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7 Aesthetical Patterns For Awesome Nails

Every woman has desire to have beautiful nails and she is always in need for innovative ways to keep herself up to date with latest trends. There are countless designs and patterns to get awesome nails and one can follow these according to one’s taste and choice. Here go seven aesthetical patterns of awesome nail designs that will add some beauty to your collection.

7. Glittery Nails


This design is beautiful, creative and at the same time appealing to eyes in a single glimpse. You can use these glittering acrylic nails occasionally as well as formally. Idea is quite simple; just create a base with the gel and add golden glitter to give it shining look.

6. Rainbow Style Nails


Another stylish and unique looking pattern for awesome nails designs; If you like to play with colors then rainbow nail art is a perfect design for you. It is a combo style nail designs art that is done with drawing linings, floral patterns and filling on different round nails with paints. Go for it!

5. Butterfly Nails


Yet another superb idea is to have sparkling butterflies on nails; this awesome nails pattern comes up with variety of colors and themes, which stylishly elevates the beauty of nails. These butterflies filled with enhancers and glitters look amazingly pleasant.

4. Balloon Shaped Nails


Colorful wavy balloons tied with freaky ribbons, what an idea to have this tremendous pattern on nails. This design is equally famous among all age women and interesting thing is its variety in colors, styles and shapes. So be ready to have something new and creative in order to get ravishing nails.

3. Multi Colored Nails


If you like to mix different nail colors in a single pattern, this amazing design is especially meant for you. The vibrant shades used in this manicure will keep you fresh and will enhance the beauty to these awesome nails designs.

2. Dotting Design Nails


Polka dots are always in fashion when we talk about nail art designing because it is the easiest and simplest nail art design for the beginner users. Interesting thing is that these dots look simple yet admirably amazing. Apply any base color to your nails and then put various colored dots in different styles and patterns to have a classy look for casual and formal goings.

1. Flowery Nails


Are you in need of another awesome nail art design? Here is your masterpiece ‘the flowery nails’. You can create wonders with this pattern due to the choice of number of colors and shapes of flowers available. Add different color flowers on nails according to your dress and jewelry match. Choice is all yours…

It is now very simple to do nail art and have awesome nails due to these amazing ideas and themes. Flaunt your creativity by combining contrastive shades that generates immediate attention and style to your nails. Except these designs, try out other classy trends like having pearls and shimmers, chevron style, French manicure with rhinestone collection for further enhancement.

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