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7 Amazing Themes For Fancy Nail Designs

Nail decoration is an exquisite art that requires creativity and perfection with prime artistic spirit. Trends and styles in beauty industry change abruptly with every passing day, so is the case with nail art designing. A number of tremendous and fancy nail designs are now easily accessible to follow, and amazing thing is that these cute nail designs are comes up with step by step tutorials. Watch out some artistic themes here…

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7. Black Beauty Nails


Black being the favorite of all is a mostly used color on nails and many different designs can be created with the blending of black to other colors. In black beauty nails, fabulous combination of stylish black tips with shimmery white base catch the attention at first look. You can always try the most simple and easiest combo for your fancy nails, that is none other than black and white

6. Silvery Glitter Tips


If you want to try something very decorative and appealing, then brilliant way is to try glitter French tips with silver specks. These fancy nail designs looks really appealing and can be carried out on any gathering.

5. Lines & Stripy Nails


Another unique style for fancy nails is to use multi colored strips with parallel lines and thick-coated polish. Blazing strips gives your round nails a lively charm with extra coolness and glow. Try out this amazing pattern and enjoy the true sense of nail designing with so ease.

4. Off White Fancy Nail Art


This spectacular design is one of the wonderful creations of fancy unique nail designs that give decent and enormous effect to the nails. Off white nail paint decorated with shining pearls and studs, enhance the charm of fancy nails. Off white fancy nail art is cool, simple and easy to follow for everyone.

3. Zigzag Nails


Another marvelous chevron nail design that is frequently used by women of all age groups is none other than zigzag lines. It is unique, attractive and gives smoother effect to your nails. One can use zigzag patterned fancy nails according to her own choice and color combination. Small specks of holographic glitter can be used on these nails for further beauty and enhancement.

2. Heart Shape Nails


Romantic choice, isn’t it? Deep red hearts printed on the tips of nails give vigor and charm to the personality of whom having it. You can create number of styles with the cute little hearts, whether to put them in center or on the corners with multiple colors and themes.

1. Blue Mermaid Nails


Surely, an awesome creation of fancy nail designs that looks astonishingly beautiful on nails to catch the attention of people in just a glance. Since blue color brings soft impression to the eyes, it has been made much cooler by the swift touches of white tone.

Decorating nails with unique and beautiful shades is an evergreen fashion. Every single girl has enthusiasm and desire to embellish her nails with more variety and good-looking fancy nail designs. Trends change, fashion change but this desire can never.

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