives shimmery effect and looks amazingly beautiful. This nail art can be carried out by mixing different colored nail paints as a base coating and enhancements are made through golden glittery flakes.

6. Confetti Glitter Tip Nails


Confetti glitter is one such beautiful creation of glitter tip nails that is blended with red, blue, and green with the dominance of golden glitter. Rainbow style glittery nails catch the attention in a single glimpse. Further, add holographic glitter in small specks to enhance the glow. First of all, learn how to paint your nails?

5. Nubar Gold Glitter


A very stylish, attractive and winter nail color design is to have pure golden glitter on the nail tips. It is simple and can be done by just applying glitter polish on the nails, for more fun merge it with thick red base paint.

4. Orly Instant Glitter Tip Nails


It is a dense gold glitter comes up with a brush to make designs on nails. You can make countless unique nail designs with this special brush by using dark color paints and topcoat is done by Orly instant glitter polish. Finishing can be followed through enhancers and pearls for more style and charm.

3. Rainbow Glittery Nails


Another idea of cool glitter tip nails is to print the tips with different glitter colors on each finger. These will not only looks beautiful but also a best option to do the matching with every dress and other accessories. It is a cool creation that suits on everyone regardless of what you carry.

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2. Gold Glitter With Black


In this particular design, gold glitter and holographic glitter is blended in small specks that shine from the distance. This style of nailing is quite in these days and can be carried at formal eves and friends’ parties. Learn some tips and tricks on how to dry nail polish fast!

1. Wet ‘N’ Wild Shimmery Nails


It is another very attractive and mesmerizing pattern of glitter tip round nails, that catches the attention in no time. Pure golden nail paint with the enhancement of shimmer and black lining; a superb idea to have awesome nail designs.

These were only few designs of classic glitter tip nails we talk about, you can create number of tremendous patterns by playing with shinning glitters. Glittery pattern nail art can be done in many different ways depending upon the occasion you are going through. For instance, use different pearls and rhinestones on nails if you are doing nail art for wedding functions. Similarly go for usual glitter tones on friends’ gatherings and occasional hangouts.

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