6 Ways To Get Better Sleep

A normal person almost spends half of his life sleeping, but there are many of us that find it very hard to sleep at night. According to National Institute of Health, About 34 percent adults suffer from insomnia at one time or another in their life. Many people start taking pills for having a good night’s sleep. In most of the cases of insomnia, the solution is very simple. All you need to do is just give your daily routine a little tweak and you‘ll instantly feel the positive changes.

In our daily life, there are many things that are responsible for ruining your sleep. These things can be your electronic devices, your light bulbs or your cell phone. So in this article, we’ve tried to identify the latest and the most common causes of your sleepless nights and also provided some easy, new and effective tips and ways to get better sleep at night.

6. Keep Yourself Away From Electronic Gadgets before Sleeping

Electronic Gadgets before Sleeping

With the advancement in science and technology, electronic gadgets have become the inseparable part of our life. Not very long ago, television was the biggest source of entertainment and information for humans. But now laptops, computers, tablets and smart phones are totally dominating almost all the sectors of our life. Our sleep routine is greatly disturbed by these gadgets as we spend our time in playing with these devices instead of sleeping on a regular time.

According to several researches, the light emitting from the electronic devices is one of the major causes of sleeplessness. According to scientists, cell phones emit blue rays of light that reduces the production of melatonin hormone. The production of melatonin is very important for your body as it helps you to get a good night’s sleep.


Avoiding all electronic devices before your sleep time is one of the best ways to get better sleep. If it is not possible, install some good software that controls the screen light of your cell phone or tablet. These software automatically increase or decrease the emission of light from your gadget’s screen according to the time of the day. Adjust it properly so the emission of light in the evening is very low. Secondly, don’t put your phone next to your bed before sleeping; rather leave in some other room. In just a few days, you’ll feel significant improvement in your sleep or you can try some of these home remedies for sleep.

5. Avoid Unnecessary Exposure To Light

Unnecessary Exposure To Light

As we’ve mentioned before that blue light greatly effects the production of sleep hormone melatonin. These days, compact fluorescent light bulbs in our homes are a major source of blue light which ultimately affects our sleep. Even if all the lights of your home are switched off, light from the streetlights or from your neighbor coming through your window can disturb your sleep. People who are sensitive to light not only feel difficulty to sleep but the constant exposure to light can also cause depression in them.


To get rid of light related issues, here are some simple tips and ways to get better sleep at night. Try to use blue blocked fluorescent lights instead of common fluorescent light bulbs. To avoid the light coming from your windows, use curtains or blackout shades on your windows.

4. Don’t Use Sleeping Pills

Dont Use Sleeping Pills

Sleeping pills are only temporary solution for occasional insomnia, but most of us start relying on them for sleep. Excessive and long term use of sleeping pills can turn your temporary insomnia into chronic insomnia. Moreover if you use sleeping pills constantly for months, there is a big chance that these pills will lost their effectiveness.


In these effective ways to get better sleep, here some more tips that will help you overcome your sleeping problem. Sleeping pills are o.k. only if you take them only occasionally for only one or two nights. But if you think that your sleeping problem is chronic, consult your doctor and try to find out the real reason behind it. Sleeplessness can be caused by some other disease like arthritis and when you treat this disease, your sleeping problem will also be solved. So taking over the counter medicines for sleep sometimes increase the problem manifold.

3. Cut Your Intake of Caffeine

Intake of Caffeine

Over the years, coffee has become an important part of our daily routine. We especially drink coffee when we wake up in the morning and also in the evening. Statistics show that United Sates is at the top of the list of world’s largest consumers of coffee. More than 80 percent Americans drink coffee regularly or occasionally. Coffee is the biggest source of caffeine which is very effective in depriving you of sleep. Coffee is not the only source of caffeine, there are other sources like soda, energy drinks and even chocolates contain some amount of caffeine.  That’s why caffeine intake is one of the biggest sources of sleepless nights.


Cutting of your daily coffee intake is one of the best ways to get better sleep in the morning is the. Try to get rid of your habit of drinking coffee in the morning. According to researchers an apple in the morning can make you more alert and awake than coffee for longer times. You can drink coffee occasionally but not make it a habit. Similarly try to avoid drinking coffee in the afternoon or in the evening as coffee can remain in your system for more than 8 hours.

2. Control Your Weight

Control Your Weight

More than 38 percent Americans are suffering from obesity and this percentage is gradually increasing. Obesity is also one of the main causes that stop you from sleeping better.  Obesity can affect your sleep in many ways. Obesity can increases the risks of sleep apnea in which patients can’t breathe properly which forces them to wake up in the night. Obese people are more likely to snore in the night, because their airways become narrower. Moreover obesity can also raise your risks of having restless legs syndrome that can disturb your sleep. Here are some of the best ways to get better sleep and keep your weight from increasing.


Always keep an eye on your weight and keep it in control with the help of regular exercise and healthy diet. If your weight is increasing, so are your chances of having sleepless nights. Try to sleep in the dark room as it will help you with your sleep and keep your metabolism normal.

1. Financial Problems Can Disturb Your Sleep

Financial Problems

According to a recent survey, in more than 40 percent of households women are the primary or sole earner. Financial problems and worries are also one of the major causes of depression, stress, anxiety and sleepless nights. If you’re worried about financial problems, you’ll be unable to sleep at night.


To decrease your financial problems and improve your sleep quality, here are some of the best ways to get better sleep. Financial problems are the part of our day to day life but the best way to deal with these problems is keeping your thinking clear and don’t keep these worries and problems in your head all the time. To counter financial problems, it is wise to make a budget and list of expenses and payments you’ve to make every month. This way you’ll be able to cut down your expenses from some areas and save some money. Using credit card for online bill payment is also a good strategy that’ll help you to get rid of your financial problems.

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